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Actors Who Got Their Starts In McDonald's Commercials!

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Attention, Lindsay Lohan aspiring actors!

Apparently, if you star in a vintage McDonald's commercial, you will go on to achieve greatness!

Or, you know, a B-list TV actor or '80s child star! Whichever!

Watch the rest after the jump!

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Seinfeld Cast Remembers Uncle Leo

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No one is feeling the loss more of Len Lesser than his of Seinfeld family. For many years, Len was simply Uncle Leo to the cast and in the wake of his death, they have come forward to remember him.

Jerry Seinfeld released a statement calling Len a "very sweet guy," and mourning his passing. He recalled one of his favorite memories of Len, an episode of Seinfeld in which Uncle Leo is arrested for shoplifting a book. Jerry added that the cast "always loved having him on the show."

His costar, Jason Alexander, took to his Twitter soon after and tweeted his sorrow over losing Len. He tweeted:

"Len was a tremendous guy. He was a smart actor/comedian who knew exactly what he was doing in the creation of Uncle Leo. I enjoyed many wonderful conversations with Len who was so openly grateful to be part of our show and so humble about his stunning contribution to it. I am so happy to have known him and my sympathies go to his family. But his was a fun life and he leaves many fans behind and many who will be enjoying his work for years to come."

Sounds like he will surely be missed by a lot of folks. Sad day.

We continue to send our condolences to his family and friends for their loss.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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George Costanza Is Coming Back To TV!

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We guess that guest-starring stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm got them back in TV mode!

On the heels of former Seinfeld co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus' announcement that she is starring on a new HBO show, Jason Alexander has reportedly signed on to a CBS hour-long series, as its star AND executive producer!

The so-far-untitled comedy will feature Alexander as "a former TV star who's down on his luck and winds up joining his ex-wife's detective agency. Once there, the character reinvents himself as an investigator with a penchant for disguise."

Hmm - sounds a little silly to us, but if anyone can pull it off, it's him!

We're very curious to see how this one turns out!

What do U think?? Will U watch Alexander's new show??

[Image via WENN.]

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More Alleged 'Audio' Of Brit Brit! Admits To Smoking Weed!

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We can't believe that they're still trying to push these lies!

A new audio clip has surfaced from the alleged conversations between Britney Spears and her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, in which the the woman pretending to be the pop star admits to smoking pot!

Check out the clip (above)!

This is just all so bizarre!

Hopefully Spears and her team will squash all of this nonsense in court and these guys will think twice before they try to pull this shiz on her again! So deplorable!

What do U think?? Do U believe Alexander's claims??

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Star And Jason Alexander Stand By Their Story!


Wow! These guys have a LOT of gall!

Even though Britney Spears' camp has denied the allegations from Star Magazine and former husband Jason Alexander that the pop star is being abused by her current boyfriend, Jason Trawick - and have even gone as far as to deny the authenticity of the audio clips that allegedly feature her admitting the aforementioned violence - the tabloid is standing by their story, and are now claiming that Alexander passed a polygraph test!

He says:

"I completely stand behind my story. That is absolutely my ex-wife Britney Spears on that tape. I grew up with her since I was in 4th grade and I know her voice. She has been calling me for years."


We have no respect for anyone who would purposely lie about such a horrific ordeal - especially about someone who has already had such a tough time over the past few years!

Stop now, bb. You're just digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Alleged Audio Of Britney Spears Claiming Jason Trawick Beat Her!

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Wow. Still doubtful, but wow!

Despite our initial disbelief of the Star Magazine report that Britney Spears is an abusive relationship with boyfriend Jason Trawick, new audio has leaked of a conversation allegedly between the pop star and her former husband, Jason Alexander, in which she states that he beat her!

Check it out (above)!

Frankly, this does NOT sound like her to us, nor does it sound remotely authentic! All of this just sounds off!

Which makes it even more shameful that someone would try to ca$h in on a false report!

UGH! Who knows, though??

What do U think?? Does that really sound like Brit Brit to U??

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Britney's Boyfriend Beat Her???


If this is false - and we have a big feeling that it is - then they should be ASHAMED of themselves for publishing it!

Star Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears' relationship with Jason Trawick has escalated into violence, and according to her Vegas fling from back in the day, Jason Alexander, her current boyfriend has beaten her on multiple occasions!

He claims:

"Britney is in an abusive relationship. She told me her life had turned into a nightmare."

Alexander claims to have received texts and e-mails from the pop star, which not only allege that Trawick "hit her so hard it gave her a black eye," but that she had also been pregnant with his child earlier this year!


Like we said, stranger things have turned out to be true, but this has bull shiz written all over it to us!

Just deplorable! The poor thing seems to have finally gotten her life in order and looks relatively happy, and then stories like this have to come out!

What do U think?? Is Brit Brit in an abusive relationship??

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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