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Joe Simpson Denies He's Gay! Calls The Multiple Reports "Ridiculous!"

joe simpson denies gay rumors ridiculous

Well…he's certainly handling this debacle just as we anticipated he would!

Despite more and more reports surfacing that Joe Simpson has been come out of the closet to his family after not only being caught in an affair with 21-year-old year old wannabe actor Bryce Chandler Hill, but with a paid escort, sources close to the former pastor recently revealed that out of fear of damaging his reputation as a Christian and to protect wife Tina and daughters Jessica and Ashlee from further embarrassment, he would NEVER publicly admit to being gay!

And lo and behold, that's EXACTLY what he's doing!

Sources who have spoken with Simpson have revealed that he's

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Dr. Drew’s April Fools Prank

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Dr. Drew played along with April Fools by showing his hypocritical, unhealthy side.

"You can talk about health tips all day long, but what's so important is making change," he says. "Walking the walk, not just talking the talk."

Glad to see Dr. Drew has a sense of humor!

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Paris & Bruno's Vegas Prosecutor Quits After Coke Arrest

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Might as well. They were going to fire him anyway! (And we don't think you can collect unemployment when you're terminated over a drug bust!)

This afternoon, David Schubert, the deputy D.A. of Las Vegas who prosecuted Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars for cocaine possession and then got himself busted on the same charge, resigned from his position.

Like we said, the D.A.'s office was already set to can him - they even locked him out of his office - so really, he was just beating them to the punch.

Eh, it's a good thing. It'll give you more time to consider your options - like what you're going to do when your former colleagues tear you to shreds in court when you have to answer for your crimes! Ha!

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Bristol Palin Vs. Keith Olbermann

bristol palin vs keith olbermann

Looks like Bristol Palin did NOT appreciate it when Keith Olbermann referred to her as the "worst person in the world."

On his MSNBC show, Keith called out Bristol for being a hypocrite because she appeared in a PSA promoting safe sex and abstinence, despite the fact that she had a child as an unmarried teen.

As he continued to lash out against Palin, he compared her being an abstinence spokeswoman to saying that George W. Bush "kept us safe, 'cept for that 9-11 thing, which doesn't count."

In response, Bristol took to the pages of Facebook, where she called Keith an "old canard" and said that "what Olbermann lacks in originality he makes up for with 'insincere incredulity."

She also apologized to Keith for not being "absolutely faultless like he undoubtedly must be."

We WOULD say that it looks like this could get ugly, but that bridge has already been crossed.

Guess we'll see if Keith lashes back again, although we can't imagine what he could possibly say that would be more brutal than what he's already said!

Team Bristol or Team Keith?

[Images via WENN.]

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Rihanna Slams Product Placement! Rihanna Signs Up For Doritos Endorsement!

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Now that we know that the latest Rihanna leaked track - and video - is merely part of an endorsement deal with Doritos (we know, RANDOM, right?!), we were reminded of this little quotable the pop star gave back in April regarding her feelings on product placement!

She said:

"I hate doing product placement in my videos. I hate it. I think videos should just tell the story of the song. And then with product placement it all just becomes this big ad campaign. Sometimes we have to do it, for whatever political reason, but it's never my first choice. I don't like things to be so commercial."

So then, tell us, bb! For what political reason are you forced to sell Doritos?!

The world is dying to know! LOLs!

Check out (above) a preview for the Doritos-inspired Who's That Chick, even though the finished version has already made its way around the internet.


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Sexy Sarah's Offspring Gets Paid How Much To Be Preachy???

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Wait till you hear this! This is ridiculous!

Bristol Palin, teenage mother and hypocrite advocate for abstinence, will be speaking at a benefit in Louisville, Kentucky to raise money for a shelter home for single mothers in September.

Good cause right? You would think for such an important cause, she would do this for free, right? Right?


Sexy Sarah's hussy daughter is getting paid $14,000 to speak! $14K! So not worth it!

Who is she to get so much money?! Sure, she's a single, teenage mother who got knocked up to the human equivalent of a sloth. But she is privileged beyond belief. She's had no struggle she didn't purposefully bring onto herself. She's never had to stay in a shelter or worry where her kid's next meal was coming from! What words of encouragement or wisdom could possibly escape her mouth that aren't going to sound trite and exceedingly preachy?!

Unbelievable! Save the money and use it towards something useful - like the effing shelter!

[Image via WENN.]

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Christina Aguilera Is A Hypocrite!

Listen to Floptina contradict herself!

Now the singer is saying she doesn't hate autotune anymore, even though she had one time wore a t-shirt that said "Auto-Tune is for P*ssies." She even admits to using it on some of her songs and there's a "creative way to use it."

Well, it certainly didn't help your album! Bionic is still a flop!

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