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Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough Is Officially DONE Being A Republican Thanks To Donald Trump! Watch!

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Joe Scarborough is fed up with the GOP kissing Donald Trump's pruny ass!

So much, he's vowed to leave the Republican party and become an Independent!

Appearing alongside Morning Joe cohost and fiancée Mika Brzezinski on The Late Show, the former member of the House of Representatives skewered the party he long served for betraying "their core values" during last year's election season by supporting Trump.

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The GOP sold out even more after Trump's election, according to Scarborough, completely ignoring the president's racist travel ban and relationship with KKK leader David Duke.

In fact, Scarborough is so embarrassed by Republicans turning the other way, he straight up renounced his affiliation with the party during Tuesday night's interview!

When Stephen Colbert asked about Scarborough's own loyalty to the party, he hesitated and responded:

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Donald Trump Can't Stop Whining About Cable News — And He Doesn't Know Shit About Toy Story

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To stupidity… and beyond!

Donald Trump keeps on showing his ass to the entire world, to the point where months after his inauguration, we can now confidently say it's just NEVER going to stop.

And the latest bit of drama? Well, he's following up his classless attack on MSNBC's Morning Joe with… another attack on MSNBC's Morning Joe!

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Early this morning, Trump went on a tweet rant about the hosts and cable news in general AGAIN, and it looked a little something like this (below):

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Donald Trump's Twitter War With Morning Joe Is Just The Latest Explosive Online Feud!

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One may think exchanging petty blows online is reserved for reality stars and teenagers — but since Donald Trump has the mentality of both, Twitter beefs are now regularly expected from the President of the United States!

Trump reminded the country he loves a good digital spar on Thursday when he attacked Morning Joe cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in an embarrassingly defensive tweetstorm.

Fed up with the MSNBC anchors' scathing commentary on his presidency, POTUS launched a string of insults at the daytime duo, even claiming Mika was once "bleeding badly from a facelift."

But Joe and Mika weren't the least bit wounded, and hit back with even MORE accusations slamming the president's fragile little ego.

Of course, Trump is no stranger to the Twitter tousle — and neither are these other celebs who have gotten into it just as bad on the social media platform!

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CLICK HERE to view "Most EXPLOSIVE Famous Twitter Feuds!"

CLICK HERE to view "Most EXPLOSIVE Famous Twitter Feuds!"

[Image via WENN.]

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Donald Trump Can't Let His Feud With Morning Joe's Hosts Go — See His Latest Clap Back HERE!

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donald trump claps back at morning joe hosts again

Donald Trump's feud with Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski isn't going to die anytime soon.

As we previously reported, the MSNBC stars postponed their Fourth of July vacation in order to address a recent Twitter rant by POTUS where they were the targets. During the tell-all, the twosome accused the president of having an "unhealthy obsession with [their] show" and questioned the 71-year-old's "mental health."

Video: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends Trump's Tweets

The duo also made a bombshell allegation about the Trumpster as they claimed his people offered to kill a National Enquirer story about them having an affair — only IF the TV personalities called Donnie and groveled first. Geez.

On the tabloid story, Mika dished:

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Morning Joe Hosts Respond To Donald Trump's Shade By Calling Out The President's 'Mental Health' & 'Childlike Ego'!

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morning joe hosts clap back at trump

Morning Joe cohosts (and newly engaged couple) Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were all set to take their vacation, getting the jump on Fourth of July weekend. But then Donald Trump had to get disgusting on Twitter.

In case you missed it, the President of the United States angrily tweeted (after a piece in which they made fun of his fake Time magazine covers went viral) that Mika had a "low I.Q." and that she was just angry that he wouldn't let her into Mar-a-Lago with her "bleeding" face-lift.

Yeah. Very presidential.

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Well, this morning, Joe and Mika decided to postpone their vacay to have a few words with 45…

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The Ladies Of The View Are LIVID At Donald Trump For Those 'Embarrassing' Twitter Jabs At Mika Brzezinski!

Donald Trump reminded us he still has the fragile ego of a toddler on Thursday when he launched a Twitter attack at Morning Joe cohosts "crazy" Mika Brzezinski and "psycho" Joe Scarborough — all because he was upset they were criticizing him on their show!

Many were offended by Trump's string of tweets, in which he shamed Mika for allegedly getting a facelift, as the posts read like something from the feed of a bitchy teenager rather than a sitting president.

The ladies of The View were no exception, and all agreed that POTUS's attack on Mika was a nationwide embarrassment!

Video: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends Trump's Tweets

Whoopi Goldberg and co. pointed out no president, Republican or Democrat, has EVER taken criticism from the media so personally — probably because POTUSes of the past were actual leaders and not some cartoonish manchild.

The worst part of all this? These petty jabs will all be going to the national archives AND Trump's presidential library. Sad!

Watch the panelists rip on Trump (above)!

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Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski Hits Back At Donald Trump After Shading Her For 'Bleeding Badly From A Face-Lift'

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Donald Trump is the world's pettiest mean girl!

The president is now fully back to his unfiltered Twitter ways, which is quickly becoming a burn book of insults directed at his nemeses.

So, who's the "fugly slut" this week? Apparently, it's Morning Joe host Mika Brezezinski, who POTUS put in his crosshairs in an early morning tweet-attack.

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On Thursday, Trump tried to make Mika and fiancé/co-host Joe Scarborough look desperate by claiming the two tried to party with him on New Year's Eve — and, if that's not bad enough, "crazy" Mika was "bleeding badly from a face-lift."

He shared:

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