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Matthew McConaughey Will Don The Ass-Less Chaps Once Again! Wants In On Magic Mike 2!


God bless your heart, Matthew McConaughey!

We were already delighted - and slightly titillated - enough when Channing Tatum revealed that a potential sequel to the based-on-his-life man candy fest Magic Mike was in development, and now, the man who played the truly remarkable Dallas has expressed interest in reprising the part!

He explains:

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Jessica Biel Has No Venom For Viper Role! Will Star In Next X-Men Flick!


The Wolverine just got a little bit sexier!

Jessica Biel has JUST signed on to do another Marvel movie!

The actress has been cast as Victoria/Viper for the newest Wolverine flick.

Jess isn't Hugh Jackman's love interest in the movie, and many are speculating it won't be a beefy part…. in THIS X-Men movie.

Viper has a long arc in the X-Men mythology, and we have a feeling the studio has plans for Mz Biel to act it in future films! Like, as in her own spin-off!

Congrats gurl! Justin must be proud!

[Image via WENN.]

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Todd Bridges Splits From Wife Of 14 Years!

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Todd Bridges Divorce

We're always so sad that relationships don't work out — especially the ones that have already lasted a long time!

Todd Bridges is splitting with his wife, Dori, after 14 years of marriage!

Oh no! But why???

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Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star In Ten!

Arnold Ten

David Ayer and Arnold Schwarzenegger are teaming up for an action thriller called Ten!

Open Road has just landed the distribution rights, with Ayer directing the former Governor. Wondering what it's about??

Well keep calm, because here it is:

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Russell Brand Gives Katy Perry Their Whole House


This is pretty admirable, and proves Russell Brand doesn’t want ANYTHING from Katy Perry

Russell Brand has surrendered his interest in the house he and Katy Perry bought as a $6.5 million love lounge, meaning Katy now has FULL property rights.

We’re happy the divorce is going to amicably…divorces are usually messy, but celebrity divorces even more so, considering all the $$$ involved!!

Good on ya, Russell! What a surprising, gentlemanly move.

Who says you need a prenup in Hollywood! (NOTE: We say! We definitely say!)

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Julianne Moore Talks Playing Palin!

Soooo interesting!!

And can we just say, whoever it was that saw in Julianne Moore the potential to look EXACTLY like Sarah Palin is a genius — and can see something we can't!

Because when she ISN'T done up like Sarah, she looks nothing like her!


Check out this video of Julianne on Chelsea Lately, and listen to what she has to say about playing Sarah, and all the negatives that seem to be coming with the positives!

Click play!

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Whitney Houston's Death To Be Ruled An Accident According To New Reports

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There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the sudden and unexpected death of Whitney Houston earlier this month, with some suggesting the unthinkable and others praying for a less ghastly reason for her demise. The latter will be pleased to know that though the coroner has not confirmed anything, sources close to the investigation of her death say it's being ruled an accident.

While nothing will be known for sure until the toxicology tests come back in a few weeks, the insider reveals "nothing suspicious" has been found to connect any of Whitney's doctors to her death and there are no other persons of interest being considered. As the inquiry into her death is nearing an end, the source

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