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New Twilight Merch Available At Hot Topic

twilight-breaking-dawn-hot-topic-merchandise-1.jpg twilight-breaking-dawn-hot-topic-merchandise-3.jpg twilight-breaking-dawn-hot-topic-merchandise-2.jpg

Good news Twi-hards!

Hot Topic is starting to stock up on new Breaking Dawn items!

Some of the products up for grabs include

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New Breaking Dawn Trailer Released!!!! Try To Breathe!

We've chosen a side. It's taken us three years and four movies to do it, but we think we finally know what team we're on.

Team Bill Condon all the way!!!! This looks INCREDIBLE! Best trailer for the series BY FAR!!!

The first full-length trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part One has released and not only do we get a significant glimpse at the (fictional) wedding of the year, but there's also enough new footage of the honeymoon, wolf pack and pregnant Bella to have a Twi-hard rip their pillows to shreds.

Also, there's more headboard breaking. SWOOOON!

In case you haven't already watched it about 14 million times - like us - check out the trailer for the next installment of the Twilight saga! (above)

Really all this is missing is a shot of that damn baby. You mean we're actually going to have to wait till November for that?! BLASPHEMY!!

P.S. - How HAWT is Angry Edward?!?!?

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ZOMG! Breaking Dawn Posters! NEW Breaking Dawn Posters!


And all we have to say is…


We kid, we kid … about the flies. It definitely wouldn't kill her to try a new facial expression.

The latest promotional posters for Breaking Dawn - Part One have been released: one all about the most anticipated vampire wedding every and one with a pack of abs to make you swoon.

Now what is this look on Taylor Lautner's face here? Sadness mixed with confusion and splash of exhaustion? Is this what imprinting looks like? IS IT?

Twi-hards, do these live up to UR expectations?

P.S. - Are U also kind of pissed that it's September and we haven't seen any new footage from this thing since July?! What gives Summit???

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Team Jacob! Your Man Thinks Breaking Dawn Is "The Best" Of The Series!

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You'll have to wait 86 days to find out if he is right, but we doubt such a handsome werewolf would lie to you.

At the Sydney premiere of his new movie Abduction, Taylor Lautner revealed that not only is Breaking Dawn close to completion, but he's seen it and he think's it "looks amazing!" He continued to rave, saying:

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Even More Breaking Dawn Stills!


Squeal!! It's all so exciting, huh???

Soon the stills will become clips. Then the clips will become a new full trailer. Then, faster than you think, tent city will be back up at the Staples Center and the movie premiere will be upon us!!! And shortly after that, we'll get to see the latest Twi-vampy adventure with our very own eyes! Woohoo!!! But back the stills…

Yesterday, we share a bunch of shots from the new Twi-flick, Breaking Dawn. Lots of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Cullen making with the honeymoon and a little glimpse of everyone's favorite werewolf, Jacob Black. Today, we have some more of the same, but more glimpses at the couple's honeymoon and the wolves taking a stand!

Soooo intense!!! LOL!

Check out the gallery (below) to see them all!

U like? How's the movie looking to U fans so far???

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Will There Be A Twilight Spin-Off Starring Taylor Lautner??


Team Jacob fans will be happy about this!

Stephenie Meyer has announced that she would consider writing a Twilight spin-off that would focus on Jacob Black and ahem, (spoiler: stop reading if you haven't read the fourth installment of the series) Renesmee Cullen.

When asked about whether or not he would be into the idea, Taylor Lautner said:

"Breaking news to me here…That would be interesting. Stephenie comes up with the craziest things. I'm sure she could go on. That's a crazy thought."

Umm, not that crazy. Twilight is a huge franchise and having a spin-off centered around one of the books' most beloved characters means mucho buck$$$.

The real question is whether or not KStew or RPatz would be willing to come back.

Thoughts, Twi-Hards??

[Image via WENN.]

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Put In Your Orders Now, Twilighters!

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Looking for something creepy to get the Twilight lover in your life? Look no further than these new Eclipse action figures!

Several characters are available for your Twilight delight. Sashay the night away with Edward and his posable, masculine pointed toe. (Tutu and glitter edition sold separately). You can get Bella, with a perfectly sculpted scowl, slouch and receding hairline. New to the collection this series is the Rosalie figure. This particular model was consulted on by one of Michael Jackson's plastic surgeons. Notice the similar jaw line and disproportionate nose.

But what you'll really want to do is order the perfection that is the Jacob Black doll in bulk. Sure his face looks like Mr. Magoo, but you can't pass on abs like that.

We'll take 2 crates please.

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