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EXCLUSIVE! Justin Bieber's Friend King Kevi Gives His Side Of The Story On Strange Selena Gomez Accusations!

king kevi

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around about King Kevi lately.

From allegedly hooking up with Selena Gomez behind Justin Bieber's back to reportedly then staging photos that would make it appear as if — no rumor about it — he was INDEED hanging with Selenita, it's been nuts for the King of Kev! LOLz!

But according to Bieber's friend himself, all of the accusations are being reported because he wouldn't hand over a party non-disclosure agreement to interested outlets.

Basically, he thinks news sources are trying to blackmail him. He says one in particular paid off Selena's security to obtain that surveillance video and spin it in a negative light because they have been trying to pay him for the party NDAs — the ones he refused to give.

But here's what REALLY happened in that security footage… according to him.

Kevi said he was driving through the area and had to drop off some money that he owed a friend, who was at Selena's house that night for a party. His friend wasn't answering his phone, so he figured he'd just stop by.

That's when the paparazzi started chasing him down and

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John Mayer Truly Betraying Katy Perry By Chasing Her BFF Rihanna?!

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katy perry john mayer rihanna betrayal trying to date

Holy shizz!

We’d cut John Mayer loose faster than Lindsay Lohan can hit up a nightclub if we heard this!

Even though good ol’ John boy might have appeared to change his ways while romancing Katy Perry, it seems a leopard can’t change its spots.

While John has apparently previously been innerested in lovin’ on Rihanna, his desire to bang the Barbadian beauty has reportedly blown up since his split with Katy!

And it sounds like that might not be the only thing blowing up as he could seriously be setting a bomb off as a source revealed what’s going down:

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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Sucking Face With OTHER People!

justin bieber selena gomez rebounds

So much for never say never!!!

No wonder Selena Gomez is suddenly playing nice with ex-BF Justin Bieber

Girlfriend has totally moved on and so has he!!

Yes, the inevitable has happened. Both JB AND Selener are hooking up with other people after splitting back in January.

A source close to the former couple revealed:

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Ed Sheeran Stuck In The Middle Of Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Dramz!

ed sheeran on harry styles taylor swift

Poor Ed Sheeran!

Our sweet, sensitive man with the heavenly voice didn't know what he was REALLY signing up for when he agreed to tour with Taylor Swift.

Now, the A Team singer has revealed that being BFFs with BOTH Tay Tay and Harry Styles after their nasty breakup is no walk in the park.

Ed dished:

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Lindsay Lohan Still Hooked On Max George?! Reportedly Visited Him Before Brazil!

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lindsay lohan max george la visit

Someone got a taste of something they liked!

Lindsay Lohan may have a few guys moving around on the roster right now, but it looks like Max George might still be number one in her heart.

Although she’s been having a cray cray good time in Brazil, she reportedly had an even better time BEFORE she left.

The little redheaded lady of troublesome times paid good ol’ Max of The Wanted a visit in El Lay before booking it to Brazil.

And we’re sure it was ALL business! Wink wink!

LiLo stopped by

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Lindsay Lohan SEX Rejected By James Franco: He Didn't Want To Take Advantage Of Her 'Issues!'

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lindsay lohan james franco sex rejection(1)

Aww, see! Chivalry ain't dead!

James Franco, who may play an incredibly creepy perv in Spring Breakers, is a true gentleman in real life. Just ask Lindsay Lohan!

Somehow word got around about Lindsay's sexual advances on Franco back when she lived in a popular WeHotel, and Howard Stern made sure to question him about it on Monday's SiriusXM show!

After Howard asked James "you turned down sex with Lindsay Lohan, didn't you? Back then when she was a lot hotter?" James replied with:

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Taylor Swift: Steven Tyler REALLY Wants To Hook Up With You!!

taylor swift steven tyler collaboration

…in the studio!

Yep! He said it himself!

In OH MAH GAH news, Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler has recently professed his professional love for Taylor Swift.

At the John Varvatos 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit event, the former American Idol judge told WeHo peeps that he finds the revenge songstress totally hot, saying:

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