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Real Life Lassie Saves Homeless Man!!

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buddy saved homeless mans life

Outside of Olympia, Washington a homeless man's life may have been saved by his faithful dog, Buddy!

One afternoon, the homeless man found he was unable to move, stuck laying on the floor of his makeshift home in the woods.

He wrote a note for help and put it into his dog's harness then sent him out.

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Lance Armstrong A 'Hypocrite' For Turning Back On His Dying Father!

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Lance Armstrong just doesn't seem like a very good guy to anyone anymore, and that's before we heard that he turned his back on his dying father, who was asking forgiveness.

Asking for forgiveness? Sound familiar, Lance??

According to Lance's stepmother, Rebecca Gunderson:

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Lindsay Lohan Infected! Prepared To Skip Tomorrow's Court Date Due To The "Flu"!

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How convenient.

But isn't it always with the one and only Lindsay Lohan?

Rumor has it that Miz LiLo will miss yet another mandated court appearance tomorrow, claiming that she's too ill to appear in front of Judge Stephanie Saunter for her crimes. A Park Avenue doc has diagnosed Lilo with an upper respiratory infection, and insists that a flight across the country would be detrimental to her health.

… and we're just waiting to hear Judge Stephanie respond with, "Show me the receipts doctor's note!"

Because here is the thing

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Harry Styles Could Be Harming Himself With His Tattoos?!

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Harry Styles DIY Tattoo Kits Infection

Uh oh!

We all know that One Direction's heartthrob Harry Styles loves his tattoos, but could the boy band crooner be causing some serious damage???

While Styles has had most of his tattoos done professionally — as we've seen him spotted at tattoo parlors — it sounds like he's also been putting his health on the line!

Reportedly, Harry's been having his friend tatt him up with cheap DIY kits, which could leave him susceptible to infections like hepatitis and TB!

It even sounds like Harry's tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, has tried to tell him to stop and has even warned him of these dangers, but he has chosen not to listen!

Oh man… that doesn't sound good! While tatts may look cool, there's definitely some health risks that go along with them!

We hope Harry wises up and quits the homemade ink sessions!

[Image via Tumblr.]

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Nelson Mandela Is Out Of The Hospital!

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Nelson Mandela has been discharged from the hospital!

Apparently the former South Africa President will be returning to his Houghton home, where he will continue to receive medical care — so while he's out of the hospital, he isn't out of the woods. He was diagnosed with a lung infection and underwent gallstone surgery.

Lung problems are par-for-the-course for Nelson, having even had TB before!

We hope he gets better soon!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Can We Use HIV To Fight Leukemia?

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Science is awesome, and we have no idea how they come up with half the ideas they get and end up running with.

Like using a retooled version of HIV to fight leukemia. Seriously, who thinks of that? Whoever it is: buy them a beer. It works.

Emma Brooke Whitehead had leukemia earlier this year, and it was seemingly unbeatable. She'd been fighting it for two years already, and had exhausted every option. Except HIV.

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Zsa Zsa Is Back In The Hospital

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Zsa Zsa Gabor has kicked the ass of another major medical scare — and is doing much better now.

According to her husband, Prince von Anhalt, she was rushed to UCLA medical center Wednesday morning after developing a nasty infection around her feeding tube. Sounds awful, and we're so sad to hear about the state of her condition.

Here's what Prince said, tastefully:

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