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Another Amazing Brit-Brit Cover By Meghan Tonjes!

How inneresting! We didn't think we would like this song acoustically!

But we do! We really do!

Check out one of our faves, Meghan Tonjes, singing Britney Spears' latest single, I Wanna Go! (above)

Bravo! Another triumph!


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New Brit-Brit Single Art!

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Wooo girl! Looking damn good! Such a smile! We loves it!

The new single art for Britney Spears' latest jam, I Wanna Go, has just been released and we're pleased to say we see a lot of the old Brit-Brit on the cover!

She looks happy, spunky and dare we say it, youthful! Not that she's old by any means, but if you look real fast, you would swear this was the cover from Overprotected!

Fierce! Fierce! Fierce!

We can not WAIT for this video!!! We want to see more of that Skeletor Mouseketeer! Ha!

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MORE Deets From The Set Of Brit Brit's New Music Video!


Oh man. This keeps sounding more and more HIGHlarious!

We cannot WAIT to see it!

More details are emerging about the music video for Britney Spears' latest single, I Wanna Go, and it's really looking as though the pop star is having QUITE a bit of fun with her public image, as well as some of her career missteps…AKA her bust of a movie, Crossroads!

According to a source on set:

She shot today at the Universal Studios back lot. The video will take place in NYC. That's where they shot it at anyway. There's even a movie theater that says "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder." I'm not kidding LOL.

She shot a scene where she's driving, she gets pulled over, steps out of the car and is frisked by a hot police officer. So, it seems like the video will kind of be a parody.

As far as the way she looks, she's wearing jeans, a pink bikini on top and a jacket. Her hair looks pretty, and she has pink braids.


Is it just us, or does it seem between this and all of her Rapture Tweets over the weekend that gurlfriend is getting a lot more feisty lately?!

If so, we APPROVE!

It's about time she looked as though she was having fun again!

Good luck with the rest of the shoot, lady!

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Image via WENN.]

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Deets On Brit Brit's New Music Video!!!

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Keep on working till the world ends!!! Girl's on fire!!!

Britney Spears is in the midst of filming her third music video off of the Femme Fatale album and according to reports, this will be the most "personal" of her videos to date, but with a very comical edge. The video is for her next single, I Wanna Go, and it will play off of Brit-Brit's constant feuding with the press.

From what we understand, the video will open on a fake press conference Britney is hosting and the media is all up in her business, asking all kinds of inappropriate questions. Fed up with their shiz, Britney fires back at them to lay off and storms out.

That's when the fantasies kick in, a slew of them all made up in Britney's head, such as making out with a fan, flashing a cop and getting diiiiiirty with a hunky star. (So far, her people have reached out to Matthew McConaughey and Kellan Lutz. She has such good taste!!!)

The handsome actor cast will eventually show up for realsies and save her from the paparazzi, who coincidentally, are actually all robots! And guess what? Her studly Hollywood savior is a robot too! OMG! They're taking over!!! Ahh!!!

Aaand then we come back to the press conference. Yeppers, it was all a dreamy-dream made up in Britney's pure imagination. She gives a final nod to the reporters and sees her handsome actor waiting for her off stage. She walks off with him, but not before he can give a turn to the camera to show off a smile and his glowing Thriller-zombie robot eyes! The end!

With Britney at the forefront, no doubt it will be sexy and fun … sort of like Everytime, but with more robots and less bathtub.


[Image via WENN.]

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Brian Freidman Talks Femme Fatale Choreography, Lack Of Dancing Explained!

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Very inneresting!

Brian Freidman, who is responsible for some of Britney Spears' most iconic dance routines, recently opened up about the singer's upcoming Femme Fatale tour, and revealed that even though he won't be directing the dancing in the concert, a lot of his signature moves will be featured, and she'll most likely be performing the following:

- Slave 4 U
- Boys
- Overprotected
- I Love Rock 'n' Roll
- Toxic
- Hold It Against Me
- Me Against The Music
- Till The World Ends

NICE! That's quite a few of our faves!

Ch-check out the video (above)

Furthermore, sources close to Team Brit are reporting that although Big Fat Bass was supposed to be the next single released off of Femme Fatale, the surprise success of 'Till The World Ends is making them re-think what should follow it, and now I Wanna Go and How I Roll are options!

NICE! We'd be THRILLED with either of those!

Insiders have also opened up about gurlfriend's lack of promotion and dancing, and claim that the real reason she isn't as appearance-heavy now is because she's focused on being a mother, and that the intensity of her dancing has toned down due to insurance reasons stemming for her twice-blown knee.

Very VERY inneresting! Makes sense to us - we're just still confused as to why she isn't as open about it!

We think people would be very understanding about the choreography if they knew it was because of the complications with her knee!

Either way, some pretty cool info, so we're excited to see if it all follows through onto the Femme Fatale tour!

What do U think?? What do U want to see Brit perform during the show?

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New Brit Brit Single Coming NEXT WEEK!

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Yes! Such exciting news!

According to Tampa, Florida's 933FLZ radio station, Britney Spears will be releasing her yet-to-be announced second single from her new album, Femme Fatale, as early as next week!

They wrote via Twitter:

Hearing from Jive Records that we'll have a new @BritneySpears single to play next week!


We wonder if it's still 'Til The World Ends, like it was rumored to be! If not that, I I I Wanna Go, PLEASE!

What do U think?? What do U want the next Brit Brit single to be??

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And Britney Spears' Rumored Next Single Is…

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…NOT Inside Out or I I I Wanna Go!


Sources are reporting that the second single off of Britney Spears' upcoming album, Femme Fatale, is a track called 'Til The World Ends, which was produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, and surprisingly, written by Ke$ha!

Check out a clip of the alleged demo version (above)!

We definitely get a tinge of Ke$ha from the little we can hear, but it's definitely got the Brit Brit vibe that we love!

Here's hoping that the full, mastered version holds up!

What do U think?? Do U want 'Til The World Ends as the next single??

Update: We've confirmed the Kesha song IS Britney's second single, but… this snippet above is NOT the song.

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