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Jennifer Hudson's Family's Killer Is A Marked Man


William Balfour better be sleeping with one eye open!

After allegedly killing Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew, Balfour is awaiting trial. Originally, his fellow inmates were in the dark about Balfour's crime, so he was relatively safe. However, recently prison guards spilled the beans on Balfour…

And his crimes DO NOT sit well with the inmates!

A source says that Balfour has been targeted by the other fiends he is sharing a cell with, many of which claiming they want to kill him! The source describes the situation:

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Inmate Files Lawsuit For Being Denied Porn!

inmate filing a lawsuit over porn

Maybe they can compromise and slip him a Victoria's Secret magazine or something. Ha!

21-year-old Kyle Richards is an inmate at Macomb County Jail in Michigan, and he's NOT happy that he's not allowed pornography while he's incarcerated. In fact, he's SO unhappy that he's filing a lawsuit because of it!

Richards is suing the jail because he claims his "civil rights are being violated," and that the jail's refusal to give him porn has resulted in a "poor standard of living" as well as "sexual and sensory deprivation" for the inmate.

According to the Michigan Dept of Correction, prisons will allow SOME porno…but it's banned at Richards' specific jail.

The American Civil Liberties Union says that prisons have "have a lot of leeway" with regards to pornographic material, so perhaps that will help Richards' cause.

Given the fact that this inmate wasn't arrested for a sexual crime, we're thinking MAYBE it wouldn't be a huge problem to throw him an issue or two of Playboy…as long as he promises to behave and utilize the magazine as discreetly as possible. LOLz.

What do U think about this inmate's porn lawsuit? Does he have a case here?

[Image via WENN.]

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Inmate Confesses To 1994 Tupac Shooting!

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What on Earth?!

A man named Dexter Isaac, who is currently serving a life sentence behind bars, has released a statement, in which he admits to the Quad Studios shooting of Tupac Shakur - which he survived, two years before his death in a different shooting - over ten years ago, on the behalf of his longtime associate, Czar Entertainment CEO James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond!

And furthermore, he hints that he knows who is responsible for his, and Biggie's, deaths!

According to the statement:

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Inmate Suing The State Of Virginia For Sex Change Operation

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What a complicated, sad situation!

Check out the video (above) of an inmate who is suing the state of Virgina for a sex change operation after the Virginia Department of Corrections refused to approve the procedure.

The inmate tried to perform a self-castration in October, which was unsuccessful, and has vowed to continue castration attempts until the state gives in…even if the end result is death.

What do U think? Should the state of Virginia pay for this inmate's sex change operation?

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Inmate Gets Better Food Based On His "Festivus" Beliefs

inmate claims festivus to get better food in prison

Seinfeld fans everywhere which basically means everyone get ready to crack up!

An inmate in an Orange County jail, Malcolm Alarmo King, was able to convince a judge to arrange for him to receive better meals, due to his religious beliefs related to "Festivus."

Thanks to Seinfeld's fictitious holiday, King was given "a high protein no salami diet 3 times per day for 'Festivism.'"

King can also thank Orange County Superior Court Judge Derek G. Johnson who arranged the court order that allowed for this. We guess Johnson isn't a Seinfeld fan!

The judge ALSO signed off on double portioned kosher meals three times a day for King!

Here's what Cmdr. Dave Wilson of the OC Sheriff's department had to say about King's fake religious beliefs:

“People picked up on it pretty quick and said this wasn't right."

We can't believe he pulled this off AT ALL! Who doesn't know about Festivus???

The writer of that episode of Seinfeld must be absolutely LOVING this! We know we are!

What do U think of this story? If U didn't like it, feel free to air your grievances here! LOLs.

[Image via WENN.]

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