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Anna Nicole Smith Attorney Howard K. Stern Going To Jail??

Anna Nicole Smith Attorney Howard K Stern Facing More Charges

It's been 2 years since Howard K. Stern was cleared of 9 felonies but convicted of conspiracy for his contribution to the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Stern allegedly used a fake name to acquire prescription drugs for the late actress.

The good news for Stern at the time was that the judge in the case did not feel there was enough evidence for a conspiracy conviction and threw it out.

The bad news for Stern at this time is that an appellate panel disagrees. They wrote in their decision:

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Boo! Judge Sets Aside Convictions In Anna Nicole Smith Case

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So much for justice.

This morning, a judge ruled that Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, will not face any conviction in the case, ruling there was no evidence proving Howard intended to break the law by using false names to obtain drug prescriptions for Anna.

Continuing his mercy, the judge also dismissed all but one conviction against Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna's doctor, who was also said to have a hand in her death. That conviction was reduced to misdemeanor. She'll now be fined $100 and ordered her to serve a short time on probation.

Ugh. How frustrating to see after all is said and done, these two people will walk away scotch-free from any real punishment. For shame.

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Guilty Parties In Anna Nicole Smith Drug Trial To Be Sentenced Today

sentencing today for howard k stern

Looks like things are about to get real for Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich!

Yesterday, we reported that the lawyers of the guilty parties in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial are trying to get their clients' convictions dismissed, or at least lowered to misdemeanors.

Stern and Eroshevich have arrived at court for their sentencing, so we should learn more very soon.

As we said before, we REALLY hope that justice is served today!

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Will Guilty Parties Get A Break In Anna Nicole Smith Drug Trial?

prosecutors try to avoid jail time for clients in anna nicole smith case

Back in October, we reported that Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer/boyfriend Howard K. Stern and her psychiatrist Dr. Khristine Eroshevich were found guilty with conspiring to enable Smith's drug addiction.

Now, lawyers for Stern and Eroshevich are trying to get their clients' convictions dismissed, or at least lowered to misdemeanors.

If they're unable to change Superior Court Judge Robert Perry's mind, the two could get as much as three years and eight months in jail.

When we first heard about the guilty verdict, we were happy to hear that justice is finally being served.

We'll be VERY disappointed if we learn otherwise.

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Howard K. Stern Found Guilty! Jury Reaches A Verdict In Anna Nicole Smith Drug Trial!


Anna Nicole Smith's long-running drug trial is expected to come to a conclusion any minute now!

According to the judge's clerk, the jury foreperson sent a note to the judge, claiming that after 12 days, the jury had reached verdicts in the specific case against Howard K. Stern, Smith's lawyer and boyfriend, and two other doctors, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich.

The three are charged with conspiring to enable Smith's drug addiction, and using false names to obtain the prescriptions in which to do so.

So tragic.

We sincerely hope that justice is finally served.


Howard K. Stern has been found guilty of two counts of conspiracy for enabling Smith's prescription drug problem.

Khristine Eroshevich was convicted of four counts, while Sandeep Kapoor was cleared of all counts.

Such an ugly, tragic situation. We're happy that those responsible are being held accountable and that this all can finally be put to rest.

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Defense Attorney Delivers Closing Argument In Anna Nicole Smith Case


We're so thankful that this whole case is finally coming to a close.

Howard K. Stern's lawyer, Steve Sadow, gave his closing arguments in the Anna Nicole Smith case on Thursday, telling jurors that Stern was "a guy whose been with her since 2001. Witnesses have said he cherished her, loved her. She was the love of his life."

He also attacked the prosecutors, accusing them of "deceiving jurors" with misleading evidence and trying to win the case "at all costs," rather than telling the truth. One of his examples included a testimony from a witness who suggested that a picture of Smith with a bruised face was the cause of an argument with Stern.

Sadow argued that Smith actually had gone under cosmetic surgery, which would have caused the bruising. He told the jury, "These were introduced by the prosecution to give you the impression that Howard Stern had done something to Anna and they know it isn't true."

During his argument, Sadow actually turned to the prosecution and questioned, "How do you do this in a courtroom?" he shouted. "You don't deceive the people making the decision. Judge Robert Perry was forced to step in and remind the defense attorney to speak to the jury and not direct his remarks to the prosecutors in the court room.

Sadow's finished his arguments, saying, "She decided to deal with her chronic pain with medication. It's the patient's decision as long as the patient knows the choices she has."

Sad. We just hope this whole thing ends as soon as possible.

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Judge Dismisses Charges In Anna Nicole Smith Case


We can't say this makes us very happy, though we're glad to hear there is some resolve to the case regardless.

This morning, the judge overseeing the Anna Nicole Smith case dismissed some of the charges against Howard K. Stern and two doctors. The trio, who were accused of illegally providing Anna Nicole with prescription drugs, were cleared of two charges.

The first went to Stern for supposedly obtaining the drugs for Anna Nicole through means of fraud and deceit. (The charge still stands against Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.) A second charge was dropped against both parties due to insufficent proof.

The remaining charges against all three defendants will all go to the jury. Hopefully, by Monday, this whole thing will be over with.

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