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German Parliament Gives The OK To Genetically Test Embryos

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German Embryos

In a controversial move, the German Parliament has come to a decision on a debate that's been ongoing for a while: they have given the OK to genetically test embryos that are going to be used for in vitro fertilization!

This means that doctors can test the embryo for genetic disorders before they implant it into the womb, but on a case by case basis:

Under the law approved Thursday, an ethics commission will have to decide on a case-by-case basis whether couples can use the procedure.

A large minority of lawmakers had favored a total ban on the practice, with some saying even limited permission for genetic selection set a bad precedent.

"This is about variety: do we want to allow it in our society?" asked Katrin Goering-Eckardt of the opposition Greens, one of those advocating a ban.

That's an interesting thought about variety, but, not everyone is going to be allowed to do it. Only those that have an extreme history of defects:

"I am firmly convinced that we should not choose to close our eyes to how we can use modern medicine appropriately to support and help these long-suffering families."

We agree with that!

We'd be a little less for it if, say, everyone could do it on a whim or if it were required for those trying to get preggers. But it isn't, so we aren't.

Let's hope this helps some people out!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Infertile Women Hate Facebook

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Infertile Women Hate Facebook

STATUS UPDATE: Stop telling me about your stupid baby because I can't have one!

More and more infertile women are admitting that they are envious of Facebook updates from pregnant friends.

They describe the feeling after reading a post about a pregnancy or birth as, "getting punched in the gut".

In some cases, the envy triggers sadness or anger, causing them to "burst into tears"

Staffers at Shady Grove Fertility, a large provider of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, said more and more patients talk about Facebook envy during consultations. Sharon Covington, the center's director of psychological services, says in regards to her patients feelings:

"They understand their friends aren't trying to cause them harm, and they don't want to wish them ill will, but they end up feeling angry, resentful and jealous."

Facebook status updates in general seem to be a never-ending stream of "my life is better than yours" posts, so we completely understand where these women are coming from. Unfortunately, our only advice is to stay strong ladies! We feel for you!

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New IVF Test Increases Chance Of Having A Healthy Baby

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New IVF Test Increases Chance Of Having A Healthy Baby

A new In Vitro Fertilization test has been developed that increases a woman’s chance of having a baby, and it could significantly decrease the chance of couples having miscarriages or babies born with Down’s syndrome.

The screening checks embryos for chromosome abnormalities. The bad embryos are thrown away, and only those which stand the best chance of developing into a healthy foetus are implanted back into the womb.

It will also help women in their late 30s and early 40s who many times struggle to get pregnant. Trials have shown that up to 88 per cent of women receiving tested embryos give birth. Not only that, but the test has been so successful thus far that doctors expect it will be widely available within the next few years.

This is fabulous! Couples wanting a child will no longer have to worry as much about whether or not it will be born healthy!

[Image via Owen Beiny/WENN.com.]

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Octo-Doctor Might Lose His Medical License

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Octo-Doctor Might Lose His Medical License

And he absolutely should!

Dr. Michael Kamrava, who helped Octo-Mom conceive her 14 children through in vitro fertilization is facing charges that could result in the loss of his medical license.

Kamrava is accused of several instances of gross negligence, including implanting too many embryos in Suleman. One accusation says that Kamrava implanted embryos "far in excess of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommendation and beyond the reasonable judgment of any treating physician."

Some of the risks of implanting too many embryos (for the children) include bleeding in the brain, intestinal problems, developmental delays and lifelong learning disabilities.

His hearing is set for Monday morning in downtown Los Angeles.

[Image via AP Images.]

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