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Justin Bieber Bought French Montana A $150K Chain — And Then The Rapper Decked It Out In ANOTHER $100K Worth Of Diamonds!

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Ah, to be young and rich…

Justin Bieber put down $150,000 on a chain for French Montana after the two collaborated on a song together last year, but Khloé Kardashian's ex decided to do one better with it!!!

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And it all started with French's birthday back in November!

On Saturday, the rapper posted to Instagram to reveal that the Biebs had gotten him a birthday gift three months ago (below) and the chain AH-mazing:

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Tiffany Ad Featuring An Authentic Gay Couple Is Everything & More!

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They're getting with the times!

In fact, they're ahead of the curve when it comes to their advertising department!

The jeweler company Tiffany & Co. has released a new print ad that features an all male couple, who like damn good if we do say so ourselves, and it all seems to be to mark in a very exciting New Year!

The two men are actually a real live couple from New York City, and they are SO beautiful!

It's easy to see why the executives at Tiffany signed off on this marketing strategy! We want to head over there like right now!

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This is the first time the jeweler company has featured a gay couple before. In the ad, which is part of a campaign that features all kinds of couples, the copy reads

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Kris Humphries Got A $1.25 Million Discount On Kim's Engagement Ring

Kim k engagement ring discount

Remember when Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian were engaged, then got married? Man, those were good times.

Remember that HUGE rock Kim wore around for a little while throughout that process? Well, it turns out that had it not been for such a household name that the NBA player would NOT have been able to afford it!

Sources have revealed that Kris got a MAJOR discount from the jeweler he bought it from. How major? The 20.5-carat diamond Elaine Schwartz ring usually retails for $2 million, but he got it at wholesale cost for $750,000, as sources explained:

"Kris could have never afforded such an extravagant engagement ring for Kim. He paid $750,000 for the engagement ring. Elaine Schwartz gave Kris the ring basically at wholesale cost. The ring would actually retail for $2 million dollars. Kris did have other jewelers reach out to him and offer to give him a ring for free in exchange for publicity, but he didn't want to even pursue that. Kris knew how much Kim loved Elaine's collection, and there was no other option in his mind. Kris absolutely doesn't want the ring back, even though Kim filed for divorce. In his mind, it's her ring, and it was a symbol of his love for her.”

$750K is still a pretty penny though and we would have gladly taken that discount too! Despite claiming it is still a symbol of his love for her, Kris is lucky he didn't shell out the full $2 million!

[Image via Wenn.]

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WTF? Jeweler In Lindsay Case Trying For Book Deal

jeweler wants book deal in lindsay case

Wow. This is so wrong, we can barely even believe it's true!

Literary agent Sharlene Martin has announced that Michael Lohan the jewelery store in Lindsay Lohan's criminal case is trying to get a book deal out of the whole ordeal.

Here's what she had to say about the rep who approached her regarding the book deal:

"He said he is the publicist for the jewelry store, and that they want to do a book about the Lindsay Lohan necklace story."

"I told him, ‘I'm sorry, I don’t see it. This is a moment, not a book.’”

And more from Martin:

"The truth be told…if I were interested I would have asked questions. I represent legitimate clients. You know instantly when someone calls you whether it’s a moment, a minute or whether it has legs as a book. This is a fleeting moment. I don’t see how there is enough to put between the pages of a book.”

Here's what a source from Team Lindsay had to say about it:

"It's absolutely stunning and shocking that they are trying to get a book deal. It's truly appalling."

We completely agree! They don't care about the story AT ALL!

As we said before when the jewelry story announced that they'd be putting the allegedly stolen necklace up for auction, they're press-hungry fiends.

We're glad that Sharlene Martin didn't give them a second thought. This situation does NOT need to be turned into a book.

A movie though…now THAT could be inneresting. Can we get the Ocean's Eleven crew on the phone? Ha!

Do U think it's wrong for the jeweler to try and get a book deal out of Lindsay's case? Would U read that book?

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay's Necklace Most Likely Overpriced! She Could Avoid Felony Charges!

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Oh shiz! The girl just got lucky….again!

Lindsay Lohan could avoid felony charges because the alleged stolen necklace is possibly not worth as much as the jeweler claims!

According to several prominent jewelers, the necklace is question is said to be only worth anywhere between $800-$1,000!!

The necklace was sold for $2,500, which jewelers say was extremely overpriced. The good news (for Lindsay) is that if the item in question has a value of less than $950, then Lindsay could only be charged with petty theft, a misdemeanor with a maximum of 6 months in L.A. County Jail.

Lindsay could easily escape going to jail due to overcrowding.

Yet another lucky break for Lindsay!

What do U think?? Does she deserve to be put behind bars?

[Image via WENN.]

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Jeweler Didn't Want To Press Charges Against Lindsay!

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Well, it's too late for that now!

According to the police report, jewelry store owner Sofia Kaman says she didn't want to press charges against Lindsay Lohan.

Kaman said she "was hesitant in making the police report" and that she "only wanted her necklace returned." She also stated that "she wants this incident handled with the utmost discretion."

Even though Kaman apparently didn't want to make a big deal out of the whole thing, the D.A. had already decided that there was enough evidence to warrant a prosecution.

And we all know what happens when Lindsay is scheduled to appear in court. Can you say "media circus??"

Looks like Kaman got exactly the opposite of what she wanted.

[Image via WENN.]

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Dina Says Lindsay Will Be Fine Because…

dina lohan says god has a plan for lindsay

Dina Lohan is confident that everything will work out for Lindsay because she feels that a higher power is at work.

Here's what she had to say about it:

"All good. God has a big plan."

Nice to hear that she's remaining positive for her daughter.

Lindsay's evaded prison many times before and NOW we've learned that there were inconsistencies in the jeweler's police report.

Maybe there IS a higher power looking after Lindz…a VERY understanding, patient one!

What do U think about Dina's words?

[Image via WENN.]

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