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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Dude Jailed For Keeping Deer In His Trunk

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Dude Jailed For Keeping Deer In His Trunk

We've heard of a deer in the headlights, but never inside the car!

David Charrier just ended his 10-day sentence for keeping a living deer in the back of his trunk of his car.

The Maine resident carried the injured animal (possibly Bambi's mom?) in back of his car for over eight hours before taking it to a local butcher.

When the LIVING animal was given presented the butcher was like "WFT"?? The confused Butcher called the cops who told him to euthanize the deer.

The butcher then called the Maine Warden Service.

[Image via WENN.]

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Rabbit Found In Hotel Bathroom

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Family Leaves Rabbit In Hotel Bathroom


A hotel owner was totally freaked after finding a rabbit in one of her guesthouse.

Patricia O'Donnell, went into the house to water some plants and found a bunny, equipped with food and a bloody foot, hanging in the shower unit. She explains:

"I thought I'd better go and water the window boxes, but when I got to their door there was a 'do not disturb' notice on the handle. That was odd because they'd only been there a short time, so I got the jug of water, went into the bathroom and almost died when I saw this rabbit. I got such a fright the water went all over me."

Seeing the crappy conditions of the bunny, O'Donnell called animal services. When the officers arrived with a small cage so did the family renting the house. We imagine that was kinda awkward. According to the owner:

"The mother said that most guesthouses allow animals. Maybe we'd allow dogs or cats but not for somebody to keep a rabbit in the bathroom."

The Telegraph reports that O'Donnell asked the trio to leave the seven-room guest house, which they did with minimum fuss. She says it took her most of the next day to clean up the mess.

So just as an FYI to all you rabbit owners: don't travel with your pet.

[image via the telegraph]

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Drunk Woman Drowns Her Cats

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Drunk Woman Drowns Her Cats

So messed up!!

UK resident Samantha Browning came home from a party and decided to drunk text drowned cats in her bath tub.

The cats belonged to a friend of Sam's who was going through some money problems. The four cats’ owner is alleged to have helped fill the bath and watched.

Nick Sutton, prosecuting for the RSPCA says:

"This was a terrible death. These were young cats – they were intelligent creatures and she accepted they struggled.They must have been abundantly aware what was going on as they saw what happened to the others."

Browning was caught when RSPCA found two of the animals’ bodies in a plastic bag that had been dumped over a fence, after a "friend" of hers tipped them off.

[Image via WENN.]

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Animals in Showbiz And Their Crazy Owners

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Move over Dance Moms! The real crazies are the animal stage owners!

This documentary explores the quirky parallel universe inhabited by the likes of Petal the Dog (a newbie, pounding the pavement for her big break), Amelia the Monkey (a retired star, living out the last years of her life) and Lulu the Collie (a recently deceased Lassie star) as the… um.. colorful people around that push them to reach for the stars (and the big paycheck that comes along with it)!!

Everyone is insane. U will love it!!

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week: Woman Kills Cat With Heroin Smoke

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Horrible Pet Owner Of The Week


Colorado cops busted this junkie after her boyfriend said she killed a cat by blowing heroin smoke in its face.

Danielle Blankenship, 21, was arrested Tuesday after cops arrived at her home on a domestic dispute call and found the cat, Muffin, passed out cold at the bottom of the stairs.

After failing to wake the cat, cops called animal control, and the sick kitty was taken to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, where she was treated for poisoning, but sadly passed.

Blankenship's bf told police that the woman had been smoking heroin and blowing it in the poor tabby's face.

The woman denied using the drug. Ha.

RIP Muffin!

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