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More Deets About Jodie Foster's Dad's Swindling Scheme

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Earlier, we told you about Jodie Foster's dad Lucius Foster who was facing 20 years for swindling the elderly out of thousands of dollars, claiming he'd build them low-cost homes.

As we said, he was convicted of 25 counts of grand theft and 10 counts of contracting without a license, all misdemeanors.

More details have come out as to exactly how he was scamming these poor homebuyers.

Sources say he

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Mythbusters Experiment Gone Wrong Sends Cannonball Through TWO Different Homes!

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We're going to have to side with the news anchor on this one:


Check out this news report from Dublin, CA, regarding an experiment for the reality series Mythbusters that went awry - and sent a cannonball THROUGH TWO DIFFERENT HOMES and ultimately into someone's mini-van (above)!

Apparently, hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were attempting to find out how effective a cannon is at firing various objects, but were testing a cannonball beforehand, as a reference point.

Obviously, they didn't get further than step one!

Ah! Can U even imagine?!

Thank goodness no one was hurt!

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Hey Twi-Hards? Didn't Get A Chance To Try On Bella's Dress? Now You Can Live Her REAL House!


R Patz and KStew are selling their half acre home.

Located in Bel-Air, L.A, the house is going for $6 million!

Talk about a steep asking price. The house is loaded however.

The bedroom is an amazing 2,604 sq. feet. It also comes with a 1,440 sq. ft. guest house, a pool, and a spa.

This adds to the Twilight collection that is quickly building up.

Along with the house and dress, Twi-hards can rent the honeymoon house where the Cullens stayed, jewelry, and other accessories from Breaking Dawn Part 1.

It's a Twilight fanatic's dream come true.

[Image via WENN.]

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Susan Boyle Lets The Today Show Into BOTH Her Homes!

She is just TOO funny! We love her!

Check out this absolutely amazing interview with Susan Boyle that aired this morning on The Today Show, which features the singing sensation giving a tour of the same home she grew up in, as well as "posh house" she bought down the street, as well as her hilarious Donny Osmond blanket, and what she's looking for a man (above)!

SUCH a sweetheart! And a great sense of humor, right?

Congratulations on all of your success, SuBo! It truly is so well-deserved!

Can't wait for the new album!

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Real Housewives Having Real Trouble With Their Real Estate


It's a tough economy out there.

The Real Housewives are feeling the pain too. At least a dozen stars from all the various RH shows, including OC, DC, Atlanta, and New Jersey, have faced some major real estate woes in the past three or so years.

Between bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales, evictions, and going in default, it seems that many of the cast member have had to sell their houses at reduced prices.

A rep from Zillow says that RHONJ's Teresa and Joe Guidice "were nearly $11 million in debt when their Towaco, NJ home underwent foreclosure. The couple filed for bankrupty and fortunately, are facing their money problems in credit counseling, some of the other Housewives could benefit from."

Yup, times are definitely tough. Even for ladies who love to flaunt their swimming pools, diamonds, and furs. Guess it's time to buckle down and save some money. We can totally imagine a whole new spinoff, The Real Housewives Get REAL. Ha!

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People Of Cuba Will Soon Be Allowed To Buy And Sell Homes!

cuba to allow buying and selling of homes soon

Go Cuba!

We're very pleased to announce that citizens of Cuba will be allowed to legally buy and sell homes by the end of the year.

While we'd certainly consider this to be a positive step in the right direction, there are others who don't feel that way and are concerned about the possibility of "higher prices, mass relocation, [and] property taxes."

There will also be some regulations, such as

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Mel Gibson May Lose His Homes And Church!

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The company that built all of Mel Gibson's properties in Malibu, including three residences and his church, are suing the monster because he still apparently owes them money, and if they win, he could be foreclosed upon!

The first suit claims that Gibson owes Ramage Construction $12,000 on the three residences, while the second claims he owes $200,000 on the church. According to the terms, Mel can either pay what he owes, or the company asks for permission to foreclose.

Too bad, so sad!

Take everything that fucker has!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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