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Spike Lee Hates That Brooklyn Has Been Bombarded By A Horde Of Hipsters! Read His Ridic Rant HERE!

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spike lee brooklyn anti hipster rant gentrification new york

Attention hipsters who have flocked to Brooklyn like fruit flies to week-old pineapple:

Spike Lee is NOT a fan.

During a speaking engagement at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute last Tuesday, the proud New Yorker and legendary director was asked about how he feels gentrification has affected his old neighborhood.

Well, he was very nearly asked it, anyway. Before the question could even be uttered in its entirety, Spike had broken into a seven minute rant on gentrification, Brooklyn, race relations, and, yes, hipsters.

At one point the Crooklyn director blamed hipsters for driving up housing prices in certain neighborhoods, implying that it was essentially impossible for more legitimate residents to even live in these suddenly expensive places anymore.

Spike admitted:

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Real Hipsters of Vancouver Is A Real Show Coming To A TV Near You

real hipsters of vancouver show now casting

Thrift store lovers, rejoice! Now there’s a show for you!

The Real Hipsters of Vancouver is now casting for the new reality show, which will be formatted similarly to the Real Housewives shows.

It will follow several people who are actually working and following their dreams, not just talking about existentialism and mustaches in a coffee shop.

They’ve already received hundreds of audition tapes and are considering people like a girl with a job who lives in her van just because she wants to and a man who is employed as a “professional partier.”

Yup. Sounds about right.

They’re also excited about the show because it will bring attention to an area of Vancouver that is less upscale, but still a nice area.

While this sounds like a silly idea, we’re actually a little excited to see who they cast. Maybe Macklemore & Ryan Lewis can do the theme song, eh?

[Image via Beiny/Slater/WENN.]

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Mysterious Advertising Campaign Proclaims 'Hipsters Deserve To Die'

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Hipsters deserve to die poster

This advertising campaign should get the attention of just about anyone who comes into contact with it.

Mysterious posters popping up in major cities around the United States declare that hipsters, cat lovers, the genetically privileged and crazy old aunts "deserve to die."

Some are confused by the unusual posters, while others are downright offended. In reference to the "cat lovers" poster, one Chicago woman was quoted as saying, "I think that's very offensive to people who are animal lovers."

We imagine that's the point though. One quick look at the campaign's website URL reveals that NoOneDeservesToDie(.org)! While some are up in arms over the "offensive" nature of the campaign, they may not realize that its goal is to raise awareness for a deadly disease that "doesn't discriminate."

For the few that haven't figured it out yet, it means that regardless of the various labels society slaps on our back, NONE of us deserve to die! The site reads:

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Watch Michelle Williams' Sweet Spirit Awards Acceptance Speech!

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We are so proud of her!

Michelle Williams gave a really sweet acceptance speech at Saturday night's 2012 Independent Spirit Awards.

The blonde little pixie won Best Female Lead for her role in My Week with Marilyn. Are we surprised??


Watch her adorable speech above.

We have a very strong hunch that she's gonna win big at the Oscars tonight too.

Bring home the gold, Michelle!

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Sunset Junction Music Festival CANCELED!

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Sunset Junction has been officially canceled this year!

The city of Los Angeles denied the permit for this year's festival even though organizers raised enough money to cover fees the city was demanding.

Unfortunately, they only had about $100,00 of the $141,000 owed on hand, which prompted the city to deny the proper permits needed.

A lawyer representing Sunset Junction said that a check could be delivered by Thursday, one day after the deadline.

The board's president, Andrea Alarcon, wasn't having any of it though. She said:

"We've given you opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to come clean, to make it right. This is far short to making it right.

This is not an indication to me … that any funds will be available for issuance of a check to support the special events permit. I do see a deposit of $100,000, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Fail me once, shame on you. Fail me twice, shame on me. This organization has failed this city time and time again."

Wow, she isn't messing around! We are sooo sad about this!

This is the first time in 31 years that the festival has been canceled.

What are the Silver Lake hipsters going to do this weekend?!?

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American Apparel In Danger Of Defaulting On Loan!



After posting a first quarter loss of $17.6 million, American Apparel is thiiiis close to breaching it's second-lien loan of $80 million from Lion Capital.

If Dov Charney & Co. don't come get their shiz together by June 30, the company may default which would prevent them from borrowing under their credit facility.

Hopefully they can sort their issues out or there's going to be lots of angry hipsters.

[Image via AP Images.]

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MGMT Ostracizes Fanbase Because They Don't Want To Be Mainstream

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Bad attitude, guys!!

MGMT is apparently FAR too hipster for pop music and as a response to the massive success of their first album, Oracular Spectacular, decided to poo-poo the tunes that made them relevant on their second record, Congratulations!

We think experimenting with your sound is totally acceptable if it's for creative growth and not just because you don't like that your fanbase is mainstream!

They also turned down the opportunity to tour with some big names just so they can be "different"!

Bandmember Andrew Van Wyngarden says:

"We've recently been offered support slots with a ton of big bands. Really huge, enormous, big bands - Like Lady GaGa and U2 and Coldplay and Foo Fighters. And we turned them all down. We really didn't want to do any of that. I think on some level Congratulations is a reaction to the success of the first one. I mean, of course we were happy and felt lucky that stuff happened, but it wasn't really what we were shooting for. I think a lot of people misinterpreted and misunderstood what we were about."

Ben Martin Goldwasser agrees:

"Well, we really do feel like we were blown out of proportion by everybody. We don't feel like pop stars, we feel like a rock band. We don't want to play arenas. It's not our mission."

There's nothing wrong with playing in arenas to a bunch of people who want to listen to your music.

[Image via WENN.]

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