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Kate Middleton Gets Humiliated By The Queen!

Kate Queen Humiliated

Kate Middleton may be married to a prince, but she is far from a princess…well, in the eyes of the Queen!

There’s been a new revision made to the Royal Household's Order of Precedence and it’s not such good news for our beloved Kate!

As we previously reported, the revision states that Mz. Middleton MUST curtsy to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie every time she greets them, all because they are blood princesses!

Kate, however, is not a royal by blood and has just married into the royal fam. The only time Kate DOESN’T have to bow to the girls is when she’s with William!

Wow, talk about treating her like a commoner!

At first , we didn't quite understand why her Majesty would put such a rule into effect. However, it seems like the Queen is doing everything in her power to remind Kate of her humble past!

A friend stated:

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Same-Sex Households Are Becoming MUCH More Common!

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This is EXACTLY what we like to hear!

According to state census data just released, the number of gay and lesbian households in California have grown SIX times faster than those of heterosexual spouses between 2000 and 2010, climbing 36.2% as compared to the latter's 5.7%!

William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution in Washington, attributes this to the growing acceptance of the LGBT community, and explains:

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Whole Foods Introduces 'Eco-Scale' For Household Cleaning Products

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Whole Foods Market Eco Scale

One more reason to love Whole Foods!

With no government mandated regulations requiring companies to list ingredients on the packages of household cleaning products, the health conscious grocery store has developed an eco-friendly system to make sure there aren't any hidden toxins in products meant to be clean.

Whole Foods Market Eco-Scale uses three different scales (pictured above) that rate household cleaning products sold in their stores.

The orange, yellow, and green-rated products are verified by a third party and meet the following criteria:

Orange-rated products:

- No ingredients with significant environmental or safety concerns, such as phosphates, chlorine, or preservatives that have the potential to release formaldehyde.
- No artificial colors
- No animal testing

Yellow-rated products:

- No ingredients with moderate environmental or safety concerns, such as DEA, TEA or MEA surfactants (surface acting agents that can act as foaming agents) that have the potential to contain nitrosamines and other impurities
- No synthetic thickeners made from non-renewable petroleum-derived sources
- 100% natural fragrances

Green-rated products (highest rated):

- Meet all of the standards of both orange and yellow-rated products.
- Only 100 percent natural ingredients
- Contain no petroleum-derived ingredients at all

The new system aiming to help consumers avoid contaminating their homes with toxins is already in place. Any products on the shelves that DO NOT meet at least orange-rated standards will be removed.

The global vice president of procurement for Whole Foods Market, Jim Speirs, said of the company's new eco-friendly commitment:

"Shoppers have a right to know what’s actually in the products they use to clean their homes. We’ve always carefully monitored ingredients. Now, with Eco-Scale, we’re able to help shoppers buy eco-friendly products with confidence and provide safer alternatives for their households and for the planet as a whole.”

We think this is a fantastic idea which will hopefully inspire other grocery stores to follow suit. Thanks for thinking of your customers, Whole Foods!

[Image via Whole Foods Market.]

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Oprah's Viewership Shoots Up!

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According to the Top 25 syndicated shows, Oprah Winfrey's viewership has increased nearly 18% to a 6.1 household rating!

Well, duh! It's time for her favorite things!

OF COURSE everyone is tuning in!

Congratulations, though, bb!

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