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Lamar Odom's Estranged Dad Puts Khloé Kardashian On Blast For Keeping Him Away From His Son!

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Lamar's estranged dad turned away from the hospital.

UPDATE 12:22 PM EST: Apparently, Lamar is making his own decisions at the hospital, and Khloé has nothing to do with his father being turned away. We're happy to hear the former NBA star's health is on the mend and he's working with doctors on his treatment and recovery.

It was being reported that Khloé Kardashian was the only one who could visit with Lamar Odom after two emergency surgeries just last week.

Well, the former NBA star's estranged dad, Joe Odom, is "highly upset."

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He attempted to visit his son at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday, only to be turned away for a second time.

According to him, it's "sabotage" that he can't visit Lamar, even going so far as to blame Khloé and the Kardashians for not putting him on the visitor's list!

Yikes! We hate there's drama brewing as the basketball star continues to recover from his October 13 drug overdose.

But considering Joe and Lamar's strained relationship, it's not exactly surprising news.

While it's unclear who is in charge of who can see the recovering athlete right now, it was just days ago that a surprise visitor "caused a scene" at the hospital before getting thrown out.

It's possible they just want Lamar to stress as little as possible!

Watch Joe speak out in the clip (below) and let us know what U think!

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Lamar Odom Press Conference: 9-1-1 Call Reveals He Was Using Cocaine

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Get the latest on Lamar Odom's condition here.

Lamar Odom has been fighting for his life at Las Vegas' Sunrise Hospital.

On Wednesday, Sharon Wehrly of the Nye County Sheriff's Office held a press conference in Pahrump, Nevada to update us all on the details surrounding the ex NBA player's condition.

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old was found unresponsive at Love Ranch South, a legal brothel in Nevada.

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The sheriff played the 9-1-1 calls the authorities received that day when the emergency was reported. Sharon said the callers revealed that Lamar had been using cocaine during his weekend stay.

But they said he had only taken the drug on Saturday, and remained awake and alert the following day.

Sharon also discussed the ongoing investigation, explaining that a search warrant had been issued for the basketball star's blood, and they are currently awaiting the test results.

Officers added that it's "distinctly possible" that he will be prosecuted if they discover the drug in his system.

The establishment's owner, Dennis Hof, said that his employees discovered Khloé Kardashian's estranged husband on the floor of his VIP suite, where he had been staying since Saturday.

The 69-year-old said that, when his staff rolled Lamar onto his side, the former Olympic athlete began to vomit.

Dennis admitted that he heard the reality TV personality had been taking large quantities of an herbal Viagra supplement during his stay.

After his manager dialed 9-1-1, the forward was rushed to a nearby medical center, and later transferred to the Sin City facility.

Khloé, her sister Kim Kardashian West, and her mom Kris Jenner all flew out to Sunrise Hospital to be with Lamar during this tough time.

Reports also say that Rob Kardashian was heading to his bedside as well. And photos show that the Khloé & Lamar star's estranged father, Joe, also made his way to the place where his son is being treated.

It had been previously reported that the 2011 Sixth Man Of The Year suffered several strokes since arriving there, and that four of his organs had failed.

Reports also said that he had crack cocaine in his system, and doctors were treating the New York native as a drug overdose patient.

Our hearts are with everyone affected during this tough time, and we're hoping Lamar is able to pull through.

To see the full video of the press conference

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Lamar Odom And Father Are Working Things Out! Spotted Together In Venice!

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lamar odom and father spotted in venice together

It looks like Lamar Odom and his father might finally be patching things up.

The relationship between the basketballer and his dad Joe Odom has been pretty rocky recently after L.O. had some harsh words for his pops during a Twitter rant and then later said he would no longer be paying his rent!

Well sources say things have gotten MUCH better between the two in the past week or so!

Lamar and Joe were spotted spending some time together in Venice after they

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Lamar Odom Is DONE Paying His Dad’s Rent!

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lamar odom not paying dad joe odom rent anymore after kardashian comments

No soup rent for you!

Lamar Odom apparently isn’t happy with the comments that his dad Joe Odom made about the Kardashians recently.

He's fighting back by telling his dad that he’s not paying Joe’s rent anymore, which is $2,900 a month! Holy moly!

Joe said he can’t pay that much and will be out by the end of the month, but Lamar isn't letting up!

There’s always the chance they could reconcile though!

All we know is that this must be serious if Lamar used one of his 15 second phone calls on his dad!

Will this drama ever end??

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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Lamar Odom’s Friends From Queens Staged An El Lay Intervention! Fear Odom Will Commit Suicide!

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lamar odom friends from queens staged third intervention fear he will commit suicide with drugs

This is about as scary as it can get!

If you’ve been following the Lamar Odom saga, then you know that he is not in rehab and has rejected two previous intervention attempts.

One was done by the Kardashians and the other was with his friends and former teammates.

Well, it turns out that L.O.’s friends from Queens also flew out to El Lay to plead with the troubled athlete. One source explained the meeting, saying:

“He’s headed for destruction. A few weeks ago his friends from the projects in Queens flew out to LA and banged on Lamar’s door trying to have an intervention with him. They wanted to take him home to New York and get him clean but Lamar wouldn’t open the door initially, telling them he ‘didn’t give a f**k what the world thinks” and said they ‘don’t know the pressure he’s under.’ He’s smoking crack now. His friends knew that he liked to freebase cocaine, but they were shocked to see him with crack. They found more than 60 grams of crack in his possession and he had no intentions of stopping.”

This gets even sadder! The source said Lamar’s dad Joe Odom, who has admitted to being a heroin addict, is the reason Lamar won’t stop. The source explained:

“Lamar feels invincible because he’s rich and famous, but he also seems scared that his destiny is to be a drug addict like his father. He’s really struggling right now…really torn. It’s bad.”

See folks, this is getting really dire.

It seems like all of his circles of friends have talked to the NBAer, but he just doesn’t want to stop doing drugs.

There’s still no word on where Lamar is, but we’re still holding out hope that he’ll get some professional help soon!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Khloe Kardashian Is NOT Pregnant Despite What Lamar's Dad Says


Yet another false alarm!

Lamar Odom's dad Joe Odom started a rumor that his daughter-in-law Khloe Kardashian was pregnant.

He said:

"I got a little news. I'm about ready to have a grandchild!"

Nope! Turns out it was all a lie.

Sources close to the couple confirm that the story is "absolutely not true."

It's not that she and Lamar aren't trying though.

As she's said earlier:

"It's so hard. I never knew about ovulation and the limited amount of time that you have to get pregnant. We would love to have kids, [but] when you have schedules such as ours, it's really hard to hit that mark. So it's frustrating, but definitely. I want to have kids."

Aw, we know your time will come soon, Khloe!

As for now though, you might want to have a little discussion with your father-in-law about spreading those rumors…

[Image via WENN.]

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Lamar Odom's Dad "Depressed" About Illness

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It doesn't sound like Lamar Odom's dad Joe Odom is doing well.

The former heroin addict is currently suffering from an undisclosed illness, which has prompted Lamar to cancel some of his games to be by his dad's side.

Joe has recently spoken about how he's doing, but it seems like he's dealing with a new slew of problems.

He says:

"I’m doing good. I’m stressed out and distressed. I’m doing a lot better. But I’m depressed right now. I’m getting some rest."

Even if he's physically feeling better, he needs to be in a positive mental state in order to stay healthy.

He didn't elaborate further on his condition, but did say that "it is a problem that I had."

We know this is tough on Lamar considering he's had a strained relationship with his father.

Our thoughts go out to the Odom family.

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