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Independence Day 2 Is Coming All Over Our Eyes & Ears In 2015!!! Get The Deets HERE!

independence day 2 july 3 2015 release date fox studios sequel will smith jeff goldblum unknown bill pullman

The wait is finally over!!!!

In what must surely be the greatest announcement since the Japanese Empire surrendered in 1945, 20th Century Fox gave us an official release date for Independence Day 2!!!!

ZOMG!!!! YES!!!!

Nineteen years after those alien bastards blew up our favorite White House, they're returning for round two!!

Or maybe we're sending Dennis Rodman as an emissary to their alien home world?? We haven't read the script!!!

All we know about the sequel for sure is that Bill Pullman will reprise his role as President Awesomepantz, Roland Emmerich will return to direct, and Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith

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Jurassic Jeff Goldblum Spotted In WeHo With His Adorbzies Younger GF!

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jeff goldblum sighting emilie livingston jurassic perks weho

If 60 really is the new 25, that means Jeff Goldblum is dating an older woman, LOLz!!!

The talented Independence Day actor brandished a FIERCE smile outside of Craig's in WeHo last night!

We wonder if he was grinning like the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar because he was so happy to be spotted alongside his lovely girlfriend Emilie Livingston!?

Aww! Don't they look adorbzies!!

The last time we caught up to Jeffy-poo he

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Ivanka Trump Gives Her Side Of Donald Trump's Crazy Rants!

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The nut didn't fall far from the peanut tree after all!

The New York Post reported Donald Trump's children were fed up with his awkward and embarrassing rants against Barack Obama and staged a quasi-intervention in his office, begging their daddy to shut his mouth before it drew enough flies to freak out Jeff Goldblum!

According to Ivanka Trump's Twitter feed, however, that just ain't so!

She wrote:

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Hey Gleeks! Find Out Who Just Got Cast As Jake Puckerman's Mom HERE!

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All right!

Between the upcoming Glease episode and the much-anticipated return of Dianna Agron, we certainly didn't see this coming!

But it is STILL very AH-MAZING news, nonetheless!

In an upcoming episode of Glee, we will apparently be meeting the mother of McKinley High's new resident badboy - and Puck's brother - Jake Puckerman, played by Jacob Artist!

And according to new reports, she will be played by

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Jeff Goldblum Gets A 3-Year Restraining Order After 10 Years Of Harassment!

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Jeff Goldblum restraining order

Jeff Goldblum is all smiles after an El Lay judge banned a crazed stalker from contacting or approaching him for the next three years.

A woman named Linda Ransom has apparently been after him for the last ten years "because the legal system is negligently violating" her rights, since she's been trying to pursue a case against one of his employees.

The judge didn't have a problem with her pursuing a legal case against the actor or one of his employees, but she did have a problem with the woman repeatedly showing up at his home or his public performances.

Since Ransom raised her voice at the judge and acted

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Gleeks! It's Rachel Berry With Her Two Gay Dads!

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We're obviously more excited about this than maybe we should be, but we don't care!

This is just so cute!

Yesterday, it was announced that Glee's Rachel Berry (as played by our beloved Lea Michele) would finally be introducing the world to her two gay dads. Today, we got our first family portrait!

Princess Lea tweeted out this picture of herself with Papa #1, Jeff Goldblum and Papa #2, Brian Stokes Mitchell, with the simple captions "Dads."

Aww! They actually look really sweet together!

Now, who wants to take bets that the reason we're FINALLY getting to meet them is that Rachel insists Finn ask permission from her two gay dads to marry her before she says yes?! Any takers?! (NOTE: Their first appearance is on the Valentine's Day episode called Heart, so don't scoff. Also, we totally think she is going to say YES! #RACHELSAYYES)

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Gleeks! Meet Rachel's Two Gay Dads!

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Have you come off the high of the big twist in last night's episode? Okay, good. Prepare to sky-rocket back up again! An insider from Glee has confirmed that Rachel Berry's long-awaited two gay dads are FINALLY going to make their debut on the show — and they are pretty familiar faces from film and theater!

The patriarchs of the Berry household will be portrayed by none other than celebrated film actor Jeff Goldblum and acclaimed Broadway vet Brian Stokes Mitchell. Respectfully, they'll be playing Hiram and LeRoy Berry, the adoptive parents to Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry character.

Expect them no only to make their first appearance on the show’s Valentine’s Day episode (airing actually on February 14th,) but get this — they are going to sing! And Jeff might play a little jazz on the piano! And Brian might do a little soft shoe! And…and…

Oh we are just too excited to think! This is just going to be so AMAZING!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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