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Jersey Shore's Angelina In Negotiations To Star In Porno

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Classy move.

Angelina Pivarnick has been offered $50,000 up front if she agrees to star in a Jersey Shore-themed porno film.

The reality star is currently in negotiations with Vivid and sources say she'll not only get money up front, but she'll also receive a cut of the tape's profits.

For 25% of the royalities, the contract reads:

(i) a minimum of two (2) hours of footage depicting Artist engaged in sexual positions… and (ii) one (1) hour of personalized sexy wrap-around footage depicting Artist."


Meanwhile, Snooki's ex Jeff Miranda is said to also be interested in co-starring in the movie with her.

Wow, what a stand-up guy.

From the Shore to porn. Angelina sure knows how to make awesome life choices.

[Image via WENN.]

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Boyfriend Of Jersey Shore's Angelina Hospitalized After Street Fight

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Ugh. No one deserves this!

After hooking up with Snooki and now Angelina, Jersey Shore lover Jeff Miranda got the shiz beat out of him at a nightclub on Saturday.

And he gave deets on what went down that night!

Miranda said:

One guy yelled, 'You f**ked that little oompa-loompa and now you're with that f**king Hamster!'

I wanted to protect Angelina but these guys went nuts and one punched me in the nose. My eyes went blurry and another guy knocked me to the ground and started kicking me with a steel tipped boot, fracturing my rib.”

The reality star was taken to St. Michaels Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, where he was treated for facial lacerations and a broken rib.

And this isn't the first time people have given him trouble!

Jeff added:

“People always talk sh*t to us and call Angelina a ‘hampster’ and me ‘fame whore’ and try to start fights with us. But I really like Angelina, even though I feel like people just want to start fights whenever we are out together.”

Glad he's okay. Violence is NEVER the answer!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Two Z-Listers Does Not Equal One D-Lister!

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It equals your off the effing list, losers!!!!

As we continue to mourn the end of a pouf era, Snooki is off somewhere laughing her ass off, as word is her ex-BF, Jeff Miranda, has been visiting the Staten Island dump…frequently.

Sources are reporting having seen Jersey Shore's Angelina canoodling with Jeff at a restaurant in Union, NJ on Sunday, after having spent the previous evening "hanging out" together at New Jersey's 118 Lounge!

But here is the real shocker! When reached for comment on whether or not he was getting it in Angelina, Jeff told sources, "No comment."

No comment? Seriously? What kind of z-list fame whore are you? Maybe there is too much gel in your brain for you to understand this, but if you don't offer any comments, the press just stops talking to you! Personally, we're all for that, but we imagine you're looking to milk these 15 minutes seconds for as long as possible. While else would you take a girl out who just last week smashed a microphone into your skull!

Why, we ask you! Why?!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Snooki Calls Ex BF Jeff Miranda A "Stalker," He STILL Maintains They Were Together!

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We didn't think it was possible at first, but this guy is WORSE than that horrible, gay-faced Emilio!

Our beloved Snooki Snickers is not pleased in the slightest about psychotic famewhore Jeff Miranda running his mouth to every media outlet he can about the Jersey Shore star, and she has responded to his marriage proposal on Steppin' Out magazine by going as far to call him a stalker!

In an e-mail to Steppin' Out editor Chaunce Hayden, she writes:

"I am not happy with you and the cover you did with stalker jeff, the kid that I knew for a day who obviousy (sic) is a fame whore.”

Well-said, Snooks! But unfortunately, this guy is Prostitution Whore-caliber delusional and IS still claiming that he loves her!

He says:

"I mean if Nicole felt this way, she should have told me up front. If this is all true, she should have just told me. She had the audacity to embarrass me publicly. I'm hurt. I thought we had a good thing going, but I guess the situation changed. I hear she's getting her own show called Snooki For Love and I'm assuming that's why she doesn't want to continue our relationship. If that's the case, if she choose money for her show over me, I will never take her back. She's a good girl. I just wished she considered my feelings and not embarrassed me."

So effing gross.

This guy needs an effing lobotomy reality check!

