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Kanye West Compares Himself To Michael Jordan…And Hitler

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kanye west compares himself to hitler

Why would you EVER invite this comparison under ANY context, Kanye???

During his performance at the Big Chill music festival on Saturday night, Kanye West vented about being misunderstood, and pulled a serious Lars Von Trier.

Here's Kanye's VERY misguided attempt at speaking about how people don't understand him:

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WTF? Mixed Race Woman Marrying White Supremacist Murder Suspect ON Hitler's Birthday

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woman marrying white supremacist on hitlers birthday

This is absurd!

Half Hispanic/Half Hawaiian woman Erica Herrera is marrying white supremacist murder suspect/jailbird Curtis Allgier, and their wedding is set to take place on Hitler's birthday.

Here's what Erica had to say about her fiance:

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Michael Bay Not Offended By Megan Fox Hitler Comments, Still Let Her Get Canned Anyway


Too bad he didn't let Steven Spielberg know it was NBD!

Even though Michael Bay was told to fire Megan Fox from the Transformers franchise by the iconic director after her comments comparing him to "Hitler," he admits that he, himself, wasn't personally offended by it!

He explains:

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Lars Von Trier Apologizes For Nazi Comments For The 438th Time Again!

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Last we heard from Melancholia director Lars von Trier, he had dug himself into a PRET-TY deep hole with further Nazi comments.

As a reminder, Lars made some awful Nazi/Hitler comments (above), which enraged folks at Cannes, and got him kicked out of the film festival. He attempted to apologize, but only made things worse for himself.

Now, he's giving the whole apology thing another go, and this time he's referring to his Nazi comments as "unintelligent…and needlessly hurtful."

Okay Lars, this is a step in the right direction! We like what we're hearing so far!

After being condemned for his comments, Lars had the following to say:

"In my opinion, freedom of speech, in all its shapes, is part of basic human rights. However, my comments during the festival's press conference were unintelligent, ambiguous and needlessly hurtful."

"My intended point was that the potential for extreme cruelty, or the opposite, lies within every human being, whatever nationality, ethnicity, rank or religion. If we only explain historical disasters with the cruelty of individuals we destroy the possibility of understanding the human mechanisms, which in turn are necessary in order to avoid any future crimes against humanity."

All right, Lars. As far as apologies are concerned, this is MUCH BETTER than your previous ones.

We're thinking you should quit while you're ahead. You know if you keep talking about this, the hole-digging will begin again.

What do U think about Lars' latest apology? Adequate, or at least adequate enough?

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Lars Von Trier LIKES Being Persona Non Grata, Digs Deeper Hole With Hitler Comments

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Last we heard from Melancholia director Lars von Trier, he had made an extensive apology for his awful Nazi comments (above) from the Cannes Film Festival.

Now, Lars is not only accepting Cannes' decision to kick him out of the festival, but he's sort of thanking them for it, because of the title they've given him:

"I must say, `persona non grata' is a wonderful word. It has a sweetness to it that I can't deny. I'm not at all happy about what happened, but the word is something like an order you get."

And here's Lars failing trying to justify his Hitler comments:

"Of course, I don't sympathize with what Hitler had done. The only thing I said was that I, after seeing Bruno Ganz in the bunker, could kind of see a little human being sitting there. And I thought, that was very good, because I think that there's a little bit of a Nazi in all of us, and there's a little bit of a human being in Hitler, and I think to think otherwise is dangerous."

A little bit of a Nazi in all of us???

Seriously Lars, it's time for you to stop talking. We were SORT OF inclined to give you a little leeway because it seemed like you weren't serious, but you just keep digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole. Too deep for us!

What do U think of Lars von Trier's newest comments?

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Lars Von Trier Makes Extensive Apology For Nazi Comments

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Looks like he genuinely feels awful about what he said.

Earlier today, we learned that Melancholia director Lars von Trier was kicked out of Cannes for comments about being a Nazi and sympathizing with Hitler.

Now, Lars has opened up about his comments, and he seems to be VERY apologetic:

"I'm really sincere when I say I don't really know what hit me. I can understand if you take things out of context. This was very sarcastic and very rude, but that's very Danish. I'm very sorry that it's being taken the wrong way. I must say that I believe strongly that the Holocaust is the worst crime against humanity ever, and I do not sympathize with Hitler one second."

"I didn't want to hurt anyone at all [with this]. Sometimes I hurt people on purpose, when there's provocation that I want to get through that has a meaning. This doesn't have a meaning. I've studied how bad the Jews have been treated in [places such as] Poland and France. This is something that matters very much to me. And this was an idiotic way to behave."

At least he acknowledges that his behavior was idiotic. More from Lars:

"The reason why it's so big, especially here, is that France has had a problematic relationship with Jews, and you [as an interview subject] shouldn't touch such things. But on the other hand, being a cultural radical, you should touch such things."

"It's a major thing at the festival, and very problematic for the festival. And that's a little strange, because even if I was Hitler, what does that have to do with my film being here? It's a festival for films, not for directors."

And more from Lars, clearly feeling bad about the whole situation:

"I don't deserve to win a [Palme d'Or]."

"I'm not sure I'll leave Denmark again."

And here's Lars on his Jewish background:

"Half my life I've made very many Jewish jokes because when you are Jewish, you're allowed to do that. And now I feel kind of in-between."

"I'm very much into the Jewish stuff. Even when I found out I'm not Jewish by my genes, all my children have Jewish names. I'm actually — too Jewish….Oh….Don't write that. I'm just an idiot that should just say home in Denmark and never talk to anybody."

His comments at Cannes were REALLY awful…..but we'll admit that it sounds like he wasn't serious.

What do U think about Lars von Trier's apology? Do U think he sounds sincere?

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Buh Bye! Lars Von Trier Kicked Out Of Cannes For Nazi Comments

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As we said yesterday…he should have kept his mouth shut!

Check out the video (above) of Melancholia director Lars Von Trier calling himself a Nazi and saying that he sympathizes with Hitler…AND making Kirsten Dunst REALLY uncomfortable.

As a result of his comments, Lars has been expelled from the Cannes film festival.

Here's what the Cannes board of directors said about the incident on their website:

“[The Cannes board of directors] profoundly regrets that this forum has been used by Lars Von Trier to express comments that are unacceptable, intolerable, and contrary to the ideals of humanity and generosity that preside over the very existence of the festival.”

“The board of directors firmly condemns these comments and declares Lars Von Trier persona non grata at the Festival de Cannes, with effect immediately."

Better get going with those apologies, Lars. You've got till January to convince Sundance. Ha!

What do U think of Lars Von Trier's Nazi comments? Did he deserve to get expelled from Cannes?

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