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Jackie Robinson Movie Got The Iconic Moment WRONG — According To Former Teammate!

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jackie robinson george shuba 42 iconic moment handshake baseball race black player inspiration

The Jackie Robinson movie 42 is getting some decent buzz and reviews, but we have a feeling it's because those people reviewing the movie weren't Jackie's former teammates and also have no idea how things actually went down! LOLz!

According to 88-year-old George 'Shotgun' Shuba, the story the movie tells behind the iconic photo of Jackie shaking hands with him isn't quite right. In fact, they just decided to rewrite history altogether and CUT him from the scene!!

Here's what George says:

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10 Fitness Machines You Should Replace With A Different Exercise

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squat machine

There are A LOT of machines at the gym which claim to work wonders for your body, but according to Women's Health, it turns out some of them may be doing damage in the process.

Check out ten exercise machines below that you should actually be avoiding during your workout and what you can replace them with to work the same muscles!

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Indian Woman Wrongly Diagnosed With HIV Wins Court Case

Filed under: Legal MattersHealth

Blood test

This must have been a terrifying experience!

A married woman in India was told by a fertility doctor in 2003 that she had tested positive for HIV after undergoing routine blood tests. Fortunately, a second and third opinion revealed she did NOT have the disease, but the damage was done.

Court documents reveal she was "insulted, humiliated, harassed by all and subjected to untold mental cruelty," after receiving the diagnosis.

She initially took the doc responsible to court was awarded compensation from the fertility specialist. However, the doctor argued that she instructed the plaintiff to come back in 15 days to confirm the blood test results. Since no documents were made available to support this counterargument, the judge thankfully sided with the woman wrongly diagnosed with HIV.

Ruling that there was both negligence and deficiency of service on the doctor's part because she disclosed positive test results of a serious infectious disease without any confirmation, the judge recently awarded the plaintiff 1 lakh, or about $2,500.

We can't imagine getting that awful news only to find out it wasn't actually true. "Really pissed off," definitely comes to mind, so we totally agree with this ruling. Hopefully this doctor won't jump the gun and incorrectly diagnose a life threatening disease next time she gives a patient a blood test.

[Image via AP Images.]

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19% Of Restaurant Menu Items Display Incorrect Calorie Count

Filed under: DietsFood

calorie counts

We were happy to hear in June that big chain restaurants across the country are being required by the FDA to to post a calorie count for every menu item they sell.

Now, however, we're disappointed to hear that nearly 19% of items on restaurant menus have 100 or more additional calories than the amount posted!

Needless to say, that's gotta get fixed!

On a more positive note, when researchers ordered 269 different food items from 42 different sit-down and fast-food national chain restaurants across Massachusetts, Arkansas and Indiana, most were within 10 or so calories of the information listed.

Unfortunately, the most inaccurate listings happened to be paired along with food displaying the lowest calorie counts.

The study's senior author Susan B. Roberts, PhD, said in a statement:

"We were pleased to see that average calorie listings are accurate, but we think it is very important that lower calorie foods not contain more calories than listed because such foods are purchased by people trying to control their weight. They will find that harder to do if they are eating more than they think."

We totally agree!

This is exactly why nutritionists and trainers will recommend calorie counters to OVER-ESTIMATE just how many they are ingesting in order for their weight loss efforts to be most effective.

It sounds like it's a good idea to tack on an extra hundred calories on any restaurant meal you're eating in order to successfully stay within your daily calorie allowance.

It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

[Image via AP Images.]

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