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More States Planning On Banning Teen Tanning

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American teenagers who love to look like golden goddesses or gods are not going to love Idaho and 17 other state's following California's indoor tan ban.

Much like Cali, Idaho is in the process of restricting anybody under the age of 18 from using an indoor tanning bed because of the increased risk of melanoma.

We figured teenagers out here could just take advantage of the sun's natural UV rays to darken their skin, but most of the nation doesn't have access to this kind of weather, so if the legislation passes in other states, they'll have to try Snooki's sunless tanner, SunLove.

This is a huge hit to the tanning industry too because an estimated 70% of tanning salon patrons are Caucasian girls and women between the ages of 16 and 29. In fact, 2.3 million of the industry's active customer base is under the age of 18.

Obviously, the Indoor Tanning Association isn't happy about it and thinks parental waivers would be more appropriate, saying:

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New York Wants To Ban Teens From Tanning

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First the tan tax, now this.

New York is trying pass a Teen Tan Ban law, which would prohibit kids under 18 from getting their bronze on.

We get what they're trying to do, but really what's the point? Have lawmakers forgotten that there's a big giant ball in the sky called the sun!?

Sure if the law passes it'll keep them out of tanning beds, but no one's going to stop them from roasting in the sun for hours upon hours during the warmer months.

Besides, can't they just go to New Jersey?

What do U think of this new law???

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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9,000 Jobs To Be Lost From Tanning Tax

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Seems like a step backwards, no?

With the recent tanning tax passed, which starting in July will charge indoor tanners an extra 10% for getting their bronze on, many businesses are preparing for the worse.

Now that tanners will be less likely to fork over the extra ca$$$h for the service tanning salons are expected to not only lose business, but shut down completely. It's projected that the heavily female owned business will force over 1,000 shops to close, resulting in 9,000 jobs being lost this year.

Vice President of the International Smart Tan Network Joseph Levy voices his concern, saying:

This tax is a microcosm of what's wrong in Washington. It was brought on by powerful lobbyists for Botox and the cosmetic surgery industry at the midnight hour before the bill passed. We were given no opportunity to present our side, and no due diligence was performed.

The smart tanning advocate adds:

"Tans are natural and intended, which dermatology continues to deny. To say that a responsible base tan damages skin is like saying exercise damages your muscles. It lightly damages the muscle fibers, with the result being that you're stronger afterwards. Our tanning clients are far less likely to get sunburned than the average person, which is where you have the greater risk."

He does make a valid point.

Now that indoor tanners are abandoning the UV beds, what's stopping them from laying out in the sun for hours at a time to achieve that bronze god or goddess look???

James Oliver, CEO of the Beach Bum Tanning, echos Levy's concerns and are prepared to fight the new tax by submitting an official petition to Congress as well as a full on media assault in hopes to reverse the decision.

What do U think of the tanning tax???

[Image via AP Images.]

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