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Jesse James' Ex (The Porn Star One) Goes Back To Custody Court


Here we go again!

Janine Lindemulder is asking the Orange County Family Court to do a 730 evaluation on her ex Jesse James after she complained of not seeing or hearing from their daughter Sunny for three weeks.

Jesse moved Sunny to Austin, Texas to reportedly give her a more a stable environment and so that she aka HE can be closer to Sandra Bullock.

However Janine believes that Jesse is "purposefully alienating their daughter from her while she remains in California."

A 730 evaluation is a court ordered assessment by a mental health professional, who evaluates whether or not the parents are acting in the child's best interests.

Basically, Janine wants a judge to decide whether or not Jesse moved to Austin for Sunny's sake or for his own selfish reasons by snaking his way back into Sandra's life.

Janine expressed her concern over Sunny's well-being, saying:

"I’m pleased that the court saw this situation as an emergency and I will continue to fight against parental alienation. Jesse has told Sunny that they will never move again and other personal details about me that no six-year-old needs to know. I’m Sunny’s mom not Sandra Bullock or Kat Von D and I need to establish a loving bond with my daughter so that she can develop into a balanced adult. If need be I intend to pack up my truck and drive down to Texas to be beside Sunny. My message to Jesse James is quite simple: I’m not going away!"

Sunny is being pulled into so many directions!! Having a douchebag for a dad and a crazy porn star for a mom, we just hope that she can have some stability in her life.

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Jesse James Being Followed To Austin By Ex-Wife First Ex-Wife


You deserve absolutely all of the grief you’re getting, Jesse James.

James is moving to Austin, Texas with his daughter Sunny, so she can be closer to her ex-stepmom Sandra Bullock, but James’s first ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, is also tagging along.

Former porn star Lindemulder has requested $9,000 a month in child support from James, but she’s only getting $2,000 per month from James. Well, that and James has to pay her $50,000 in attorney’s fees.

James’s first ex will get Sunny on weekends, including Friday afternoons after school.

We’re sorry that poor Sunny has to go through all of this, but once again, we are not sorry for you, James. We hope it gets even more painful for you, douchebag.

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Jesse James Gets Physical Custody Of Daughter!


Guess the judge had to pick the lesser of two evils this time around.

The vicious custody battle between douchebag Jesse James and psychopath Janine Lindemulder over their daughter, Sunny, ended this afternoon when the judge ruled that although they would have joint legal custody, Jesse would have the physical custody, and therefore would be allowed to take her with him to Texas to try and manipulate Sandra Bullock back into his life!

Janine, devastated by the ruling, apparently broke down into sobs and screamed that she would move as well!

Oh, great!

Poor Sandra is going to have not only put up with her ex, but now her ex's mentally unstable, pornstar ex?!

So sad for that poor child. Our heart truly breaks for her.


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Did Jesse James Hire A Private Investigator To Set Up His Ex-Wife?


We've all seen what a scummy, lying piece of shit this man is, so we wouldn't put it past him! But she's an effing psycho - so honestly, who knows?

Jesse James is currently in the middle of a nasty custody battle with the nurse on the cover of that Blink182 CD his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, who is now claiming that he hired a private investigator in 2006 to get her jailed for tax evasion!

According to Lindemulder's lawyer, James hired investigator Brad Martin to spy on his client, and pass along information to an IRS agent named Todd Anderson, who was instrumental in uncovering the charges that they eventually brought against her.

Jesse admitted that he DID in fact hire a private investigator, but he maintains that it was only so he could find out where his ex-wife had taken their daughter, Sunny!

The judge, however, found all of this information irrelevant to the case, as Lindemulder pled guilty to those charges when it was all going down and had no business in their current case!

These two are so unbelievable. We hope the judge listens to all of their bullshit and does what's best for Sunny by giving NEITHER of them full custody of her.

Isn't there any way they can just send her back to Sandra?!

That poor, poor little girl. Our heart really breaks for her.

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Janine Threatens Jesse James' Sister!

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Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder and her mother Jonlyn have been sending James' sister Julie a series of threatening emails in the past few weeks!

Julie says she received one from Jonlyn that read:

"You and your shitbag brother needs to back off my daughter and granddaughter if you both know what's best for you."

And one from Janine read:

"All this sh*t you are causing with your brother julie, isn't going to turn out well."

Janine and Julie used to be pals, but they drifted apart once Janine began abusing drugs. Julie isn't filing a police report, but she has given the emails to Jesse's attorney.

Good! With behavior like that she shouldn't be taking care of Sunny!

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Jesse James Takes The Stand - And Lays Into His Ex!

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The trashy one, not the glamorous Oscar-winning actress he cheated on like an IDIOT!

Jesse James was in court today to testify in the bitter custody battle he has waged against his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder. He took the stand at the Orange County Family court and proceeded to let loose on a laundry list of evidence proving Janine is an unfit mother.

James claimed that in conversations with Janine, she admitted to being hooked on really strong anti-depressants that made her loopy and out-of-control. He also claimed that Janine asked her other ex-husband, Jeremy Aikman, to get her more anti-depressants, even though in the four ordered-tests, she's been clean. Jesse then went on to deny allegations by Janine that he had been working with Jeremy Aikman to frame her.

When Janine's lawyer cross-examined him, Jesse landed himself in a bit of a hole, explaining that it was Sandra Bullock who looked after their daughter Sunny while he was in rehab last March and that he in fact hadn't let Sunny see her real mother on their scheduled appointments because he assumed they would be supervised. The lawyer produced documents that clearly stated that they could be private.

Meanwhile, while he might be an asshole, Janine is a complete wacked out nut-job! As soon as she was able to step out of the courtroom, she got on the phone with the press and told them:

“This guy (James) won’t stop until he drives me into the ground. I went to an Orange County police station to voice my concerns because I believe he wants to try and spoil my food or spike my drinks so that I have a dirty [drug] test. I’ve been told he might use a mutual female friend to try and trick me - this guy will stop at nothing to get his way.”

We don't think he needs to go through all that trouble. You seem to be proving the amount of crazy in your head all by yourself!

Poor Sunny! Can't she just live with Sandy and be done with it?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jesse James' Ex Says Sandra Doesn't Care About Sunny


Jesse James' ex Janine Lindemulder is now claiming that Sandra Bullock never cared for her daughter Sunny. And even says that Jesse James doesn't want to have a relationship with his own daughter and can even prove that he moved to Austin, TX, where Sandra lives, for his own selfish reasons.

She recently filed court papers insisting that Jesse had "reasons" to move to Austin with Sunny that were "wholly unjustified" even though he originally claimed that he was moving his kids to Texas "so his children could continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock."

In the documents, the deadbeat mom adds, "Certainly if that relationship were that important to Sandra, she would have stayed in California — where all of [Jesse's] children lived" and wants that Jesse "not be allowed to move to Texas with Sunny."

She should be so lucky that her daughter has someone like Sandra in her life! We're sure she was a better mother to her than Janine ever was!

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