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The Screaming Lady Meets The Screaming Goat!

Filed under: Silly!Ellen DeGeneres

There really isn't much we can say about this, which is a shame, because there should probably be lengthy dissertations on the subject! LOLz!!

This is a video (above), courtesy of Ellen Degeneres of course, involving a woman who screams like a maniac while weight-lifting, and her animal kingdom counterpart.

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Research Shows Human Hands Evolved For Fighting

Filed under: Science!

Did human hands evolve to fight or make tools?

Researchers believe it may be the former, and our hands are the way they are because nature wanted humans to fight!

Compared with apes, humans have shorter palms and fingers, and stronger, longer, flexible thumbs.

And while the old theory is that this happened in order for humans to make tools, new research suggests it may also have occurred for violent reasons.

Here's what a researcher said:

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Russell Crowe Has Never Been Stronger!

Filed under: Russell CroweFitness


Essentially, Russell Crowe, at 48 years old, thinks he could kick the ass of any previous version of himself!


It's true, Russell says that he's never been stronger!

Here's what he said:

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Yosemite Hantavirus Death Toll Rises

Filed under: SickScary!

Yosemite Death Toll Rises

Yeesh! Stay away from Yosemite for a while!

This is probably a bummer for those people who have vacation plans!

A recent outbreak of a rodent sourced hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite National Park has led an

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NJ Airport Gets Hologram Guide



You've got some competition!

Named Ava, the Port Authority has unveiled a computerized, hologram-like image avatar in the international arrivals area in Terminal B.

She's supposed to answer passengers' most frequently-asked questions and take over the world.

Weirdly enough, they're dropping $180,000 to place the high-tech help at Newark, Kennedy and LaGuardia airports — instead of just hiring a human and giving them that as a salary.

Is it just us, or are priorities mixed up?

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The Robot Olympics Are What We Need

Filed under: Tech TalkScience!Olympics


To be honest with all you guys, we're only covering the human Olympics because it doesn't happen very often.

We'd much rather be covering the ROBOT OLYMPICS.

Plus, instead of medals that collect dust later in their lives, these robots will be fighting for lots of money: $2 million.

It's call The Robotics Challenge, and is from the Pentagon’s military research arm DARPA (short for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Apparently it's happening in October, and is open to people all over the world.

To win, you have to demonstrate robotic capabilities of the future that could someday support the Defense Department’s humanitarian mission: disaster relief, providing aid to victims and running evacuation operations.

So don't bring your Terminators.

Here are some of the tasks:

- Challenged to drive a utility vehicle like an ATV and to master its controls, from the ignition and brakes through to steering.
- Walk on uneven ground and navigate debris in their path, or clear an obstruction from a doorway and open it.
- Be able to break through a concrete wall to locate and then fix a leaking pipe.
- Fine motor skills will also be tested, such as possibly removing and then replacing a small pump and climbing a ladder followed by successfully getting across a catwalk.

One of the major things is adaptability. This is important, because the complexity of any upcoming disaster cannot be entirely anticipated. Things like learning a new tool to help with an unforeseen event would fit this.

Both hardware and software developers are welcome!

So cool! Good luck, everyone!

Science! Science! Science!

[Image courtesy DARPA.]

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SpaceX Preps Private Manned Space Capsule

Filed under: Tech TalkScience!Space!

SpaceX Man

Welcome to SpacePerez.com!

Here, we've got your SpaceX update! And it's a doozy!

SpaceX's Dragon space capsule, the one that will have humans in it, has passed a key design review, moving one step closer to carrying astronauts into orbit!

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