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Britney Spears' Conservatorship Under Review AGAIN - And Will Make Her Even WEALTHIER!

britney spears financing

Well, one thing is for certain:

We doubt Britney Spears will have to worry about money a day in her life…EVER!

And she has her conservators, Andrew M. Wallet and Daddy Dearest Jamie Spears, to thank for that!

The pair reportedly filed a ex parte petition with the judge overseeing the legal arrangement this past Friday, in hopes to modify how her investments are currently being managed so the pop icon can amass even MORE wealth than her career has so far accumulated!

According to legal documents

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Mitt Romney Releases His Tax Returns! He Made $42.7 Million In TWO Years!!!

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mitt romney tax returns released

Words like "daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn" come to mind!

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has released his tax returns, and yeah - the guy (and his wife) made $21.7 million in 2010 and $21 million in 2011!

As far as taxes are concerned, they paid $3 million back to the government in '10, and they paid $3.2 million in federal taxes in '11.

Over those two years, Romney's tax rate was slightly under 14%, which is still higher than many Americans…but still pret-ty damn low given how much $$$ he's making!


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Ashton Kutcher Could Be In Some Legal Trouble!

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Ashton Kutcher Trouble FTC Promoting Investments

The new Two And A Half Men star is facing some potential problems with the FTC for failing to disclose the full amount of investments made in products he promotes.

To break it down for you… Ashton Kutcher recently became an editor for the new online edition of Details. The magazine features a special technology-focused installment called The Social Issue, and Ashton has basically invested in a lot of the products promoted.

So now, according to the assistant director of FTC's advertising practices:

If you’re out there promoting individual products that you have a specific investment in, it needs to be disclosed. If you have a significant economic investment that is not otherwise apparent, that may potentially affect the credibility of your endorsement, and I see that as a potential problem. It's certainly a possibility that a case like this could be investigated.

But the mag's editor in chief, Dan Peres, released a statement saying:

I stand by how we communicated Ashton’s involvement with some of the companies included in our coverage and remain extremely proud of the work we did on this project.

We don't know about you, but we're not surprised he had larger investments. Most stars do in the products they promote. We thought this was common sense. Full disclosure doesn't really affect the marketing in our opinion — at least not from the consumer's standpoint. If they're investing, they're believing! Plus, who really checks into that anyways? If celebrity endorsement doesn't do it for a consumer, they're probably not going to care about it anyways. For those that do buy into it, does it really make a difference if it's big or small?

We got your back, Ashton!

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Oprah Hires Someone To Manage Those Billions!

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Good idea!

Oprah Winfrey has hired Peter Adamson in the first step to establish a "family office" to handle her personal investments. This is likely the first time she has arranged a full investment organization for her big money!

O's net worth is currently at $2.4 billion and it appears she felt the need for a team to devote all of their energies to her finances.

Makes sense!

Her first hire in Adamson comes with a pretty impressive endorsement as he handles LA billionaire and philanthropist Eli Broad's money, too.

We wonder who was keeping track of her money before?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Jay-Z's Financial Wins And Losses

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He's doing pretty well compared to the rest of the country, but not everything is coming up roses!

Jay-Z is somewhat of a jack of all trades, but many of his investments are heading downwards.

His hotel development projects in Manhattan have already fizzled out costing him $50 million and his 40/40 Club franchise is doing well enough to get by, but not as well as expected.

His investment in the Broadway musical Fela! has yet to turn a profit and his 1.5 percent stake in the New Jersey Nets hasn't proved to be a worthy investment either with the team not doing so well.

But Jay-Z is still killing it when it comes to music and fashion, so it's a certainty he'll retain his massive wealth, even with a few missteps. Dan Charnas, the author of The Big Payback: the History of the Business of Hip Hop says:

"The first thing about Jay-Z is, he's got a lot of breadth to his holdings. He has that combination of vision, ability, fame and the power to execute working with the right people."

That's for sure! We think he'll be just fine.

[Image via WENN.]

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