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X Factor: Our Favorite Performance Of The Weekend Was….

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Go, Mary! Go, Mary! Go!

We must admit, we were BLOWN AWAY by Mary Byrne's performance on X Factor Saturday night!

It was a revelation!

Prior to this weekend's show, we appreciated her big voice but we also through it was a bit shrill. However, last night she gave a nuanced and command performance of James Brown's classic This Is A Man's World.

Her voice was on-point and everything just gelled!

We find it hard to believe that just a few weeks ago she was working as a cashier at Tesco. She truly came across as a seasoned entertainer this weekend! Not only did she sing the song, but she also interpreted it. She SOLD it!

Mary came across as cool, calm, collected, confident and SEXY! Yes, sexy!

She's like SuBo but with more personality and stage presence!

This was our favorite performance of the evening - by far!

Check out Mary (above)!


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James Brown's Body Is NOT Missing!

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So she's nuts!

James Brown's daughter LaRhonda Pettit alleged that her father's body was missing from his temporary crypt in South Carolina, but the lawyer who represents 5 of Brown's other children confirms that the body is still there.

He's even still in one of his famous "farewell" get-ups!

Good to know!

[Image via AP Images.]

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James Brown's Daughter Claims His Body Is Missing!

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According to his illegitimate daughter LaRhonda Pettit, the body of James Brown is missing from its temporary crypt! Creepy!

Brown was being held at daughter Deanna's house in South Carolina since his death in December 2006 while a public mausoleum is being prepared, but LaRhonda believes the body is gone to prevent her from carrying out an autopsy to figure out the real cause of his death.

She thinks he was killed by people trying to get their hands on his money, explaining:

"My daddy's body has disappeared. I have no clue where it was taken, but I need to know where. I'm convinced his death was suspicious and I want the people responsible brought to justice. The only way to do that is to exhume his body and have an autopsy. I cannot understand why one was never conducted.

"It was common knowledge that my daddy took illegal drugs. He was also hooked on various prescription painkillers. At the very least there were enablers who helped cause his death."

LaRhonda claimed her mother had an affair with James back in the '60s and a DNA test confirmed that he is 99.9 percent likely to be her father. She was one of dozens who claimed to be his child after he died.

This all sounds very shady to us! And is his body really missing or is this chick out of her mind?

We wonder if Deanna will say anything since the body was in her home!

[Image via AP Images.]

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