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Ashton Kutcher Fires Up Our Circuits As Steve Jobs In jOBS Clip!

He makes computer genius look OH so sexy!

In forthcoming Steve Jobs bio-flick jOBS, Ashton Kutcher seems to embody the famed Apple creator perfectly…

As evidenced by the film's FIRST sneaky peek (above)!

We still can't get over how similar in appearance Ashton and Steve are, and we are VERY intrigued as to whether or not Ashton's acting skillz can truly give justice to the man who changed humanity forever!

Do you think Mila Kunis gets all hot and bothered when Ashton starts talking like a computer brainiac?!

Smart is the MOST sexy after all!

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Al Gore Is REALLY Happy The Solar Industry Is Growing!

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If there is one person that is super happy to hear the National Solar Jobs Census report was released, it is this guy!

Al Gore took to his blog and could not hide his excitement for what the new report's numbers are.

Here's what he wrote:

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Ashton Kutcher Takes A Bite Of Apple As Steve Jobs In jOBS This April!

Let us bask in the warm, blue glow that will be jOBS!

Ashton Kutcher puts his mega-genius-thinking-cap on in forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic jOBS, and we simply cannot WAIT to see how he embodies the iconic creator of Apple Inc!

The film is set to premiere during the Sundance Film Festival happening later this month, and will then be released nation-wide in April!

Open Road CEO Tom Ortenberg recently expressed:

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Patrick Dempsey Is A Whole-Roasted Humanitarian!


Beautiful, talented, and philanthropic?

McDreamy is a well rounded chiseled individual!

Patrick Dempsey leads an investment group interested in purchasing a struggling Seattle-based coffee franchise with over 100 nationwide locations.

Tully's Coffee filed for Chapter 11 recently, but the Grey's Anatomy star hopes new ownership and a rebranding can save hundreds of jobs.

In a statement, he said:

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Ashton Kutcher's Incredible Steve Jobs Metamorphosis To Close Sundance!

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ashton kutcher jobs sundance film festival closing film


This isn't some retread of Michael Kelso from That '70s Show — it's a complete Ashton Kutcher transformation!!

From wardrobe and facial hair to specific gestures and poses, director Joshua Michael Stern literally sculpted his leading man into a young Steve Jobs!

jOBS chronicles one of the most beloved American innovators since Henry Ford and Sundance Film Festival just announced they intend to make it the closing film of their annual shindig in Utah.

Ch-ch-check out a mind-blowing the striking similarities between late-great computer guru and the artist formerly known as Demi Moore's lover…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Hostess Executives Want $1.8 Million In Bonuses — Excuse Us??


You've got to be kidding us.

There is NO shame in the corporate world of greed. This is the most blatant abomination we've seen in a while, since the bonuses paid out during the bank bail-outs.

Hostess executives are going full-on super villain and requesting approval to hand out $1.8 million in bonuses to themselves… even though the company is in the process of liquidating and going under!

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Ashton Kutcher Will Be A Great Steve Jobs, His Co-Star Said So!

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We always had faith!

Josh Gad has reaffirmed what we always thought: that Ashton Kutcher is a great Steve Jobs!

The Two and a Half Men actor was cast in April to play the lead in Jobs, and Gad praised his co-star, saying:

"I think it's going to be pretty wonderful. Ashton is going to blow a lot of people away. His performance was absolutely transformational. If he looked any more like Steve Jobs, I think it would just confuse a lot of people in thinking Steve Jobs never passed away. It's that uncanny. He really immersed himself. I think he has an appreciation for Steve Jobs, the likes of which I've never seen in any actor who's portrayal a real, living person. Ashton is one of the most giving actors I've ever worked with. I was surprised by his work every day.”

That good, huh? That's what we like to hear!

Gad will be opposite Ashton as Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder. So, since that’s his competition, he must really like Ashton to say all these nice things!

Or maybe he’s just trying to get a part in Two and a Half Men. Ha!

Whatevs! We’re so excited to see both men in this flick.

[Image via WENN.]

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