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LAPD Closing Ronni Chasen Murder Case

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lapd closing ronni chasen murder case

Looks like they can finally close the book on this one.

The LAPD are closing Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen's murder case, now that the final ballistics reports have come in and CONFIRMED that the gun used in Chasen's murder was the same gun that suspect Harold Martin Smith used to kill himself.

According to Beverly Hills police chief David Snowden, the investigation will be formally closed next week.

At this point, investigators believe that Smith was the murderer, and chief Snowden says they have "no additional evidence to review in the case."

Guess this one has been solved…it'd be pretty difficult to argue with the results from those ballistics reports.

Any more thoughts on this case as it comes to a close?

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Crime Experts No Longer Sure That Ronni Chasen Murder Was Random

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crime experts no longer sure about botched robbery theory in chasen case

Seems like everything we think we know about this case completely changes from day to day!

Yesterday, police were saying that Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen's murder was a random act of violence, but now criminologists are saying that the killing seems like a professional hit to them.

Here's what former California prosecutor Robin Sax had to say about the case:

"It just doesn't seem believable. Chasen had three perfect shots to the chest, which sounds like the work of a professional. The notion of Smith coming into $10,000 didn't just come from nowhere, and the fact that the bullet cases weren't found indicates that this person knew what they were doing and it was hardly random."

Here's what L.A. criminal defense attorney Angelyn Gates had to say about the situation:

"In theory, there could be, and should be, residue on the bicycle, which would be a huge indicator. Unless he was smart enough to think his bike has residue on it and he took a scrub brush and washed it down, they should be able to find some residue on the bike."

And more from Gates:

"I don't know why in the initial reports they were saying it couldn't be someone from the streets or the sidewalk because now they're saying completely the opposite. [Smith on a bike] doesn't make a lot of sense because nobody from the original reports said anything about a guy on a bike and it's hard to get away on a bike fast."

Guess we'll see what revelations come up next! At least they're getting CLOSER to figuring it out.


[Image via Getty Images.]

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Guns DO Match In Ronni Chasen Murder Case

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suicide victims gun linked to chasen murder

Earlier in the week, we heard that the gun belonging to Harold Smith, a suspect who committed suicide, did not match the gun wounds found on Ronni Chasen's body.

Now, according to ballistics tests on Smith's weapons, it appears that there IS a match to the bullets recovered from Chasen's body.

It's looking like Harold Smith may be the murderer, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

What do U think about this new information?

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New Clue Arises In Ronni Chasen Murder Case

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Looks like some new information has come to light that COULD help out with the strange, sad case surrounding the death of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.

According to an email sent to The Daily Beast, a gunman threatened another woman only a few days before Ronni Chasen's murder, in the same neighborhood and under similar circumstances.

Here's what the email had to say:

“Hi ladies, something that I wanted to warn you about in our hood…Over the weekend, a neighbor told me that last week she was driving down Benedict Cyn and an African American guy with a shirt tied on his head—gang garb—was driving crazy behind her, cutting off drivers, then pulled up next to her at the Tower [Road] stop light and, with window rolled down, smiled at her while he pointed a gun at her. She ignored him and drove on. When they reached the Will Rogers Park, just after Sunset, he did a u-turn at high speed into oncoming traffic.

Not only that, but then ten days after Chasen's murder, another man was nearly killed during a murder attempt, which was nearly identical to the circumstances surrounding the Ronni Chasen's death.

My neighbor wanted me to know this because her friend had told her that there has been a string of shootings and car jackings happening within the last 2 months in the vicinity between Coldwater and Benedict.”

This is scary! We really hope investigators are able to figure this one out sooner than later.

Do U have any thoughts? Do U think any of this new information will prove useful?

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Man Linked To Hollywood Publicist Murder Commits Suicide!

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This case has reached yet ANOTHER level of awful!

While being served a warrant by Beverly Hills police, a man who was linked to Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen's murder took out a pistol and fatally shot himself in the head.

The man in question, Harold, had spoken to neighbors about having gone to prison AND being hired for a $10,000 hit man job.

Here's what a neighbor of Harold's, Terri Gilpin, had to say about the man:

"He would talk crazy stuff. He kept always bragging about having a gun."

More from Terri on Harold's refusal to return to prison:

"If they try to come back and get him and take him to prison he was going up in a big blaze and he said he wasn't going out without a fight."

Sounds seriously mentally unstable to us. It's definitely possible that he's responsible for Ronni Chasen's murder.

Guess we'll see what happens as police investigate further.


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