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Kiki's Purse Burglar Gets Four Years Behind Bars

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Thief James Jimenez has been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing Kristen Dunst's $2,000 Balenciaga purse from her room at the Soho Grand hotel in 2007.

"I don't understand the charges," said Jimenez to the judge. "I don't understand why I'm being charged."

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Jill Konviser responded, "I understand, because I presided over this trial and I'm familiar with all the evidence."


Jimenez's lawyers tried to get out of the charges by insisting their client had permission to roam the hotel while the cast and crew of How to Lose Friends & Alienate People took over the building.

Nice try. Enjoy your time in jail!

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Justice For KiKi Drunkst!

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Finally! That took WAY longer than it should have!

The man who stole Kirsten Dunst shiz back in 2007 has finally been convicted of being a thief. A judge in El Lay this afternoon charged James Jimenez for buglary on the set of KiKi's flick How to Lose Friends & Alienate People .

Now, James faces up to 15 years in prison, unless he wins his appeal. Yes, he plans to appeal, which we hope they DENY because this shiz has gone on long enough!

Just do your time and shut up!

Congrats, KiKI! Now how will you stay relevant?

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Kiki Drunkst Takes The Stand!

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Kirsten Dunst took the stand today against her purse snatcher and alleged drug dealer.

For almost three years, Kiki has been trying to get James Jimenez behind bars for stealing her stuff while on the set of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. James has come up with a lot of stories to prove his innocence, his latest being that he was invited to the set as Kiki's drug provider. He claims that he sold Kiki and her pals marijuana.

But today, Kiki testified in the retrial and claimed that she didn't smoke pot. She did, however, continue to throw her personal assistant under a bus by telling the courts that she smoked pot.

The defense then launched a line of questioning on Dunst's stand on the legalization of marijuana, but the judge ruled it irrelevant. After that, Kiki insisted that she had no idea who Jimenez was prior to the burglary and that neither she nor her assistants invited them to set.

Sounds like a lot of he said, she said. But what we really want to hear is what the judge has to say! This thing has been going on long enough! Put it to bed already!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dunst Robber A Drug Dealer???

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This is an interesting turn of events.

The case against the man who allegedly stole stuff from Kirsten Dunst is still going on and it's been three years!

This morning, James Jimenez's lawyer, announced that his client had permission to be on the set of the film shoot because he was the actor's drug dealer!

James' lawyer insists that Drunky and co-star Simon Pegg invited James to their greenroom to supply them with some goodies, though what kind and how much of it, he would not say

Soo, your client is a thief and a drug dealer? Exactly what did you accomplish here?!

Oh, that's right! You are also playing the "I'm uneducated" card too!

So then, it was a combination of stupidity and drugs that kept you from knowing you were robbing the place? That is your defense?!

Welcome to America!

Oh, and stay tuned for these shenangins to continue next week as Kiki is set to testify! That should be good!

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Kiki Will Have To Play Witness Again

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Kirsten Dunst will have to testify again in the case of the accused burglar who stole her $2000 handbag and other property from a Soho Grand hotel suite back in 2007.

She testified last fall, but the jury was deadlocked and the case was sent for a retrial.

James Jimenez, the 35-year-old high school dropout, was convicted of trespassing and felony burglary charges and claimed that he was too stupid to commit a crime. He then later claimed his friend duped him into doing it.

Why was there a hung jury in the first place?? It sounds like this guy is totally guilty!

Get 'em, Kiki!

[Image via WENN.]

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