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NFL Star LeSean McCoy DENIES Beating Up Ex-Girlfriend After Alleged Incident At His House

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Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has been accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon.

This week, a friend of Cordon shared the following post on Instagram accusing the NFL star of physically harming his GF, son, and dog, and allegedly abusing drugs such as steroids.

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Additionally, she reportedly posted a graphic image of Cordon in the hospital with blood running down her face, as seen here:

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Khloé Kardashian Claps Back At 'Disgusting Human' Who Called True Thompson 'Not Cute At All'!

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Don't mess with momma bear!!!

Khloé Kardashian went out of her way late last night to call out a Twitter user who decided to take it upon herself to announce to the world that she didn't think True Thompson was cute… and tagged Khlo in the tweet!

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It all started when the user @Infinite_l0vexo — whose Twitter account has since been set to private, following a deluge of messages — reportedly tweeted the following with Khlo tagged in the tweet (below):

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Jenelle Evans Responds After Ex Nathan Griffiths' Mother REFUSES To Return Son — As New Child Abuse Accusation Video Surfaces!

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Another episode in the ongoing drama that is Jenelle Evans' ever chaotic life as a mother.

The custody battle over between Jenelle and baby daddy #2 Nathan Griffith over their son Kaiser has hit a fever pitch.

As you may remember, Nathan himself is allowed only supervised visits, in the presence of his mother, Doris Davidson, who was awarded custody apparently because she's the only stable caretaker in his life. After all, both Mommy and Daddy have faced serious legal trouble recently.

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But now Doris is refusing to return Kaiser to Jenelle at all amid claims her new hubby David Eason abused him!

Radar Online reports Jenelle called 911 on Sunday when Kai's grandma never brought him back after her weekend visit. Jenelle herself told the outlet

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Motherfucker! Trump Administration Just Filed Motion To Keep Children Detained LONGER!

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After nearly universal outrage over Donald Trump's family separation policy, he finally admitted he lied about his hands being tied — and signed an executive order ending the policy.

Sure, he's lying AGAIN to say the policy was created by past presidents… but at least the problem is solved, right?


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Not only does the administration appear to have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER to reunite families with the more than 2,300 children already taken, the new plan that still involves detaining kids — just with their parents — is now looking worse.

The Department of Justice just filed an emergency motion in federal court Thursday to remove the 20-day-limit on detaining children!

Jeff Sessions' DOJ lawyers argue the current 20-day limit means they can't

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Immigrant Child Taken From Family Was Getting Her Diaper Changed By Other Children!

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Donald Trump finally enacted a policy so disgusting, he had to reverse it.

Of course, now he's trying to gaslight the country into believing he's correcting decades of law forcing immigrant family separation.

But there is a reason you've never heard of the practice of taking immigrant children at the border and putting them in cages — because it just started in April. It was Trump's policy.

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No one with an ounce of empathy would allow it to go unspoken for long, and they didn't. And the response was so bad he gave in and stopped his policy.

But it isn't over either. Trump still has no plan to put these families back together. And even if they do, these young children have been forever traumatized.

We haven't gotten a good look into these facilities, but the stories we have heard are horrific. Here is just one:

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Peter Fonda Apologizes For Saying Barron Trump Should Be Put 'In A Cage With Pedophiles'

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On Wednesday, Peter Fonda issued an apology for writing on Twitter that 12-year-old Barron Trump should be ripped from Melania Trump's arms, and be put "in a cage with pedophiles."

The day before, the 78-year-old actor wrote the controversial message in response to Donald Trump's family separation immigration policy.

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(On Wednesday, the President signed an executive order to "keep families together" at the border, partially reversing his new policy. However, he warned that "zero tolerance" prosecution will continue for those who enter the country illegally.)

According to a screenshot, Fonda's tweet read:

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Woman Seeking Asylum From Domestic Abuse Sues Trump Administration For Taking Her 7-Year-Old Son!

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What could Donald Trump possibly say to justify this??

Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia is a Guatemalan national who came to the United States seeking asylum from a dangerous domestic abuse situation in which she feared for her life.

When she did, all she found was more abuse — at the hands of the U.S. government, who took her 7-year-old son, Darwin, by force and refused to tell her where he was.

Video: Laura Ingraham Compares Immigrant Child Detention Centers To 'Summer Camps'

Now, according to a DailyMail.com report, she's filed a lawsuit which will test Trump's cruel policy toward immigrants.

Here's some background:

For years the U.S. has granted abused women asylum because the misogynistic governments of their home countries were unwilling to protect a woman from her husband.

We were the good guys.

Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially dropped the protection for abused women.

Mejia-Mejia may have gotten in under the wire as she entered back in May. But she was still subject to the new "family separation" policy.

Video: YOU Can Help The Border Children & Their Families!

In order to seek asylum, you have to be in the country, which means you have to enter illegally then make your request.

Under Trump's new "zero tolerance" policy, everyone who enters illegally, no matter the reason, is thrown into a prison camp and prosecuted. Not turned away, not sent back. Jailed.

More cruelly, as has caused much controversy over the past couple weeks, is the new policy of taking these parents' children away — sometimes by trickery and sometimes by force — and throwing them into their own prison camps.

It's that policy Mejia-Mejia is challenging with her lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court on Tuesday against 6 federal agencies and 10 senior officials.

The suit says after Mejia-Mejia turned herself in to Border Patrol to request asylum, agents refused to tell her where they were taking her boy:

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