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Is Brit Brit Abusing Her Kids?


These are some pretty serious allegations.

Sources are claiming that Brit Brit's former bodyguard, Fernando Flowers, has contacted the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services after witnessing the pop star violently beat her kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, with a belt and force them to eat food that they're allergic to!


According to Flowers, who quit his job with Miz Spears because of her alleged 'erratic' behavior, the incidents took place between March and April.

A source says:

"Britney doesn't mean to be a bad mom. But Flores feels she has so many issues she can't be trusted around her boys. He claims the first really shocking incident was when she came marching into the pool house at her mansion and demanded his belt. He handed it over but then followed her into the main house and claims he witnessed the alleged incident."

Given all that she's been through with her kids in the past few years, we have serious doubts that she would be willing to do anything that severe or malicious!

And even if she WERE as unstable as this guy is reporting, we can't imagine Jamie or her team would be leaving her unsupervised long enough for this kind of shiz to go down!

Sounds like this bodyguard has some sort of agenda!

What do U think?? Do U really think Brit Brit is abusing Tater Tot and Small Fry??

[Image via WENN.]

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Brit Brit And Her Man Are Not Looking Happy!

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We're afraid the rumors might be true! And we hate to see our beloved Brit Brit sad!

Amidst speculation that she and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick were having some relationship problems, Miz Britney Spears was spotted with him and the kiddies, Sean Preston and Jayden James, at the Santa Monica Pier yesterday!

There seems to be trouble in paradise, however - while Tater Tot and Small Fry played on the rides, Brit Brit did NOT look amused, and kept giving her man some mayjah bitch face!

We think it might be time for those two to call it quits!

You've had a pretty solid run, nothing to be ashamed of if it just ain't working!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Is Brit Brit Not Allowed To Be Alone With Her Kids??


We hope this isn't true! She really has been doing much better!

The National Enquirer is reporting that our beloved Brit Brit is getting seriously fed up her father Jamie Spears' control over her life, because under the terms of her coservatorship, she's not allowed to be alone with her kiddies Sean Preston and Jayden James!

A source says:

“Britney is furious that she isn’t trusted to care for her own kids without supervision. She gets into screaming matches with her father Jamie because she can’t have quiet time with the boys without bodyguards, nannies or another family member. She’s had enough of the watchdogs, and she’s afraid her sons won’t feel bonded to her as they get older because there are always other adults around. Little things set her off – like being told what the kids should eat. Britney has always been fond of junk food, and she sees nothing wrong with getting take-out pizzas or hamburgers for the kids. When her parents or a nanny suggest the boys shouldn’t eat so much fast food, Britney sees it as interference and resents it. She feels there’s nothing normal about being watched all the time. When it comes to making decisions about the boys, she’s being overruled by her father, Kevin, even the hired help – and Britney blames it all on her dad. Britney says having kids and become a mom is her biggest achievement. She loves her boys and she desperately wants to have another baby. She knows times is running out and is keen to get pregnant by the time she hits 30. Britney says that, although her relationship with Jason is unstable, she’d love nothing more than for him to be her baby daddy.”

Like we said, we're skeptical of the story's validity, but if there is any merit, we hope they cut girlfriend some slack!

She's definitely back and track and should be allowed to spend time alone with her children!

Although we do think the junk food thing should be kept in check! LOLz!

Oh Brit Brit, what are we going to do with you??

[Image via WENN.]

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Britney Goes To Work!

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Britney Spears was snapped heading in to her office in El Lay yesterday and she looks MUCH better than the last time we saw her out with those HOrrendous extensions!

And how cute are the boys — that little Sean P. looks so presh waving to mommy!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Movie Night With Brit Brit And The Boys!!


Our beloved Brit Brit stepped out with mamma Lynne Spears, her bodyguards, and her web-slinging cheetos Tater Tot and Small Fry last night to check out a flick at their local theater!!

We think girlfriend is ROCKING the blonde locks!!

But we're devastated to say good-bye to her precious yellow bag! She's been carrying that thing around FOR MONTHS!!

Where'd it go, Brit Brit??

We also wonder what movie they all went to see - Shutter Island, The Wolfman, or The Crazies??

What do U think??

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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