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Beyoncé Posts Family Pics With Jay Z & Blue Ivy After The Lyric Changing Incident! Is She Trying To Prove Something??

beyonce and jay z bring blue ivy on a family adventure after lyric changing incident

Move along! Nothing to see here!

Beyoncé and Jay Z just went through another controversy about their relationship, so Bey decided the world needed to see the strength of her family… so she wanted to show us all about the time the two parents took in some art with their cuter-than-cute daughter Blue Ivy!!!

The three previously went on down to Brooklyn's Sugar Factory where they got to see Kate Walker's piece, A Subtlety, and it was kind of crazy to see these two titans of music looking upon a sphinx modeled African American woman created entirely from sugar.

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Jay Z Attacked By Clingy Girls…Star Jemima Kirke, Who Then Gets Kicked Out By Security!

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jemima kirke1

Rapper Jay Z was wrapped in a hug by Girls star Jemima Kirke during the filming of HBO's documentary Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film.

The only problem? Jemima wouldn't let go, and her antics were not a planned part of the performance.

Jay Z performed Picasso Baby for SIX straight hours at New York's Pace Gallery, all in the name of being awesome performance art.

At one point, Jay Z personally serenaded Jemima, like he did with many celebrities and members of the art world in the documentary, while she sat on a gallery bench eagerly bouncing along to his flow.

However, not long after that, Jemima was seen latching on to Jay Z like a barnacle. A hungry, hungry (yet beautiful) barnacle.

At that point in the edited documentary, Jemima doesn't appear again. Apparently, that's because she had to be forcibly removed by security off-camera at the event, because she was all like "I'll never let go Jay."

Jemima literally

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Beyoncé Brings Jay Z Out To Sing Tom Ford In Brooklyn! Watch HERE!

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Beyoncé likes to treat her fans right! At least, you know, the ones that aren't sucking her hair into their whirring blades!

Queen Bey was in the middle of telling concert goers to "Bow Down," when she surprised the entire Barclays Center last night by bringing out Jay Z to sing Tom Ford.

Needless to say, the performance was irreplaceable, as Jay rapped expertly with what looked like over 20 lbs. of bling on his chest! Looks like someone's working on their core!

Before leaving, Hova was sure to give Beyoncé a big ole smooch! These two are clearly still so crazy in love!

Ch-ch-check out the seksi duet…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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