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Peter O’Toole Has Passed Away At 81-Years-Old

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peter otoole actor passed away age 81 years old

At least he got to live a very full life!

It’s with heavy hearts that we report Peter O’Toole has passed away.

The Lawrence of Arabia legend went in his sleep on Saturday night at a London hospital after having been sick for awhile.

His daughter Kate’s statement read:

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Michael Douglas Admits He Didn't Have Throat Cancer! Find Out What He Really Had HERE!

michael douglas lied about throat cancer


Michael Douglas has been very open about suffering from throat cancer and battling back from his major health crisis, but now we're hearing he didn't even have throat cancer!

But before you start freaking over like we did for just a second, Michael DID suffer a major health crisis. However, he chose to slightly alter the diagnosis because he didn't want to face questions about his REAL illness.

Michael has admitted during his chat with Samuel L. Jackson what was really going on back in 2010:

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Miley Cyrus Gets A 3rd Letter & A Promise To Visit Her In The Psych Ward From Sinead O'Connor!

miley cyrus sinead oconnor third letter rehab psych ward

Who saw this feud coming?? And then who saw it spiraling out of control like this?!

Sinead O'Connor recently wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus expressing her concern that the latex-loving songstress was being "prostituted" out by the music industry.

And that little letter soon exploded into one helluva cray cray feud!

While Mileybird took to Twitter to compare Sinead's one-time mental health issues to Amanda Bynes, Sinead was just waiting for her moment to strike back.

After the tweet, Sinead sent out another letter, this time threatening legal action, but Mileybird quickly pushed that to the side, claiming she's been too busy getting ready for her Saturday Night Live gig to deal. But that excuse isn't going to stop Sinead; the twerk queen has stirred up the shizz a bit too much!

The Irish singer penned yet another letter to the Mileybird, saying:

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MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks Being Evaluated For Mental Illness After Violent Police Encounter

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josh marks masterchef gordon ramsay mental health arrested violent assault possessed god

There are only two possible reasons for the scene MasterChef finalist Josh Marks made in Chicago this week, when he assaulted cops and said that Gordon Ramsay 'possessed him' and turned him into 'God' — especially when we know that there were NO drugs in his system.

1. Josh has a mental illness.
2. Josh is telling the truth.

Since we're pretty sure Gordon can't possess anyone, or turn them into God, we're going to have to go with #1 — and we're very glad that Josh is currently being evaluated to understand what's happening with his mental state.

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Morrissey Cancels The Rest Of His Tour Because Illness WRECKED It!

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morrissey cancel tour south america illness logistics

We hate to say it — we really do — but it might be time for Morrissey to hang up his live performance cape and focus solely on recording!

The frontman of the Smiths has been battling illnesses for quite some time now, having had to cancel and postpone more shows than anyone should have to. Now that he's canceled his remaining South American tour dates, the last thing he needs to do is to make himself worse after getting better just by trying to make it up to everyone!

Originally, he had been expected to start playing again in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 28th, after recovering from food poisoning (which is AFTER the double pneumonia, a bleeding ulcer, and throat condition Barrett's oesophagus), but that's now out of the question as the rest of the tour can't be finished due to logistical difficulties. Here's what he said:

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Dick Van Dyke’s Mystery Illness SOLVED!

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dick van dyke health mystery illness solved problem head pain

Just recently Dick Van Dyke — one of the nicest men to ever land in Hollywood — came down with a mystery illness, one that made him cancel appearances and even tweet out about his condition.

Nobody knew what was wrong, exactly!

Now, that mystery has been SOLVED!

Here's what he said:

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Jordin Sparks Suffering From Vertigo!

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jordin sparks vertigo health dizzy worry no sleep illness sad awful

Jordin Spark's career is flying so high that girl's suffering from vertigo! LOLz!

All joking aside, it's looking as if it's absolutely true — she's been battling being dizzy since last week, and is resting at home trying to kick whatever it is to the curb! Such a bummer, we bet she wanted to do something for the holiday!

Here's what she said on Twitter:

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