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Taylor Lautner Describes His Toughest Scene!

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taylor lautner imprinting

No, we're not talking about the time he found out Bella was pregnant.

We're talking about the grueling work Taylor Lautner went through during the…

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The Muppets Have Been Bitten By Twilight!

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Muppets Kermit Piggy Rowlf Twilight Parody Posters


This isn't the first time Kermit has been a vampire, but it's definitely the funniest!

And Miss Piggy looks just as fabulous as ever — even as a sulking Bella.

OMG Rowlf!! ROFL!!!!

These Twilight parody posters are HIGHlarious!!!

Check each one out below!

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How Did TayTay Maintain His Jacked Wolfie Body During Production Of Breaking Dawn?!

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Hey! If this is what it took to keep that PERFECT, Grecian-God body lick-tastic, then so be it!

Taylor Lautner has finally completed his shirtless stint as Jacob Black with the Breaking Dawn films, but according to the actor, maintaining his solid-as-marble abs was not easy - and he pretty much needed to be force-fed food to keep all of those delicious fueled!

He explains:

"I had people bringing me food and shoving it in my face, saying 'Eat, Taylor!' They sort of had to force me. Then I had to get my butt in the gym and that's difficult because we were filming 12 to 15-hour days."

Hey! We guess that's what unfortunately as to come with the territory when playing a muscular werewolfie!

Not that we're complaining! It certainly paid off!

But when he finally filmed his last shirtless scene:

"I went out and had dessert for the first time in a while. And I took a few days off from the gym."

Hey! A well-deserved reward!

We can't imagine how good that must have tasted! Probably about as good as you look on a daily basis! Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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New Breaking Dawn Stills For All You Twi-Hards!


Because you just can't get enough! Just can't get enough!

You've seen them get their hands dirty, you've seen LOADS of clips from the flick, so about about some revealing stills from Breaking Dawn? How'd you like some of them apples?!

Let's start with the gem we have above! Here, Robert Pattinson is upset. You might say he is .. ANGRY EDWARD! But whatever could be the matter? Maybe it has something to do with that broken bed post. Oh, if only this picture were taken just a few frames earlier, if you catch our drift!!!

There are tons more stills to share, so we put them all in the gallery below for you enjoyment! But don't squeal too much! Save some of that stuff for November 18th!

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Team Jacob! New Breaking Dawn Clip Featuring A Very Brave Tay Tay!!!

He's going against his pack to save the woman he loves! If only he knew…

A new clip from Breaking Dawn has been released, this one definitely geared towards Team Jacob, though there is a glimpse of the seksi Edward Cullen for all you Robert Pattinson fans out there too.

But this is Taylor Lautner's moment to shine. Shiz is about to hit the fans and he has come to warn the Cullens of an impending attack from the wolfs out to END whatever is growing side of knocked up Bella Swan.

Check out the clip above to feel all the TENSION!!! (ABOVE)

16 more days!!!!

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New Breaking Dawn Stills!!!


And there is something for everyone on this, the one month mark till the movie opens!!!!

Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Emmett! Gather round for a new batch of stills from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part One!

We were some what convinced that we would have to wait until after Halloween for some really juicy BD stuff, and while we're still waiting on seeing some clips from the flick (SOOON?!), these new peeks are still something to celebrate.

Like look at Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed! Look at them clearing out that forest with their super-vampy strength for the wedding! And look at Ashley Greene's hair and outfit! So befitting of her character to wear something from the 30s. A very flapper kind of look! And look at Taylor Lautner. Sure he has his shirt on, but we'll forgive him just this once because he isn't really a werewolf and we're sure it was cold out there in Vancouver in the dead of night. But look at that fierce face he's making. It's just screaming out, "Teenage Mutant Supernatural Angst!!!"

And of course, we have those newlyweds! Oh, so happy are they! Who knew Kristen Stewart could smile so wide! Who knew Robert Pattinson was so dapper! Oh wait, WE DID! LOLz!

Check out the gallery (below) to see all these beautiful sneak peeks into the movie.

[Image via Summit Entertainment.]

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Twi-Hards! The Holy Trinity Of Twilight Talks Breaking Dawn In New Featurette!

Cue the squealing and heavy breathing!

Entertainment Tonight got their hands on this amazing featurette for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which features interviews with your favorite vamp, werewolf and the girl between them!

Check out the video (above) to hear Robert Pattinson talk about Edward's "friendship" with Jacob, Kristen Stewart talk about the wedding and Taylor Lautner reveal Jacob's mature journey through the last two films.

We can't even! We're like thisclose to this movie being in our lives! It's all too much! WE WANT IT NOW!!!

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