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PSA Fights Homophobia With Censorship! But Not How You Think!

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Did you know the word 'faggot' was used on Twitter over 10 million times last year? This is an important [BLEEP]ing issue!

Canadian organization No Homophobes is using censorship to try to curb some of the horrible [BLEEP] people say without even [BLEEP]ing thinking about it!

Ch-ch-check out the [BLEEP]ing video (above) to see their clever PSA!

And for a real eye opener, go to NoHomophobes.com for a real time update on the use of homophobic language on Twitter.

Warning: it's not pretty, and it's definitely NSFW!

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Haylor Split: The HURTFUL Words Taylor Swift Allegedly Told Harry Styles…

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harry styles taylor swift break up hurtful words doves

Quick! Duck for cover!

Seriously… we've got a feeling Directioners are about to go APESH*T once they get a load of this drama!

Though we previously heard it was a comment made by Harry Styles that hammered the final nail in the Haylor coffin, new reports reveal the hurtful words Taylor Swift supposedly spewed.

During their hellish fight down in Caribbean, sources say Swifty said:

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Moby On Britney, Calls Her Broken

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moby on britney

This is actually a pretty sad thought.

During a recent interview, Moby opened up about Britney Spears, and had the following to say about her:

"…Britney's actually kind of like a broken-down shell of a human being, that's what makes her so endearing and compelling. She was lovely, but really broken. Like, Blanche Dubois-style broken."

Certainly not the sweetest thing in the world to say, although it doesn't seem like Moby meant to say this with malice.

Then again, whatever his intentions were, this is a pretty intense thing to say about a person, and we could DEF see where Brit would be hurt by his words.

What do U think about Moby's comments?

[Images via WENN.]

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Farrakhan Not A Fan Of Rihanna

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Rihanna Gets No Love From Farrakhan

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan IS NOT a fan of Rihanna!

Not really a shocker, but, his comments were pretty brutal.

What was said:

"He also criticized the sexually charged performances of popstar Rihanna, saying they were “filthy” and that people who enjoyed such antics were “swine,” a description he also applied to homosexuals and lesbians."

Terrible things to say towards her, her fans, and the LGBT community.

So sad.

This came directly after he visited a scientology center in El Lay, and had very kind things to say about that whole institute:

"Farrakhan also said he had spent time at the Church of Scientology’s celebrity center in Los Angeles and had been impressed with the church’s method of “auditing” — a process he said was comparable to therapy.

He said the church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard had a mission to “civilize white people,” adding that Hubbard “is so exceedingly valuable to every white person on this earth.”"

So. You know, there's that.

Rihanna, pay no mind to Farrakhan's hurtful words!

They were uncalled for, along with the hate towards the LGBT community. So not cool.


[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi Montag Hurt By Andy Cohen's Comments

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We knew Heidi wouldn't take this lying down.

After Bravo's Andy Cohen made comments on the Thursday night episode of his show Watch What Happens Live that he'd rather "stab knives into my own eyes" than have Heidi Montag join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Heidi has spoken out about how hurt she was by his comments.

She reveals:

"Andy's tasteless remarks were hurtful and completely unnecessary. I was simply being playful. I'm well aware I'm not the right demo for that show, but Andy Cohen took it to a malicious place. I have always been a fan of the Housewives franchise and I don't appreciate being bullied."

Oh Heidi! Andy was just joking too! Everyone can play nice now.

[Image via WENN.]

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Jaime Pressly Talks Divorce And DUI

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jaime pressly opens up about dui and divorce

It's been a tough 2011 so far for Jaime Pressly, who is currently fighting a DUI charge, and recently filed for divorce.

Now, Pressly has decided to clear the air and open up about her divorce and DUI charge.

Here's what she had to say about the DUI with regards to her divorce:

"People thinking my divorce is happening because of the situation. Truth is: these are all isolated incidences."

"I don't ever want my son grow up and read all these false statements."

"I have no problem saying that I'm responsible for my own actions. I'm also human and never claimed to be perfect."

More from Pressly about her divorce:

"We fell in love quickly. We got married very quickly. It didn't work out the way we wanted it to. There's nothing more to it."

And more from Pressly about comments people have been making about her "abilities as a mother":

"When I hear the statements made that are so ridiculously unkind and untrue, it breaks my heart. It's really hurtful on so many levels that I can't even explain it."

"I've watched so many people make mistakes, and never wanted to be that person. I've been in the business for 16… 17 years. And I've been very good."

People certainly do mistakes, Jaime. The best thing you can do is push forward, pay your debts, face the consequences, and always keep your son's well-being in mind.

As we said before, things will turn around. Stay strong.

[Image via WENN.]

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Rachel Uchitel Talks Celebrity Rehab And More!

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rachel uchitel opens up to e news about celebrity rehab and other subjects

She speaks!

Tonight, Tiger Woods' former mistress Rachel Uchitel talks to E! NEWS about Tiger, David Boreanaz, Donald Trump, and Celebrity Rehab.

Here are some excerpts from her interview.

"I am different than the cartoon character that people have made me out to be. I am just a normal girl. Like anybody you would know. I am absolutely not the wicked witch that people have made me out to be. It's hurtful. I am human. You know that is a hurtful thing to have people talk about you all the time…There are a lot of things that I think people don't know because nobody has ever asked really."

Uchitel on Celebrity Rehab:

"I'll tell you why I did the show. I did the show because it was my only opportunity to have the world understand me and where I came from and what I was feeling. As you know…I was offered a spot on "Celebrity Apprentice" and I chose to do "Celebrity Rehab" instead, because I felt like it gave me an opportunity to have the world know who I was and to see me work out the issues that I had in the past and hopefully move away from them."

Uchitel on Donald Trump:

"I was really surprised that Donald Trump would come out and make whatever remarks he made. You know, I thought that was really unfair."

Uchitel on David Boreanaz:

"I did know that David was married, but I also know the kind of relationship that David was in. Again, I don't want to hurt him, I don't want to get into this because David doesn't need to be involved in any more issues and I wish him the best…Unfortunately, what comes out to the press later isn't the whole story, but I choose not to talk about it because I don't want to hurt him. I don't want to hurt his wife…"

Uchitel on what she's up to now:

"The reality of my life is pretty funny and interesting. I'm dating on Match.com; I'm studying to be a private investigator, you know, it's sort of random. It could make a good show, but I'm not sure what will happen there."

And more from Uchitel:

"I think that watching "Celebrity Rehab" will help people move past the image that they have of me. I hope it will. If it doesn't, then that's OK. And that's fair. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a chance to be heard out. Doing "Celebrity Rehab" was my chance to be heard out."

Speaking up about issues and not keeping it all bottled in is certainly healthy, so we commend Rachel for that.

We think she's still got quite the road ahead of herself before the majority of people change their views on her, but she does seem to be making the right moves. We give her credit for that.

[Image via WENN.]

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