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LOST Cast Reunited…On EW Magazine Cover

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lost cast on cover of entertainment weekly

Hey there, LOST stars! It's been a…little while. Ha!

Entertainment Weekly has featured the LOST cast on the cover of their latest issue (above), reminding fans of a better time when the show was on the air…and they still had hope for getting all of their questions answered.

Looks like the majority of the cast is doing pret-ty well for themselves.

More than anyone else, we're excited to see Sawyer aka Josh Holloway in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol! We hope he'll bring all the sass and seksiness that he contributed to LOST for so many years.

…BTW, where's Hurley???

Do U miss LOST? How about shirtless Josh Holloway?

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LOST Numbers Are Mega Millions Winner!

lost numbers are mega millions winner

Birds are falling from the sky! Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal broke up! And NOW, the infamous LOST numbers are the Mega Millions winner?

If it were currently 2012, we'd be PRETTY freaked out right now. LOLs.

Aside from one or two slight deviations, Hurley's "cursed" numbers from LOST were the Mega Millions winner last night, with a jackpot of $355 million!

We wonder if bizarre things will start happening to the two winners. Then again, they just won $355 million…what could be more bizarre than that???

[Image via WENN.]

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Set Your DVRs!! Hurley's Coming Back To TV!

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He'll be guest starring on not one, but TWO shows!!

Our favorite lovable Lostee, Hurley - we mean, Jorge Garcia - we'll be making guest appearances on CBS's How I Met Your Mother and ABC's new show Mr. Sunshine.

Garcia will play Blitz, on HIMYM. His character is a college buddy that went to school with Ted, Marshall, and Lily, and has the "uncanny ability to leave a room right before things finally get interesting."

On the new Matthew Perry comedy, Mr. Sunshine, "Garcia will play a staffer at the second-rate San Diego sports arena that Perry's character manages."

Perry is said to be a huge Lost fan and pulled some ropes to get Garcia on his show. The best part is that he'll be one of the first things you see on the pilot episode!

We can't WAIT!! Jorge is super talented and such a funny guy! We want him to come back to television permanently!

[Image via WENN.]

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Weezer Designs For Hurley!


To coincide with the release of their 8th studio album Hurley, Weezer has designed a small collection of clothes for Hurley.

The nine piece range, which hits stores 4 days before their new album drops on September 14th, includes graphic tees, plaid shirts, hoodies, knit hats and a puffer jacket designed by Rivers Cuomo.

Innerestingly enough Weezer recorded some of the songs from their upcoming album at the Hurley headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

The band's Hurley collection will retail between $29 to $79 exclusively at PacSun.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Losties! Want To Know The Alternative Ending To Lost???

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You wondering how there are spoilers to a show that's already ended, aren't you?

Well, there were so many unanswered questions when Lost was over that we dare say there might be spoilers thrown around for the next 5 years or so.

But anyway, the final season of Lost will be available on DVD this week and in the special features department there is something truly epic for fans - an alternative ending.

More accurately, its a kind of epilogue, explaining what happened after Jack closed his eyes and went to the island in the great beyond. Fans know that Hurley became the new Jacob and took Ben on as his #2 man, but this epilogue explains more about what happened during that time as well as answer some of the big questions left unanswered in the series.

Want to know what happens? Remember, we said it before SPOILER ALERT!

The epilogue starts off in a warehouse in Guam, where two man have been building the food bundles that get dropped off on the island for the last couple decades without even knowing that the Dharma Initiative had folded. Ben arrives to relieve them of their duties, announcing that there is a new man in charge and that their services are no longer required. Of course, they have questions, but rather than answer them personally, Ben shows them an old Hydra Station Orientation Video by Dr. Pierre Chang.

This is where the good stuff comes in. We learn that the island didn't have just one polar bear, but several, brought to the island to be the subject of electromagnetic studies. We learn that the female bears are kept from getting preggers as the "electromagnetic levels have harmful effects on early term gestation.” (Hence why woman could not get pregnant on the island.)

The tape covers a lot, ranging from Room 23 to the Hurley Bird. Once the DVD is over, Ben leaves for his second stop of the evening.

Ben arrives at the Hurley's old mental institution to see a boy named Keith Johnson. Keith turns out to be Walt, but why he is in the hospital, we never learn. (Hey, this is Lost! There had to be one mystery thrown in there.)

And that's as much as we can tell, other than viewers will get some closure on the Walt storyline as well. It's a really good watch for anyone who felt a bit slighted from the finale.

Okay Losties - thoughts?

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Hurley On Hurley!

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Jorge Garcia is thrilled that Weezer decided to use his friendly face as the cover of their new album Hurley in homage to his character on Lost!

"How awesome is that! It totally put a smile on my face, to say the least," says Jorge. "It ranks right up there with getting my own action figure."

So how did this deal go down? Well Jorge met lead singer Rivers Cuomo backstage at The George Lopez Show and asked if he could take a picture with him. Jorge adds:

“And then two months later I get an email from my manager saying, ‘Listen, Weezer contacted us and they want you to be on the cover of their new CD…I thought that was really cool.”

It is cool…and different!

Hurley comes out on September 15 — will U be checking it out?

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First Look! The Cover Art For Weezer's New Album, Hurley

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No, Losties, your eyes are note decieving you. What you are looking at is the actual cover art for Weezer's next album:

A big ole picture of Jorge Garcia aka Hurley from Lost!

Yeah, we're not so much getting it either, but we'll roll with it for now. Apparently, it will make sense once we've heard the album.

Rivers Cuomo explained to New York Magazine why this particular pictures was chosen for the cover. He said:

"I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia — it just had this amazing vibe. We didn't want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as 'the Hurley record' even if left it without that title, so we just called it 'Hurley.' No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face."

Wow. Um, okay. His amazing face it is then. Certainly it's a risk, something different.

Course, no matter what this Hurley business is, it'll never be as good as Buddy Holly, so….

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