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Lindsay Involved In New Legal Dramz Over Fashion Photos!

lindsay lohan in legal dramz over fashion pics

Hopefully she can get all this worked out! She's gotta be SO burnt out on legal drama by this point!

Back in April 2010, Lindsay Lohan settled a lawsuit with photographer Scott Nathan over claims that she owed him $$$ for promo pics taken for Lindz's 6126 fashion line.

Looks like Lindsay didn't hold up her end of the settlement, because last week, Nathan filed court docs claiming that he hasn't received payments which were supposed to begin in March. He wants a judge to force Lindsay to pay up.

A little low on cash, Lindz? Maybe instead of cash payments, you can invite Scott over for one of your House Arrest sleepovers! Who WOULDN'T say yes to pillow fights, VIRGIN margaritas, and board games?!?!?

Invite us too, Lindsay! Let's get a mean game of Scattergories going on. Ha!

All jokes aside, what do U think about Lindsay's new legal dramz? Should she pay up?

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ZOMG! Sleepover At Lindsay's House!

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It's officially been a full week since Lindsay Lohan was put under house arrest. Naturally, a milestone such as this deserved to be celebrated, so LiLo did what she does best - she threw a party! But, since she can't leave the house, drink alcohol or take off her new ankle accessory, she had the party brought to her!

Last night, a gaggle of girlies were spotted arriving at the La Lohan's manor carrying overnight bags for a sleep over! Ali Lohan greeted her sister's guests at the door and quickly escorted them inside to the fun!

Goodness! What kind of shenanigans did those girlies get into? Pillow fights? True Blood marathons? Did you guys play "Never have I Ever?" We bet we know who LOST?! HA!

Girl, next time, INVITE US! We have the perfect outfit for such an occasion! HA!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Lindsay's Team NOT Happy About Drinking Allegations!


Sounds like gurlfriend is NOT messing around!

After a story circulated that Lindsay Lohan was spotted drinking two glasses of red wine at Gjelina restaurant in Venice before turning herself in to serve her house arrest sentence yesterday, her camp is reportedly so upset that they're threatening to take legal action!

Cease and desist letters have allegedly gone out, while the formerly hard-pAArtying actress is claiming that she merely dined on salmon and coke!

Here's hoping she's not just getting all fired up over a guilty conscience!

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La Lohan Is Allowed Visitors During House Arrest, NOT Undergoing Blood Or Alcohol Testing!

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Good lord, is she one lucky bitch.

As we've reported, Lindsay Lohan surrendered herself to Lynwood Correctional Facility this morning at 5am, where she was fitted with an electronic ankle monitor bracelet and ordered to begin her 35-day sentence under house arrest in Venice - and according to a law enforcement source, even though she's technically an inmate of the El Lay Sheriff's Department, she's allowed to have as many visitors during that time as she wants!

As spokesperson Steve Whitmore explained:

“Miss Lohan came over for a booking this morning around 5am where it was determined that she was eligible for her ankle monitor. The Los Angeles County Probation Department recommended that she was eligible for her to do 35 days of home detention also. She will be paying for this out of her own pocket. Miss Lohan arrived in a black SUV this morning with her attorney and she was co-operative and professional. She left after about an hour and she currently has her ankle monitor.”

Under the terms of her house arrest, she is not allowed to leave the property. Her ankle bracelet is connected to her phone, which is being monitored as well by the Sheriff's Department.

However, she is NOT currently undergoing any blood or alcohol testing.

Let's hope she uses this time to really think about her mistakes, and doesn't just take advantage of the lucky break to go on a 35 day bender!

Fingers crossed she can keep her shiz together!

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How Long Will Lindsay Be Under House Arrest? No One Knows!

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The lawyers have agreed on the terms - now, they're just haggling on the price.

But considering Lindsay Lohan's luck these days, she really shouldn't worry.

Tomorrow, Linds will officially be sentenced for her probation violation and it's almost a certainty that she will be allowed to serve her 120-day sentence in the comfort of her own home. However, there seems to be some confusion over exactly how many days Lindsay will "serve" imprisoned in her house.

Now, if she was going to real jail, she would've only served about two weeks in the slammer. Here's the math: a 120-day sentence, minus time off for good behavior and an overcrowding discount, equals out to exactly 14 days to serve. As she isn't serving her sentence behind bars, L.A. County Spokesperson Steve Whitmore reveals that Lindsay won't get the same deal. Steven suggests that without being in jail, is most likely Lindsay will serve 84 days under house arrest…but the issue is still being debated.

We imagine her lawyer will fight to have the same rules apply to her client as they do to those who actually have to schlep off to jail, but if you ask us, we think she's getting easy enough as it is.

Besides, inviting everyone over for a "Come Look At My Ankle Monitor" party doesn't count as overcrowding.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Two Lucky Breaks For Lindsay!

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Wow! Everything's coming up Lohan!

At least it has the potential to!

Lindsay Lohan has just gotten two potentially very lucky breaks in regards to her latest court drama regarding the stolen necklace, which could mean that she may not even have to serve jail time at all!

According to the El Lay County Probation Department as well as the El Lay County Sheriff's Department - which is responsible for the jail where she would serve her sentence - inmates with non-violent, misdemeanor offenses are routinely allowed to serve their time at home with an electronic monitoring device.

In other news, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, whom the formerly hard-pAArtying actress claimed had it out for her, will no longer be handling her case, and it is now been turned over to the Los Angeles City Attorney.

But there's a catch!

A source in the office explains:

"Our office was notified this morning that the Lohan theft case is being turned over to us. The case will be handled by the City Attorney assigned to the Airport Courthouse. It's a very big file, and the City Attorney will need time to read it over. The City Attorney could object to that [serving time at home]. When Paris Hilton was released from Lywnood to serve the remainder of her sentence at home, our office objected to that, and Paris was placed back in jail. It's way to early to determine what our position will be on the issue. Lindsay is a repeat offender, period. Our office will be in communication with Lindsay's attorney to discuss the case, and what their position on the matter is."

Uh-oh! Sounds as though they're going to be just as tolerant as DA Meyers was about Lindsay's nonsense!

Stay on your best behavior, gurl!

If you keep your nose out of trouble and play your cards right, we have a feeling that this whole mess may be behind you sooner rather than later!

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Motley Crüe's Vince Neil Gets 15 Day Sentence For DUI

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vince neil gets 15 day sentence

Earlier today, we reported that Motley Crüe front man Vince Neil pled guilty to his summer DUI charge in Las Vegas, and would likely be sentenced to two weeks in prison for his crime.

Now, we've learned that Neil will be sentenced to 15 days in Clark County jail, as well as 15 days house arrest. He'll also have to pay a $585 fine, and he'll be forced to attend driving abatement school.

Fortunately for Neil, this will spare him a trial on "a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge," which could have landed him as much as six months in jail!

His sentence will begin on Feb 15th, one week after his 50th birthday.

As we said before Vince, we hope you learned your lesson! Could have been SO much worse if someone had gotten hurt.

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