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This Dog Hates Your Alarm Clock As Much As You Do! The Struggle To Get Out Of Bed Is REAL!

Filed under: Silly!Cute!PetsDogFunny

This dog really could have used five more minutes in bed!

You know those mornings where you just do NOT want to get out of bed, but your stupid alarm clock just won't shut the eff up?!

Of course you do! It probably happened just this morning!

Well you're not alone, because this dog knows EXACTLY how real the struggle is!

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Disgustingly Cute Puppy Takes His First Howling Lesson!

Filed under: Cuteness!PuppyDogFunny

This is just about the cutest dang thing we've ever seen!

Tiny little puppies are cute enough on their own… but when you get one howling??

That's when you enter cuteness overload territory!

This vid is literally just a person howling at their puppy, teaching him how to howl back.

Although it's more like squeak back because he's just so young and tiny he can barely work up a real howl.

And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Check out the video (above) to watch the cutest lil pupster ever learning to howl!

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Little Girl Teaches Her Cute Puppy To Howl

Filed under: Cuteness!PuppyDog

Aww! That puppy can't be more than a few weeks old!

He doesn't know anything about the world!

But he knows how to howl! Kinda…

He could really use some help from his master, who is a cute little girl.

She starts howling, and howling, and howling… until he finally joins in!

Just watching the two of them howling in unison is so impossicute it hurts!!

Check out the video (above) to see an adorable puppy howling with his cute owner.

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Insanely Cute Husky Puppy's First Howl!

Filed under: Cuteness!PuppyAwwwwwHusky

You might want to make sure you're sitting down for this.

Whenever there is a video online that has anything to do with husky puppies, you gotta make sure your heart is healthy enough for watching them.

Because you just might AWWWW yourself to death!

So of course when we saw a video of a 5-week-old husky puppy howling for the very first time we had to share!

Because there are few things cuter than a husky puppy doing anything ever!!

Check out the video (above) if you're ready to AWWW your face off!

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Puppy Practices His Howling!

Filed under: Baby BlabberSilly!PetsCuteness!PuppyDogAwwwwwHusky

He's gotta practice so he can become BIG and STRONG, right???

A husky pup may only be three weeks old but he's making sure people fear his cuteness ferociousness.

Except his bark is a little worse than his bite right now!

Check out this super cutie (above) teaching himself how to growl like the big boys!

You'll get there, little guy! We pinky swear!

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The Singing Dog Street Performer

Filed under: Music MinuteCuteness!DogFunny

Ha! This dog has some real talent.

He used to hang out on the street with his owner and would listen to him play the guitar and sing.

Then one day, he decided to join in!

Check out the above video to hear this talented duo of street performers.

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