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Republican Senator John McGee Bonds Out Of Jail Following DUI/Grand Theft Auto Charges!

senator john mcgee mugshot

Forget Anthony Weiner! Why isn't the media more interested in covering THIS GUY???

On Sunday, republican Idaho Senator John McGee was arrested after being found passed out drunk in a stolen car. He was charged with both DUI and Grand Theft Auto…and then released on a $5,000 bond.

McGee's colleagues seem to be continuing to support the man because his behavior was "erratic" and "abnormal," and apparently the major media outlets support him too because there's been barely ANY coverage on this!

He's scheduled to appear in court on July 1. Maybe the media will start paying attention after he gets sentenced for his charges.

In the meanwhile, we're SURE the entire world will lose their shiz if another girl comes forward and admits to exchanging dirty messages with Anthony Weiner. Truly sad.

What do U think about Senator John McGee? Should the media give him more attention?

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After Nearly A Decade, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Lose Legal Battle Over Idaho Vacation House

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This is a tough battle to walk away from empty handed.

Back in 2002, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had a quaint, countryside home built in Idaho by Storey Construction, Inc. No sooner did the couple step foot into the house did they find problems with the construction and immediately went after the family-owned business. They refused to pay the remainder of the constriction costs and five years later, fired back at the company with a $3 million lawsuit, claiming there were construction defects at the property.

Today, the couple lost their lawsuit and more so, they were ordered to pay the entire cost of the arbitration process for the owners of Storey Construction. However, the couple still insist that they were cheated by this company and after the verdict was handed down, they released this statement:

"Over the years, we have experienced a number of serious problems with how our home was designed and built. We have previously resolved our claims against the architect. For various legal reasons, including the passage of time, the arbitrators did not share our view of the contractor's portion of responsibility. While we disagree with the outcome, we are pleased that the contractor's counterclaims were rejected."

Silver linings are always a plus, we guess.

Live for the positive, Tom!

[Image via WENN.]

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