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Democratic Michigan Senator Responds To Passage Of Bullying Bill

Thank you, Senator Whitmer!

Check out the powerful video (above) of democratic Michigan Senator Gretchen Whitmer speaking out against the state's deplorable new bill, which allows bullying, as long as bullies can provide a "religious or moral reason for their actions."

Senator Whitmer said EVERYTHING we've been thinking, and we cannot thank her enough for getting vocal about this horrifying bill.

Something MUST be done about this! It is such a major step back for the state of Michigan AND for the fight against bullying as a whole!

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Demi Lovato At Hollywood Horror Nights!

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Demi Lovato Horror

Demi Lovato was spotted skipping to the front of lines (don't worry, she had a pass!) at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights!

She sped through the horrifying experience, but hopefully they got her nice and scared!

We wonder how many times she screamed!

From the looks of this picture, maybe one too many times?? You should be having fun, gurl!

Did U go to a haunted house this year?? What was the scariest moment??

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Best Most Terrifying Good Morning Ever! Nicolas Cage Woken Up By Naked Man With Fudgesicle!

nicolas cage woken up by naked man with fudgesicle

This is almost as horrifying as the prospect of sitting through another Ghost Rider flick! LOLz.

All jokes aside, we're very sorry to hear that Nicolas Cage went through such a traumatizing experience!

Here's what he had to say about it:

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Toy Breast-Feeding Doll About To Hit Shelves

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So those breast feeding dolls for little kids a while back? Yeah, those are about to hit shelves here in the U.S., and understandably people are a little creep'd out by it.

While we're uneasy about the idea of the doll (of course), we're most creep'd out by the

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Oh No! Listen To Paula Abdul Frantically Call 911!

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This is just horrifying! Poor thing!

Sources have just uncovered an unsettling 911 call made by Paula Abdul last month on Valentine's Day. In the audio, you can hear Paula tearfully and hysterically screaming to her boyfriend to let her out of his car. At one point she yells, "I wanna go, and he won't let me!"

Moments later Paula says, "Are you gonna drop me off ’cause I have emergency on the phone" — and shortly after that she says, "He's dropping me off."

About an hour later, officers arrived at her house to make sure that she was alright and Paula assured them that their argument was just a "verbal dispute." She didn't file a police report and her boyfriend wasn't charged with anything.

When asked for comment on the fight, a rep for Paula told sources:

"Arguments with loved ones are often times heated. After the call was made everything was worked out."

So long as no one got hurt, we guess its okay. But from the way Paula is screaming in this video, you would've thought something more serious was going on than just a "verbal dispute."

Take a listen to the 911 call (above) to hear for yourself.


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