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Daniel Radcliffe Is A Horny, Leather-Clad Creepster In His Freaky New Film! See The Clip HERE!

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daniel radcliffe horns clip harry potter horny creepy video

Oh, Harry! You've really let yourself go!!!

Daniel Radcliffe is obviously still finer than the thread used to weave Beyoncé's 8 million thread count sheet set, but those new horns he's sporting are seriously freaking us out!!!

He grew them had fake ones put on for Horns, the movie he's in about a young man who wakes up with a dead girlfriend and a few demonic bumps sprouting from his head like broccoli in a garden!

Yikes!!! We feel bad for Danny's hat maker!!

Ch-ch-check out this totally freaky clip from the film…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Daniel Radcliffe Breaks Our Harry Potter-Loving Hearts At Toronto Film Festival! Find Out WHY!

daniel radcliffe over harry potter toronto film festival kill your darlings sad

It's fitting Daniel Radcliffe's new movie is called Kill Your Darlings, because he just cast Avada Kedavra on our inner-child and straight up murdered that shiz!!!

Ok, we're being mildly melodramatic, but Danny boy genuinely hurt our feelings when he admitted that he didn't "particularly miss" playing history's most wonderful wizard!!!

The 24-year-old actor was predictably asked about Harry Potter this weekend while promoting a series of Hogwarts-free films at the Toronto International Film Festival, and his answers hurt like a wand poke right in the eye!!!

Daniel revealed:

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New Big-Nosed Dinosaur Discovered!!!

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New Dino!!

This is so ahmayzing!!

It's so cool we live in a time where new species of dinosaur are still being discovered!

Paleontologists at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah unearthed the dino, dubbed Nasutoceratops titusi.

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Ryan Gosling Wants To Keep Cows Horny!

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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is so hunky and caring and attractive and talented and hunky.

But also caring.

He cares about things you probably didn't even know were happening.

Like the cruel dehorning of dairy cows!

He wrote a letter to the National Milk Producers Federation on behalf of PETA that read:

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Daniel Radcliffe Horny As S**t In Canada? Now With Extra Chest Hair!!

daniel radcliffe horns movie joe hill book canada

Holy hunk o' Hogwarts, look at Daniel Radcliffe's hair!

No, we do NOT mean those funky horns on his head!

We're talking about those curly clumps of wonderful chest hair poking through his shirt!

It's like we died and went to heaven Burt Reynolds' home!!

The pride of Gryffindor grew up to be quite the handsome thespian, eh?

He sipped Frappucinos in Canada earlier today while shooting Horns — a new sci-fi/fantasy flick based on the popular Joe Hill book!

It's great to see Danny Boy out of the Harry Potter shadow and stepping into his own!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Daniel Radcliffe Gets SUPER Horny In Fantasy Flick!

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Yeah! Let your horn(s) grow thick and strong, DanRad!

Tee hee!

Boy-wizard Daniel Radcliffe will soon turn man-beast in the Alexandre Aja directed-film adaptation of Joe Hills dark fantasy thriller Horns!

Horns tells the twisted tale of

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Angelia Jolie Gets High And Horny On The Set Of Maleficent!


Slice through the air with those dragon horns, darkest of witches!!

We adore these recent, naughty Maleficent set leaks, AND the fact that Angelina Jolie seems to be undertaking her OWN stunts (above). Brava, future Mrs. Brad Pitt!

We are growing so many imaginary tusks in anticipation for this creative take on a classic Disney princess tale… we're practically a raging Rhino over here!

Get YOUR mighty morphing Maleficent rage on and check out bunches of sneaky snaps (below)!

[Images via WENN.]

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