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Nicolas Cage Pays Back Half Of His 13M Tax Debt

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That's a lot of money, honey!

Nicolas Cage has paid off half of the 13 million dollar income tax debt he's racked up from 2002 to 2007.

He reportedly handed over $6,257,005 recently.

Cage has hinted he'd

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Fast Food Is The Most Popular Amongst The Lower Middle Class

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Fast food pic

Although the poor are usually the economic class we assume eat the most fast food, a new study of 5,000 Americans has revealed the biggest consumer to be the middle class.

After studying data from surveys asking participants about restaurant dining habits, income, race, gender, age and education, researchers from the University of California, Davis, found that visits to fast food joints rose along with annual income up to $60,000.

Senior study author J. Paul Leigh believes the study proves fast food is not the only reason that poor people are more likely to be obese, explaining:

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Sherri Shepherd Makes Bank On The View, Court Documents Reveal!

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Sherri Shepherd had to file an income declaration in her divorce from husband Jeff Tarpley and she reveals that she gets $54,767 a month from working only 16 hours a week on The View!

Not too shabby!

P.S. Whoopi, Elisabeth and Joy probably make A LOT more than Sherri!

[Image via WENN.]

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More Lezlicious Drama From Melissa And Tammy!

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This is getting nastier and nastier!

Melissa Etheridge's split from Tammy Lynn Michaels is still less than amicable, and new court papers describe how effed the lezlicious singer has left her former lady love!

While Etheridge claims that Michaels "used our children as pawns," Tammy says that she has been left in a position where she has no income and needs almost $10k a month to pay her rent, feed her children and do their laundry, household chores, etc.

She'd also like $4,300 a month in childcare so she can find a job to support herself and her kids.

However, at the moment, Melissa reportedly only gives her $2,000 a month, despite her making up to $750,000 in that time!

Holy shit! Ridiculous.

It's not like Tammy's asking for money for herself - she's been left with nothing and is trying to keep her kids healthy and happy! We see no reason, given her income, that this should be an issue!

So awful!

We're still Team Tammy!


[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Is In Serious Credit Card Debt!


Poor Lindsanity! She really is so screwed!

Sources are claiming that the hard pAArtying wacktress has really wracked up some serious debt since she became too effed up to get any work beyond her club appearances, and as everyone knows, even those are now few and far between!

And, since girl lives in a constant haze of delusion, we're not surprised that the little complication of not having an income didn't hinder her extravagent spending habits!

A source claims:

"Lindsay owes credit cards $600,000. One card cut her off last week and it's only a matter of time before all her other credit cards cut her off too. One credit card company is going to discuss a payment plan for Lindsay. But if she doesn't have the income and can't make her payments, they are prepared to sue her."

Eek. Girl, if you don't have it, do NOT spend it!

We wonder how much of that $600,000 was spent on blow red bulls and vodka!

Who wants to take bets on how long it will take for Orange Oprah to deny this??

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Makes Less Money Than Snooki??!

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First the Heidi Montag dig and now this??

Lindsanity, we repeat: if THIS doesn't incite you to get your act together, then you are truly a lost cause!!

Now that the hard-pAArtying wacktress can't land work in film anymore, she's had to resort to making her living off of personal appearances!

Worse yet, even clubs think she's too much of a liability to hire, so they are willing to spend the $$$ on more reliable celebrities, like Snooki Snickers!!


A source says:

“When Lindsay does get paid for attending events, she now gets $5,000 to $10,000, basically less than Snooki makes. It is sad and it is only getting worse. The few people that care about Lindsay want her to get help, but she is scared to trust anyone, thanks to her father, and she doesn’t want to hear this. We are worried for Lindsay and where her life is going. She will open up to young assistants that are dropping something off for her or helping her for an event. She needs good friends and she has none. Lindsay is in crisis. Lindsay is really going through a lot right now. She feels like everyone leaves her and she’s all alone. The stuff with her dad this week going public yet again about her only serves to make her ignore help further. If she does get work, which is really rare anymore, someone has to basically be by her side to get her ready for the event or meeting and make sure she shows up.”

Linds, you're getting the Princess of Poughkeepsie's sloppy seconds??

We HOPE that this is a false report, but if it's not, then there really is no lower she can go!

[Image via WENN.]

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