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NeNe Leakes Reveals Hospital Pic And Feels 'Blessed' To Be Alive! What Happened??

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nene leakes hospital iv twitter

NeNe Leakes has put some worry and fear into her fans and followers, because she tweeted the picture (above) and included with it a message about being lucky to be alive!!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta housewife can be seen hooked up to IVs, in a blue hospital gown, and blankets pulled up to her waist. And yet, she hasn't given any one of her 1.3 million followers an explanation!

Leaving us ALL to worry!

She DID say this the night before:

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Mario Lopez Ends Up In An IV After A Long Day On The Emmy Red Carpet!

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mario lopez ends up in a iv after the emmys

Apparently, attending the Emmy awards can be hazardous to your health!

Especially if it's your job to stand on the red carpet for hours and interview every celebrity in the scorching California sun!!

Mario Lopez found this out the hard way yesterday, as his long day at the award show took quite a toll on him!

Before the show even started, he took to Twitter and said he was already feeling a bit fatigued, writing:

"Emmy Sunday! Feeling a bit run down & out of it…I'll rally. Let me know what u want me to ask ur favorite stars. I'll be on the red carpet."

Being the professional he is, Mario stuck to his word and interviewed every celeb that came his way on the red carpet!

But later that night, he sent out another tweet that got some of his followers a bit worried and included a picture (above) of himself in bed hooked to an IV, saying:

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Holly Madison Shares The 4-1-1 On Her Recent Hospital Visit!

After being admitted into the hospital for morning sickness on Monday, Holly Madison is now feeling A-ok!!

Here's what she had to say about it:

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Rihanna Health Scare: Needs IV Drip??

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Rihanna Drip

This is the PERFECT example as to why you don't post a pic like this without an explanation!

Rihanna tweeted this picture (above) of her arm receiving an IV drip of some sort. With no caption. No comment.

Which makes us worry!

Gurl, are you okay??

Apparently she was well enough to board a plane from NY to LA a few hours later, so we hope this isn't just some new celeb health fad. We totally don't think it is.

But until she tells us, there's nothing we can really do BUT worry!

Hope you're feeling better, RiRi!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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Dr. Conrad Murray Saves A Woman's Life During A Flight


Michael Jackson's doctor revived a 23-year-old mother after she fainted onboard a US Airways flight from Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ.

Ironically, Dr. Conrad Murray was on his way to meet with his lawyers to plan his defense against his Michael Jackson manslaughter charge.

The doctor stabilized the young woman by using the plane's emergency kit to set up an IV and monitored her until the plane diverted to Albuquerque, NM.

The woman, who was traveling with her 11 month old baby, told sources say that when she regained consciousness, the doctor was standing over her and told her, "You probably know me. I was Michael Jackson's doctor."

She responded by saying, "Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me even without knowing me."

A rep for Murray's legal team, Miranda Sevcik says:

"We're not surprised. He's a good doctor, we've always said he was a good doctor, and that's what good doctors do is save people."

Well, at least he was able to save one life…

[Image via Houston Chronicle/AP Images.]

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