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Chelsea Handler Tells Piers Morgan To Suck Her WHAT?!

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chelsea handler chelsea latley peirs morgan awkward interview

HOH jeeze there was a MAJOR awkward turtle trundling through the Chelsea Latley show last night!

British CNN talk show host Piers Morgan — who faces potential deportation! — paid a visit to the generally HIGHlarious show for a Chelsea Handler chat sesh…

Which quickly devolved into a cringe-worthy exchange of insults!

And yes… Chelsea really DOES tell Piers to suck her ass!

Ch-ch-check out the verbal abuse …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Are Back At It! More Insults Have Been Hurled!

Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes Insane Twitter

Round #759 of the ongoing Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes feud!

Seriously, will these two ever quit?!

We sure hope not because things are getting good after the saucy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

Brandi did not play nice, as if that’s even possible, when Andy Cohen asked her about LeAnn and her many recent interviews. She said:

“Everyday there’s a tell-all. It’s kind of cray-cray!”

But that isn’t the only thing she thinks is a little ridic.

Maybe she thinks all this feuding is cray-cray?

Nope! Brandi thinks it's LeAnn who is flat-out nutso, as she slammed her

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Matt Lauer Depressed?! People Slinging Insults On The Street!

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While we aren't thrilled by the way Matt Lauer reportedly treats his coworkers, it breaks our heart to hear that the Today show's former golden boy has turned into a tarnished, sorry mess!

Apparently, Mr.Lauer is super depressed because ever since the whole Ann Curry debacle, random strangers are constantly harassing him on the street.

One insider claims that people are yelling abuses like:

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Nicki Minaj Gets MAD Shade From TLC's T-Boz: "Her Ass Can't Sing!"



It seems like TLC's T-Boz is none too happy about the modern musical environment, but girl is especially pissed off that Nicki Minaj is determining the talent of aspiring singers via her gig as an American Idol judge!

The 1990's girly-group member recently let loose in an interview and did NOT mince words when talking about the excess of non-talent in today's music industry… and goodness her accusations are SALACIOUS!

T-Boz blasted:

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CNN Anchor Don Lemon Ignites Twitter Feud With Jonah Hill After Calling Him 'A Tool'

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Twitter is an amazing social media application for so many reasons; it's an easy way to keep in contact with friends all around the world, news regularly breaks in between the never-ending stream of tweets and, most importantly, the general public gets to watch celebrities FIGHT!

The most random Twitter feud EVER ignited between CNN anchor Don Lemon and Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill after they ran into each other at a hotel on Thursday.

It all started when the openly gay newsman wrote:

That caught Hill's attention and thus began an unstoppable exchange of schoolyard insults

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Chevy Chase Continues To Bash Community! Calls It The 'Lowest Form Of Television'

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Is Chevy Chase turning into an angry old man?

The 67-year-old actor famously chewed out Community's former showrunner, Dan Harmon, last spring and even though he's back for season four, he's continuing to bash the NBC comedy!

In a recent interview, he described his decision to take on the role of Piers Hawthorne as "a big mistake" and insinuates that he's only sticking around for the pay check. He continues to explain since sitcoms, like his own, are "probably the lowest form of television", he can't wait to get back into movies.

If he thinks this show is worse than

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Madonna Delivers Inspirational Olympia Speech!

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Preach it, O holy Madgeness!

There was SUCH a kerfuffle over Madonna's live-streamed, 45 minute Olympia show last week - which reports claimed angered fans to the point of causing a mini-riot - that Her Royal Madgeness decided to address the contentious issue on stage so that her REAL fans could understand she would NEVER forsake them with a sh*tty, short show!

Madonna expresses during a riveting speech:

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