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Ten Great iPad Apps For Cats

Filed under: Tech TalkCuteness!CatFunny

The iPad is an amazing device, but one of it's best unintended uses is as a cat toy!

With the fast moving, high resolution images and sound it's a natural curious cat attractor.

Catch the Mouse Cat Game – A mouse runs around the screen and makes "real mousie noises."

Cat Piano Jr – A free app that is a piano that plays cat meows instead of piano sounds which is awesome.

Paint for Cat – A mouse runs around the screen but they leave paint trails as they swipe so you can take a screen shot and sell it for millions when they're done playing.

Cat Fishing – Free! And it's just like the mouse app but with fish! For variety. No one likes a bored kitty.

Cat Fishing 2 – An updated, also free version of Cat Fishing.

Game for Cats – Another freebie and one of the first apps made for cats.

Cat Toys Lite – Free and like the mouse and fish game but with varieties of toys.

Tasty Treasures Hunt – Like the mouse games but this time they're after different animals or cheese.

Friskies Jitter Bug – Free app that has tiny little bugs crawling all over the screen for your pretty kitty to bat at.

Party Mix-Up – For every treat your cat taps, two appear. Treats glore!

So if you've got a cat who loves to play and you've got an iPad you're not afraid to get a little scratched up then you should totally grab some of these apps!

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Cats Playing With iPad

Filed under: Tech TalkCatFunny

There are so many videos out there of animals playing with our cell phones and tablets.

But here's another one!

And this time it's two cats playing with an iPad!

Look at them just going for those fish. Funny kitties.

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Two Cute Kitties Play With An iPad

Filed under: Cuteness!CatFunny

We cannot get enough of people's pets playing with their iPads.

And we're sure U can't either!

So here are two pretty kitties trying to catch a squeaky mouse on an iPad.

Too CUTE!!

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Cute Kitten Plays With iPad

Filed under: Cuteness!CatFunny

This isn't the first cat to be filmed playing with an iPad, but it sure is one of the cutest.

Here's a pretty little kitty playing with an iPad, pawing at a coy pond.

We figured the iPad was invented to help make cute cat videos and now we have proof.

Check out the above video for a kitten playing with his iPad.

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KITTY! App Gives You A Petable Digital Cat

Filed under: Tech TalkCat

Not only does the iPad do pretty much everything ever, now it can even be your pet.

A new app called KITTY! allows you to have a digital cat, with lifelike fur movement.

Yes, you can pet it and it looks like it's really being pet.

It also purs and claws and sleeps and does all those other things cats do. (Like sleeps some more.)

Don't just take our word for it, check out the above video.

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