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Same Old Illy Allen!


We had high hopes that the rapid hormones of preggers Lily Allen was what was keeping her in check the last few months. Apparently, that was just wishful thinking.

For the umptieth time, Illy has canceled a performance. This time, she has pulled out of performing at the Goodwood Vintage Festival across the pond.

However, we can't exactly say we blame her (but nor do we say we fully believe her.) Friends of Illy say that she has become deathly scared of having a miscarriage since she already had one back in 2008. She is reportedly "stressed out" and wants to take the time to concentrate on her little one. A source explains:

"Lily is feeling really stressed at the moment. She is trying to open two stores in September and is suffering from the worst morning sickness. Everyone was disappointed she couldn't make it, especially at such late notice. She had been one of the main draws."

Yeah, we imagine the organizers are none too happy with her and her demanding fetus. But that is their problem now, righty Illy???

UPDATE: Lily has just clarified that she canceled her appearance at the festival months ago, via her Twitter. She wrote:

"FYI we cancelled Vintage at goodwood months ago.Sorry if people were led to believe that we were going to be there when purchasing tickets."

[Image via WENN.]

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Lilly Allen Backtracks On GaGaloo Joke

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Over the weekend, an uber preggers Lily Allen took to the stage at Big Chill to perform.

Some folks in the audience were shocked to hear Miz Allen make an offensive joke against our wifey Lady GaGa. Illy had shouted out to the crowd that our GaGaloo was a hermaphrodite, which then caused her to come under a lot of fire.

Please! We've heard it before! Plus, you think that is shocking? Lily Allen made it through an entire performance without puking or just canceling all together. There's your headline!

Since her comments really did offend a lot of people, Lily offered to explain on her Twitter page. She wrote:

"Everyone knows I am Lady GaGa's biggest fan. So don't believe the bullshit. I'm a little monster and no-one can take that away from me!"

We believe you, bb! Must have been those hormones running amuck from the little monster growing inside of you. It's all good!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lily Allen vs Allan Carr!

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Lily Allen is making more new friends enemies this week, as she ignited a feud with TV personality Alan Carr. Lily was supposed to appear on his show, Chatty Man, but canceled at the eleventh hour complaining of "illness."

She's not drinking anymore, so what could be her affliction? MORNING SICKNESS, PERHAPS???

Regardless of the reason, Allan was none too happy about the cancellation and shared his frustration with his audience:

“I heard at four o’clock this afternoon that Lily Allen’s pulled out, so that’s the second time she’s pulled out on the day with two hours to go, so I don’t know what’s wrong with that fucking bitch. I don’t know if it’s a vendetta. I don’t know whether she hates me or it’s because I’m gay, but the way I’m buzzing now I could fucking slap her.”

Never one to let a Twitter rant pass her by, Illy got right on hers to respond to Allan:

“Sorry Alan, but I can’t help being ill. If it’s any consolation I feel awful. I wouldn’t have been any fun at all. I do think your comments are a bit strong though. Unless you were being sarcastic and you’re words were taken out of context.”

Wow! That was surprisingly…mellow! See what happens when you don't brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, gargle with a bottle of Jim and rinse with a bottle of Jose! Intelligent, reasonable sentences can be formed in your brain!

This round to Lily for not being so Illy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Pregnant??? llly Lily Cleans Up Nice!

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No, you don't need to get your eyes checked. That is, in fact, Lily Allen.

It's hard to recognize her without a cigarette dangling from her hooker lipstick lips and two bottles of Jack Daniels resting comfortably in each of her talons, but that is her!

Yesterday, Lily sparked a lot of rumors when she strolled out onto the stage of the Barclaycard Wireless Festival, showered and everything. The biggest murmur being tossed around was that Lily might actually be sperminated by BF Sam Cooper. A pregnancy could explain why instead of her normal order of booze, smokes and self-loathing for performances, Lily performed a smoke-free show and drank only water!

Water! Bet her organs were thrilled too see that again!

Further fueling the rumor mill was her announcement that her performance yesterday was her last gig in London "for some time." She had earlier announced that she was retiring for five years so that she could be a mom.

Are we finally about to get into the retirement stage, bb???

If she is preggers, let's hope this cleaner lifestyle lasts way beyond the birth of her baby! We like what we see here! That other Illy was just a disgrace!

[Image via WENN.]

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Boo-Hoo! Lily Allen Caught Sobbing On TV Because….

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Oh pu-leeease, Lily Allen, do you expect anyone to believe that you are that into sports?!

The 'singer' apparently flew into Hamburg to see the Fulham FC take on the Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Europa League Final, and as per usual, she must have gotten waaaaaasted during the match.

Check out these shots of her sobbing out all of the vodka she surely ingested after her team lost!

We bet the players couldn't concentrate with the RANK smell of booze and despair seeping off of her in the crowd!

Boo-hoo, Illy!

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Lily Allen Blows Off Fundraiser Performance To Get Drunk Elsewhere!


Oh, Lily Allen!!

Just when we think you can't sink any lower, you DO!!

The British trainwreck was set to perform at the ICA Annual Fundraising Gala Wednesday night in Londontown when she pulled out at the last minute, claiming she had come down with tonsillitis! However, Allen was allegedly spotted only HOURS later knocking drinks back and pAArtying away at the club The Social!!

Nothing soothes the throat like eight to ten shots of tequila, right??

Absolutely despicable.

Way to honor your commitments, you hack!!

[Image via WENN.]

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