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Terrible TSA Agent Unplugs Metal Detectors, Causes Severe Flight Delays

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Pete Wentz TSA Airport

This is just embarrassing for all parties involved!

Several flights and hundreds of passengers were delayed for hours over the weekend when TSA Officer Alija Abdul Majed failed to notice one of his metal detectors was unplugged!!

Many passengers at JFK Airport who already passed through the checkpoint were forced to deplane, turn around, and re-enter security lines all over again!

That sounds annoying, sure — but agents had to ensure nobody possessed prohibited metal items like knives, guns, or fingernail clippers.

One law enforcement agent said of the snafu:

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John, Emily, And Finn Touch Down At JFK!

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And Finn Couldn't wait to stretch his legs!

The happy trio of John Krasinki, Emily Blunt, and Finn arrived at JFK Airport in NYC yesterday. Mamma Emily and Poppa John couldn't wait for Finn either!

After letting him out of his cage, Finn roamed JFK, exploring all around before the family made it to their ride.

Check out the pics (below) to see more of John, Emily, and Finn!

[Image via John Krasinski.]

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Jack The Cat Will Continue To Receive Treatment In Manhattan

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jack the cat brought to manhattan

We're thinking of you, Jack!

To recap, Jack the Cat was lost at JFK airport over two months ago, and he was finally found late last month.

Jack was brought to the hospital in critical condition after literally falling from the sky, and we had heard that he had a 50-50 shot at surviving.

Now, Jack has returned to the West Side of Manhattan, where he'll continue to receive care, and hopefully make a full recovery.

Here's what veterinarian Benjamin Davidson had to say about it in a statement:

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Jack The Cat In Critical Condition At Hospital

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Jack the Cat

As we previously mentioned, Jack the Cat, who was lost at JFK Airport for over two months was finally found.

Before being sent home to his owner he had to stay at a veterinary hospital because he was dehydrated from being on his own for so long.

But new details have just been released about Jack's condition.

First, it turns out he was found when he literally fell from the sky.

"He fell through a ceiling tile in the customs office. Somebody in the customs room saw him and contacted American."

So after suffering the fall, and weeks of malnourishment, Jack is in critical condition at the hospital.

He is being fed through a nasal tube, receiving medication via IV, getting blood pressure support and wearing a cone.

A rep from the animal hospital said:

"Jack is still critical at this time. He has shown some improvement, but the biggest issue is some life-threatening skin wounds that are present.

He is severely muscle-wasted and has evidence of fatty liver syndrome, which lets us know his malnourishment was pretty chronic."

As for now, they're saying Jack is at "50-50," though his body temperature and blood pressure are improving and he's showing more interested in eating food on his own.

His owner is going to go to New York to be with Jack, and begin to make preparations to take him home.

We really hope Jack pulls through this.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Jack and his owner.

[Image courtesy BluePearl Veterinary Partners.]

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Jack The Cat Is Found!!

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Jack the Cat


Jack the Cat, who was lost at JFK airport over TWO MONTHS ago was finally found yesterday! Jack's back!

He was dirty, dehydrated, and skinny but apparently was surprisingly still in decent condition.

American Airlines posted to their Facebook page:

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Miranda & Flynn Are Happy To Be In NYC



Miranda Kerr and her chubby cheeked baby boy were all smiles when they touched down in New York City on Sunday.

We can't believe how big Flynn's getting! He'll be walking before we know it.

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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UPDATE: Jack The Cat Still Lost In JFK Airport

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If you haven't heard by now, Jack the cat is becoming something of an internet celebrity.

In a previous post we told you about how a woman had one of her cats lost by American Airlines when she was flying out of JFK.

He has his own facebook page with over 13,000 likes and his very own impostor twitter account.

The cat escaped into the airport and still has not turned up.


American Airlines has brought in a pet investigator and a "detective dog" to try and speed up the search.

With the public eye focused so steadily on American Airlines, and with Jack's celebrity, we wouldn't be surprised if something significant happens within the coming weeks.

Our hearts still go out to Jack's owner, who we're sure wants nothing more than for this whole ordeal to be done and have Jack safely back in her arms.

[Image via Facebook.]

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