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Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!


Pop quiz, hotshots:

What do Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, & Robert Pattinson have in common?

If you said, "all three stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night," you'd be wrong. In fact, set down the remote and back away from your TV set!

Read a book! Go outside! Learn to decoupage!

The correct answer? Each one of those three glorious individuals was cheated on by an unfaithful lover! OUCH!

As surprising as it sounds, infidelity happens to rich, famous, and wonderful celebz more often than you'd think!

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery "Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!"

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery "Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!"

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery "Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!"

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery "Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!"

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery "Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!"

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery "Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated On!"

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Stevie Nicks Relates To Kristen Stewart's Cheating Ways! Tells Peeps To BACK OFF!


The Lady of Landslides has spoken! It's time people LEAVE KSTEW ALONE!


Diehard Twihard and Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks is very fond of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and believes that Kristen deserves a break in regards to her accidental slip of of the lips with Rupert Sanders.

In fact, Stevie can even relate to Kristen's cheating, as she's been there and done dudes that multiple times!!

Stevie recently expressed

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Linda Hogan: My Ex Made Embarrassing Sex Tape While We Were Married!

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Linda Hogan resisted the urge to comment on Hulk Hogan's sex tape when it was leaked earlier this month, but gave into temptation on Monday while appearing on Access Hollywood Live.

When asked about the video depicting her ex-husband boning Bubba the Love Sponge's wife, Heather Clem, Linda called it "an embarrassment" for her family and explained:

“It really is quite an embarrassment for our family. I’m a little devastated, but I’m not really shocked. I knew that he was having affairs and I knew that he was cheating.”

So it WAS an infidelity! AHA!

Even though

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R-Patz Is Having A Hard Time Trusting KStew! Will NOT Be Sharing Hotel Rooms During Breaking Dawn Promotion!


Kristen Stewart may want things to go back to normal in her relationship with Robert Pattinson now that he's beginning the process of forgiving her for cheating on him with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, but as to be expected, it is just NOT that simple from the actor's perspective!

As we've reported, despite being out in public together again, R-Patz is having a hard time feeling comfortable trusting KStew…and just like the rumors have persisted, he's just not sure she's being entirely honest about her indiscretions!

Sources close to the pair explain:

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Has Kristen Stewart Been Cheating On Robert Pattinson Since Day One?!



Despite their recent appearances out in public together, Robert Pattinson is said to still be very much struggling to move past his girlfriend Kristen Stewart's much-publicized affair this summer, and according to new reports, with VERY good reason!

Because although she was only caught with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, sources close to the actress reveal that she has a such LONG history of infedelity that friends of the pair are surprised it took R-Patz this long to catch on…and her track record includes stepping out on the Twilight actor with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Angarano, co-star Taylor Lautner, and even a production assistant on one of her flicks!

The insider explains:

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American Idol Alum Brittany Kerr Apologizes For Smooching Jason Aldean

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Jason Aldean has already apologized to his friends, fans and family for his, ahem, indiscretion with season 11 American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr, but now it's her turn.

The 24-year-old cheerleader, who locked lips with Aldean at a bar located on El Lay's Sunset Strip, has called her actions "a lapse in judgement" and explained:

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Ashton Kutcher Dreamt Of Mila Kunis While Boinking Demi Moore?

ashton-kutcher-mila-kunis-infatuation-since-demi-moore that 70s show

It sure sounds that way!!

Regardless of whether or not Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were ever legally married, we always assumed the two of them were happily in love for at least a short while!

Now it seems like Two and a Half Men star might've Punk'd her the whole time!

According to a source close to them, Ashton's had a HUGE crush on his current girlie, Mila Kunis, for quite some time!

The source revealed:

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