Just because you spent a day hanging out with someone does not warrant a marriage proposal on a trashy magazine!

YOU'RE DONE. Now you and Emilio can both go jerk each other off famewhore somewhere else, please!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Jersey Shore's Angelina Loses Her Shiz On Snooki's Famewhoring Maybe-Boyfriend

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We sort of can't believe we're saying this…but GO ANGELINA!

The usually infuriating Jersey Shore star apparently had a run-in with Jeff Miranda, the famewhoring douchebag who proposed to our most beloved Snooki Snickers on a magazine cover, at a New York City strip club, which ended in her clobbering him with a microphone and pouring drinks on his head!


Here's what went down.

The two have been calling each other out in the press for a while now - Angelina says Jeff is a famewhore and tried to get with her before he declared his 'love' for Snooks. Jeff responded by saying that Angelina is a 'hater' and 'jealous.'

Last night, Jeff showed up Sapphire Gentleman's club, which he apparently frequents, while Angelina was there filming a web broadcast, and according to host Chaunce Hayden, he started in on her immediately!

Hayden claims:

“Jeff showed me text messages that he said were from Angelina that said something like 'I still have feelings for you.' Jeff was yelling that Angelina was jealous of his relationship with Snooki and that she is trying to break them up so she can date him. Angelina grabbed the microphone and started smashing him in the face with it over and over. She hit him at least three times in his face. She was screaming and swearing, ‘I’m going to kill you, you’re a fucking liar.' He looked stunned. He stood up like he was going to hit her and a group of people stopped him. She took all the booze on the table and started pouring it in his face and blinded him. I never saw somebody get beat that bad. He kept saying ‘I’m going to sue her, I’m going to sue her,' but he was barely able to talk his face was so swollen and his teeth looked crooked. She said that felt great and he had it coming for a long time.


We don't condone violence, but there's no way she could have beaten him as badly as this guy claims he did! And this is just HIGHlarious! This douche has been running his mouth about everything and everyone since day one - it's no surprise she had had enough.

And now we all know - Jeff was clearly messing with the WRONG Staten Island gutter troll!

Team Angelina (for now, anyway)!


[Images via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Snooki Confirms She's Single! Rejoice!

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Thank goodness! We knew she would have enough sense to stay away from this disgusting famewhore!

After our most beloved Snooki Snickers' alleged boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, proposed to the Jersey Shore star on the cover of the very dignified and clASSy Steppin' Out magazine, we were worried that the two had kicked their pickle-spiced relationship up a notch!

Well, thankfully, this is not the case, and clearly, Miranda is not only exceptionally douchey, but also delusional!

Snooki's rep has released a statement that says:

"Rumors of Nicole's romantic status have been greatly exaggerated. She is single with no immediate plans to change that."


Sorry, dumbass! The cat's out of the bag and Snooki wants nothing to do with you!

Go back to humping on Angelina's leg for press! Maybe SHE'LL humor your sorry ass!


[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Has She Dumped This Loser Yet?!

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We hope so!

Snooki's boyfriend Jeff Miranda sounds like a real douche and apparently he used to frequent a private swingers' club!

A source reveals:

They used to have private swinger’s parties on off nights at the club and there was a lot of risky behavior with people often pairing off and heading to hotels together afterwards.

“Jeff loved these parties and he really saw himself as a ‘ladies man’. His favorite party trick was to pour alcohol on naked bodies of women and then lick it off.

“But he had a real jealous streak too. One time a girlfriend of his was getting some attention from a male stripper at another event and he went completely mad and totally flipped like a crazy person."

He's also a famewhore — big surprise! The source continues:

“The guy was always obsessed with becoming famous and was mad when his audition for Jersey Shore was not successful. But he has somehow managed to get close to Snooki even although she’s totally not his type and a lot of people close to her are really concerned.

“He recently got involved in a war of words with her former boyfriend Emilio Masella but the truth is she would have probably been better off staying with him and not hooking-up with Jeff Miranda.”

DUMP him, Snooks — and fast!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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