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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

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Dry skin? Increase your intake of fresh, raw foods.

- Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Authentic Self Wellness, Margaux J. Rathbun

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Big Chain Restaurants Required To Post Calorie Count On All Menu Items

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Panera Menu

While some restaurants in states like California have already posted the calorie count for all items on the menu, the Food and Drug Administration is taking the initiative nationwide.

By 2012, any restaurant with 20 or more locations is expected to be required to post a calorie count for every menu item they sell.

As a result, restaurants are anticipating some of their favorite dishes won't be as appetizing once customers learn they are packed with more than 1,500 calories a serving.

Instead, they are re-evaluating what they sell and attempting to cut calories from their food to make it more desirable, as well as balancing out their high-calorie menu items with healthier options.

IHOP, for example, took its standard bacon-and-eggs breakfast, with 1,160 calories, and developed a version with turkey bacon and egg whites that has just 350 calories.

Panera Bread has made a similar effort to reduce the amount of calories in their food by switching to low-fat cheeses, using less oil, less sauce, less sour cream, as well as highlighting half-orders for sandwiches and soup.

As a result, the company developed a 300-calorie salad and dropped a breakfast sandwich's calorie count from 650-calories to 350!

While this probably won't ward off TOO MANY people's appetites for favorites like buffalo wings, outrageous nachos, or juicy steaks, it is at least forcing restaurants to offer healthier options and informing their customers of what they are really consuming.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Just TWO Sugary Drinks A Day Can Dull Taste Buds

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Fanta soda

And lead to drinking more calories!

New research from the UK suggests that drinking sugary beverages may begin a "vicious cycle" that can lead to obesity!

A new study has found evidence that drinking just TWO sugary beverages a day can dull taste buds within a month, leaving us hungry for high-calorie, sugar-laden food!

This alarming news was discovered after researchers asked lean and obese people to rate their perception and enjoyment of sweet and salty tastes. The obese participants in the study tended to rate identical drinks as less sweet than the lean ones did.

THEN they asked lean people, who usually did not consume sugary drinks, to consume a sugary drink twice a day for one month after their initial sensitivity was tested. After being re-tested a month later, their sensitivity to sweet tastes and conscious enjoyment of them had dulled.

Study authors found the results of the study to be alarming and think they may help explain the rising levels of obesity and diabetes across the world, saying:

"We are heading for a health disaster with rising obesity levels and the increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes. From our research it is clear to see how this situation may have created a cycle of sweet food and drink consumption. As taste satisfaction levels drop; the more sweet foods are consumed, contributing to these problems."

If this isn't encouragement to lay off of soda for a while, we don't know what is!

We've always said eliminating sugary beverages out of your diet and replacing them with water is a great way to cut down on caloric intake, but it might save your tastebuds too!

[Image via AP Images.]

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

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Did you know that one portion of raspberries will give you half a day’s recommended intake of vitamin C?

- Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Authentic Self Wellness, Margaux J. Rathbun

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Cutting Back On Refined Sugar

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Your daily intake of refined sugar should be… zero.

That’s a nearly impossible goal to reach, BUT you should be doing everything you can to reduce the amount you eat.

The fellas at Dynamics of Motion offer some good advice on cutting back in the above video.

Check out more at DynamicsOfMotion.com!

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