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'Pink Slime' Controversy Changes How We Look At Our Food

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Ever since the whole "pink slime" controversy reared its disgusting head, consumers have begun to question their food more and more.

People no longer just walk into the grocery store, grab a pound of ground beef and walk out.

They pay for it first. LOLz!

But before they pay for it, they find out where the animal was raised, what that animal was fed, if there were any hormones or steroids used.

Even with produce, consumers want to know what sort of pesticides were used if any and if it comes from a local farm or is shipped in from out of state.

The director of the Downtown Farmers Market in Des Moines, Iowa said:

"There was a time when people were pretty complacent about their food and just trusted someone else was going to take care of them. The dialogue has changed a lot. Now people want to know who is growing their food."

We think this is a great trend. Making healthier choices is always a good decision.

It's nice to know that something good is coming out of this whole "pink slime" fiasco.

Accountability is probably the biggest change, now farmers have to realize that people are going to want to know exactly what they're doing.

And if no one likes what they're doing (pesticides, hormones, steroids, etc.) then people will stop buying and that farmer will have to change their strategy or else risk losing the farm.

Gotta keep the consumers happy. The customer is always right!

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World's Tallest Man Stops Growing!

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Sultan STops Growing

The world's tallest man has put a stop to growing — and it's a very, very good thing.

Thanks to researchers at the University of Virginia Medical Center, Sultan Kosen (who is only 29) will hopefully stay 8-feet-3-inches.

He suffers from acromegaly, a chronic metabolic disorder that causes

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Stress On The Rise For Children

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This doesn't make us happy.

New research shows that American children are experiencing stress on a whole new level - and unfortunately, it's on the rise.

Suicides among adolescents have quadrupled since the 1950s and only 36% of 7th graders agreed with this statement: "I am happy with my life."

The worst part is that in just the past decade alone, medications to treat emotional disorders in children have shot up 68% for girls and 30% for boys.

Experts say that this is how stress works in a child brain:

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Three Reasons To Run Outside This Winter

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Runnign outside

For us on the West Coast, running outside is much easier throughout the year compared to those living in colder climates.

However, fitness experts suggest that it's actually worth braving the cold to run on the street instead of a treadmill.

Check out three reasons why you should be running outside, despite the chilly temperature, below!

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Low Salt Diets May Increase Heart Disease Risk!

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Low Salt Heart Disease

We've been hearing for some time that if you want to lose weight, nixing some of the salt in your diet is a good way to do it.

Unfortunately, we're now hearing that

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If You Love Ice Cream, You've Been Warned

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Ice Cream Cancer

And we thought the McRib was bad!!

If you're a lover of ice cream, you need to be on the look out for the kinds with Monsanto's Artificial Hormones, because they can lead to an increased risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer.


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Tori Spelling Rushed To Hospital For 'Horrendous Migraines'

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Tori spelling hospital

Oh no! We hope everything is okay!

Tori Spelling was rushed to an El Lay hospital on Sunday morning by her loyal husband, Dean McDermott, because of "horrendous migraines".

The Tori and Dean reality star has apparently been suffering since she gave birth to her daughter, Hattie Margaret McDermott, on October 10th. The day before she was taken to the hospital, Tori tweeted:

"Anyone else get horrendous migraines right after giving birth? Is it hormones? I've had one for a week now. Nothing is working."

We hope those docs gave her something to subdue the pain! Feel better, gurl!

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[Image via GSI Media.]

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